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Integrate QuickBooks with Salesforce

Integrate QuickBooks with Salesforce

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Integrate QuickBooks With Salesforce

QuickBooks is one of the most used software when managing the accounting of a particular organisation. The other name apart from QuickBooks that comes to our mind to manage the accounting is Salesforce both of them are cloud-based software. Both organisations’ target audience is like a small business to giant organisations such as large scale industries that are limited and listed on the market. 

Both the software helps you a lot when it comes to managing your organisation’s finances, and they save you a lot of time while working on it, and as we all know, time saves money. Integrating the two software will save you more time and money than before. Integrating will also allow you to access data from both the software.

Benefits of integrating the QuickBooks with Salesforce

The advantages of integrating the Salesforce are as follows:

  • As already mentioned Integrating both the software will help your other team handle your finances and automatise the whole system of managing the account. Please ensure that the invoice and payments, and reports have a sense of consistency.
  • You can also send the customised reminders and invoices that are due to the other clients and vendors.
  • The software also provides you with the visibility of your business and cash flow of the present time that can give you a bigger picture of how things will run for your business shortly and how can you grow your business from there.

These are a few benefits of integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce to help you run better finances in your organisation. Now that you know the advantages of integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce, you must read our next segment to that will make you understand how you can incorporate the Salesforce to QuickBooks Desktop software.

How to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop software

To integrate the Salesforce with the QuickBooks Desktop, you need to follow the given means: 

  • To begin with, integrating Salesforce to QuickBooks, you’ll need to sign in to your QuickBooks as the admin and then you can look for the Salesforce connector by QuickBooks that you will need and then tap on the ‘Get the App Now’ option.
  • Now you need to see and decide how the opportunities will look in the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • After that, you need to add all of your Salesforce products and services that you have purchased to the QuickBooks Desktop software. 
  • Finally, you just need to add the Salesforce info to the given custom fields on the QuickBooks sales forms and get the given opportunities into your QuickBooks Desktop software.

These are the steps that you need to follow to integrate the Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop software. 


In conclusion, QuickBooks is a software that helps you manage the accounting of any organisation. Integrating the salesforce will convert the invoices and send them on the due dates to the clients or vendors. These invoices will not add up to your draft invoices until you or your associates approve them.

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Multi-User Mode Issues

Multi User Mode Issues

Table of Contents

QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working

QuickBooks Desktop software helps you manage the books and accounts of your organisation. The software has enormous features and functions that cover all the aspects of accounting that makes the accounting so easy that you don’t need to hire a specific accountant or bookkeeper you can manage it yourself manually. The software also allows you to work in the multi-user mode that permits more than one user to work on the different company profiles at once. However, the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working has been reported a lot of late.

In this post, you will get to know of the importance of QuickBooks multi-user mode, the advantages of it also the error, the root causes behind the error and the fixes of the same so please read the whole post very carefully.

QuickBooks multi-user mode not working

QuickBooks multi-user feature helps you to collaborate, and it also increases your productivity, but the multi-user mode has issues that may annoy you a bit. The problem with the multi-user mode mostly occurs when one of them try to open a company file which is located on one of your other workstations.                           

You might not receive any error, but you will get a pop-up that says QuickBooks Multi-user mode not working on the other PC’s the other workstations that are connected with your primary PC. To understand any error better, you need to know the root causes of it, which is what is our next segment is all about.

The root causes of QuickBooks multi-user mode not working

Root cause helps you understand the main reason behind the particular issue that you are suffering from. The root causes of the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working:

  • The QuickBooks Desktop software is not correctly installed on the server.
  • Configuration of the hosting settings is not proper.
  • The windows defender or the anti-virus that you are using is designed not to allow communication between the workstations of the server.
  • The problem also occurs when you are not able to open the company file on any of your workstation or the primary system.
  • The improper permissions of the Windows File in your main PC or the workstations connected to it.

These are a few root causes of QuickBooks multi-user mode, not working. Now that you know the root causes of it, you can also fix the issue by reading the next segment which will help you to resolve the issue yourself manually.

How to Fix QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue

To fix the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue, you need to follow the means as follows:

  • QuickBooks File Doctor: You can use the QuickBooks File Doctor that is available on the official website of Intuit. QuickBooks File Doctor is the one-stop solution for all the errors and issues that occur in the QuickBooks Desktop software, including the multi-user mode not working issue.                
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager: You can use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to resolve this issue, to fix that you need to scan from this tool that you can open from the Start menu of your PC.
  • Check to host mode on each of the user PC or the Workstation: Please open the utility tab which is inside the QuickBooks File menu, now you need to disable the hosting and enable the QuickBooks single-user mode. 
  • Make sure QuickBooks can send data: Change the settings of your anti-virus or the settings of the windows defender so that the software can send the data. 
  • Create a new company file folder: This will help you resolve this particular issue for sure.

These are a few steps and solutions that may help you resolve this particular issue.

QuickBooks multi-user mode Advantages

The advantages of the multi-user mode in QuickBooks desktop software are as follows:

  • Multi-user mode increases collaborative effort, productivity, and efficiency at the same time.
  • By using the multi-user mode, the essential data such as your company file remains protected if you use the different security levels that are in there.
  • The files can be used and edited by multiple users at the same time that minimizes the risk of errors and mistakes in the company file.                   

These are the advantages of the multi-user mode in QuickBooks Desktop software. There are some issues related to the same, but you can quickly fix this issue by using the methods given above.


In conclusion, QuickBooks desktop software that helps you achieve managing the accounting of the organisation. The software is full of different functions and features that ease the aspects of managing the accounts of the organisation.                    

This post will help you create awareness of the benefits of the multi-user mode in the QuickBooks Desktop software. The errors, root causes and the fixes of the multi-user mode are detailedly explained in our above segment. Hope that this post helps you to resolve this particular issue.

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CpaDesk Is An Online Accounting Forum/ Community That Brings Accounting Advisors, Students, And Those Who Are Looking For Knowledge And Information.

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Setup firewall in QuickBooks

How to setup firewall in QuickBooks Desktop

This article would help you to understand firewall and security settings for QuickBooks Desktop

Sometimes as a User you get an error or may face an issue with the QuickBooks Desktop application, Possible reason could be the windows firewall as well. Here will make you understand how to configure windows firewall manually. But before you do anything or make changes to the windows firewall always recommended Run QuickBooks Tool Hub or may try to run QuickBooks File Doctor for company file-related issue.

Solution 1: If QuickBooks File Doctor unable to fix firewall related issues, It,s always better to configure the firewall manually. Add an exception for QuickBooks related ports:

  • Click to Open Windows Start Menu. 
  • Type windows firewall in the search box and open that window.
  • After that Choose Advanced Settings. 
  • Do right click on Inbound Rules. 
  • And on the next windows specify the port. 
  • In this window just make sure the TCP option is enabled. 
  • Enter QuickBooks port as per the version for example QuickBooks 2020:8019 xxxx, QuickBooks 2019: 8019: xxxx, QuickBooks 2018: 8019,56728, 55378, 55382, QuickBooks 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373 ,55377.
  • The latest versions of QuickBooks 2019 and 2020 uses the dynamic port numbers.
  • To find out the dynamic port numbers, From the windows start menu open QuickBooks Database, server manager.
  • After that choose the option Port monitor tab. 
  • Then you would see the QuickBooks version and from here you make note of QuickBooks Ports.
  • Once you got all the port number click next. 
  • After that choose allow connection then next. 
  • Now create a rule and name it as per your choice. 
  • Once you have done then click Finish. 
  • When you are done create inbound rules, Create outbound rules follow the same steps. 

If still the issue continues follow the second solution and create a firewall exception for QuickBooks Software:

  • Create an exception for .exe files to run without any obstruction. 
  • Click to open the Windows start menu. 
  • Windows firewall and then advanced settings. 
  • On the next windows Choose inbound rules. 
  • Create New rules and choose Programs after that Hit Next. 
  • And follow the same steps to create Outbound rules.
  • Here is the list of .exe Executable files in the image below. 
setup firewall in quickbooks desktop
  • Even after creating exceptions in windows firewalls if you still have the same error or issue on your QuickBooks. Just make sure you create an exception inside the Antivirus firewall too.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier

This article is about QuickBooks Premier a version of one of the most used bookkeeping  software.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021.

Here Intuit Present QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 with more advanced features and functionalities.

  • Improved & Enhanced Banking Feeds then ever before: Save more time and effort with the automatically customizable bank translation option. This version of QuickBooks Premier comes handy with Match payees, accounts, and all classes. Now you can use upgraded rules to limit entry mistakes to remove entry mismatch.
  • Faster Receipt Management: Receipt management tool allow you to upload receipt instantly using your mobile device. As receipt types, new tools accept Photos so you can instantly Import on to your application faster and easier. Now you don’t need to categorize data manually, This receipt management tool does it automatically.
  • Now you can send statements automatically: Newer version all you to schedule and send statements to your customers automatically like never before.
  • You can customize your payment receipts including logos and your business information which remain the same all the time.
  • Easy to create and categorize customer groups depending upon factors like Type of customer, Status, Location, and balance. Which makes you manage and communicate with the customer in an easier way.


Meets all industries need

For general Business: 

  • QuickBooks Inventory center allows you to complete inventory-related tasks at one place faster and easier.
  • Built-in features allow a user to track financial information based on location, department, and profit.
  • You can track all your clients by how much time they work for or based on job type and the progress reports of that work.

For Contractors:

  • Allow you to create reports based on vendor job costs and choose the vendors to need to be paid. 
  • Create a flawless job estimate so that you can keep track of changes and charges.
  • Easy to analyze your job cost-profit with a detail task report.

For nonprofit organizations:

  • Keep track of your donation and track who is the biggest donor.
  • You can create the form 990 so that you can keep track of expenses and make it present for the topmost donors and IRS.
  • Run reports on your donors’ contributions.

For Professions services:

  • All client services information is available at the single screen, allow you to see all unbilled time and expenses in a few clicks.
  • You set different rates for each and every client and service as per your need.
  • Track your most profitable jobs and clients with ease.

For retail Industry:

  • Track your store sales with complete accuracy including taxes and without taxes.
  • The easiest way to track your store inventory better than ever before.
  • Easy to run profit and loss report.

System Requirement:

  • Windows Version 8.1 and 10 support. 
  • Windows Server release 2012 or R2,2016 and 2019.
  • Processor Includes 2.4 GHz.
  • Minimum Ram 4 gigabytes and the maximum 8 gigabytes which are recommended.
  • Free disk space for software is 2.5 GB and more free space for data files on the hard drive.
  • If you have a CD or DVD to download the required 4x DVD ROM or you can download directly from Intuit Website.
  • Internet Connection required for online services and to Run Payroll minimum speed is 1 Mbps.
  • License key and Product number.
  • Screen Resolution 1280×0124 and also supported an extended screen with default display settings.

Integration compatible Softwares:

  • Microsoft word and excel office edition 2013 to 2019 and also Microsoft office 365.
  • For email service Outlook, Gmail, and other email provider using SMTP server is also supported 
  • Easy to transfer data from Quicken and QuickBooks Mac.

How to run QuickBooks Desktop payroll checkup

How to run QuickBooks Desktop payroll checkup

The article is about Payroll check-up in your QuickBooks Desktop application a useful way to rectify payroll data-related issues.

Why do you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop payroll diagnostic tool:

  • This check-up tool comes very handly with the rectification of payroll data to eliminate payroll-related error like Missing information and Data mismatch 
  • This tool can help you to review payroll settings like Employee records, Payroll Item, wages, and tax amount.
  • Help you to identify tax amount related discrepancy and can guide you on how to fix them. 

Please Note Use QuickBooks Payroll Check up on enhanced payroll only, But if you have QuickBooks assisted payroll don’t run payroll check. Please call the QuickBooks Payroll Support phone number to get help.

How to Run payroll checkup

It’s always better before you perform any troubleshooting or run any diagnostics, use any tool to run check-up, Please backup your company file data first.

  • Open QuickBooks navigate to the main menu and click on Employees after that select My payroll service and then choose Run payroll checkup. 
  • Continue with on-screen instructions and choose to continue. 

After running the Payroll check up if you have any data mismatch or miscalculation in data, Please run the payroll data review report and check where exactly the discrepancy lies.

How to correct wage and taxes using payroll checkup

  • Go to Reports and after that choose Employees and Payroll.
  • Choose employee in Question from Employee holding screen. 
  • Always review the report for any setup related errors.
How to run QuickBooks Desktop payroll checkup
  • Make correction with the employee setup
How to Use the Payroll Checkup Diagnostic Tool in QuickBooks
  • And then Run payroll checkup and run data review.  
  • Inside the Review payroll Data, windows choose yes to generate a report which can be used for future reference.

How to correct errors after payroll check results

  • In the data review report, the items you see with Red X are the errors. You will see instructions and explanations about those errors to fix them. It won’t allow you to continue until you fix these errors.
How to Do Payroll Checks in QuickBooks
  • If you come across any error related to wages and taxes or have any in discrepancy during data review, Please print the Payroll Item Discrepency report instantly.
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll customers QuickBooks
  • Don’t allow Payroll checkup to create wages discrepancy adjustment, After that choose to continue to finish the payroll checkup.
  • The payroll detail review report is the best way to identify tax discrepancy 
  • After that, you can create manual adjustments to correct taxes and wages discrepancy 

Note: Whenever you run a QuickBooks payroll checkup by default it reviews the current year data, but if you would like to run a payroll checkup on the previous year change the date of your computer to the last year.

Our QuickBooks community and accounting community is here to connect with the experts to keep your Software up and running, We just want to make sure your business would run or auto private mode without any interception.

QuickBooks recurring payments

QuickBooks Recurring Payments

Here's how you can manage Quickbooks recurring payments very easily.

Firstly, you need to set up recurring charges and then you can set up recurring payments, you can view and edit them through the Manage Recurring Payments page, which features the report of all the recurring items that you’ve just set up.

To open the Manage Recurring Payments page, go to the menu bar on any page and choose Clients then Credit Card Processing Activities > then set up Recurring Payments.

On the given "Quickbooks recurring payments" window, you can follow these steps:

  • Find a recurring payment: Find the details of recurring payment with help of the given Search box, by typing a name, description, or any text which is linked with that recurring payment. From the time you start typing it, the list will automatically filter to show instances where it found the text that you just entered. This text could exist in any field and will appear anywhere within the same.
  • Edit recurring charges. Edit the amount, fill in the client’s name, their address, the credit card number, or the expiration date of the card.
  • Click on the Client’s name to view and the details.
  • Find the section that contains the information that you want and now select that section’s Edit link.
recurring payments

Make the required changes. You may update the following information:

  • Client’s contact information.
  • Amount charged to the client.
  • Description of the client.
  • Start Date only if the Start Date is in the future. If you are not able to edit this field, it means that the start date is passed, and you can’t edit it.
  • Frequency only if the current frequency is set to monthly or yearly.
  • End Date You can change the End Date to tomorrow or any date after that. You can also edit the End Date of expired payments. But, you can’t change the End Date for payments with a frequency set to once.
  • Can update the Credit card number.
  • The expiration date of the Credit card.
  • The Cardholder’s name and billing address.
  • Delete. If you want to entirely remove a record, you can delete it. Within the Manage Recurring Payments list, go to the given Status column, click on the drop-down arrow and choose Delete from the given options.
  • Suspend. Assuming that a client has a magazine membership and he will be out of town for a month or two. You can unsubscribe the membership for that month and resume it when he returns. Now to do this, you need to go to the given Status column, click on the given drop-down and choose Suspend.
  • Resume a suspended recurring payment. Say your client returns from the vacation and now he wants to resume the services. To resume his services, all you need to do is to go to the Status column, click on the drop-down arrow and click on Suspend.
  • See recurring payments that have expired. To see the details, click on the Display Expired Entries.
  • Click on the number of records you want to display on a page. Click on View and choose the number of records to display from the given drop-down.
  • Print the report. To do that you need to go to the top of the list and choose Actions > Print.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel. Now go to the top of the list again and select Actions > Export.

Create a recurring credit card payment

Here's how you can create a recurring credit card payment.

recurring payments

QuickBooks allows you to collect fast and secure payments from your Clients based on if he’d agreed upon the terms and conditions. Here’s how you need to set up recurring credit card payment so that you can save that extra time, money & labor on collecting the payments.

Before setting up recurring payment please make sure that you got the approval from the Clients using the authorization form. To download the authorization form, select the Authorization Form link given on the “Create recurring payment” page to download a PDF file that will have all the terms & conditions of the recurring payment. Now send it to your Client so that he can fill it up and have a proper look at the given terms and conditions and also you need to maintain a copy of it for the record.

Here are some must-haves before you initiate this process:
  • Please ensure that you have linked QuickBooks Payments account to your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Well as of now recurring payment setup for bank transfer and transactions isn’t available.
  • Since recurring transactions aren’t swiped yet, they’re processed at a rate which is keyed.
  • Every time you process a transaction, you will receive a notification on your primary email id.

QuickBooks update 2020

QuickBooks update

Here’s how you can update QuickBooks Enterprise 2020

The QuickBooks update 2020 will release on September 16th, 2019, and now to update QuickBooks to its latest update you can follow these following methods, please read the methods carefully and apply it, in order to update QuickBooks:

Method 1: Make sure your company file is prepared to update at its latest version.

Before you install the newest version of Enterprise, please ensure that your company file doesn’t have any data which is damaged.

  • Now Sign in to QuickBooks as the Admin. The Admin account should & must have been password protected.
  • Go to the Company menu, then click on Users and select Edit in the Admin user.
  • Remove all the special characters like “:” “&” and “/” from the given company file name, then please ensure that the extension is .qbw.
  • Now exit and restart QuickBooks.
  • Click on the Window menu, then choose Close All.
  • Now go to the File menu, then choose Utilities.
  • Now select the Verify Data option.

When it’s set, you’ll see QuickBooks recognize no issues with your information record. On the off chance that you see some other message, follow all the given guidelines to fix it, Now verify it all once again. Once QuickBooks detects no errors, you can install the latest Enterprise.

Method 2: Install the updated version of Enterprise on the server

  • Before you begin the process of updating it, please ensure to download the updated version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

    • Close all the programs which are running in the background including the Antivirus Software if any.
    • Now open the Enterprise file that you have downloaded.
    • Choose Server Install, then choose Database Server and QuickBooks Application.
    • If you have a server installed already, it’s best to install the update over your previous version. You can also utilize the full program install instead.
    • If you have the full program with the QuickBooks Database Manager on your PC, then you can also reinstall it over the previous versions that you already have.
    • You can keep both versions. The Database Manager will run all the services for one or multiple versions installed.
    • Follow the on-screen pop-ups until the process to install this update is done. If you receive an error message during install, then reboot your system and try the install again.
    • Now open your company file in the latest version of QuickBooks.
    • Sign in as the Admin. 
    • QuickBooks will back up your file itself before updating it. 
    • Once the company files updates, it’ll open on its own.

    Once you’ve successfully installed this new version, you can uninstall the remaining older versions of QuickBooks from the server, including the old database managers.

    To do this: 

    • Select the Windows Start button.
    • Select Settings, and then go to the Control Panel.
    • Select Add or Remove Programs.
    • Find the old Version of QuickBooks, at that point select the given option Uninstall/change and follow the onscreen window pop-ups.

Method 3 : Configure organization and server settings

Here’s the manner by which to set your organization up to work with QuickBooks in a multi-client condition. 

  • Select the Windows Start button, at that point select Programs.
  • Select QuickBooks, at that point select QuickBooks Database Manager.
  • Select Scan Folders. 
  • Include the organizer where you store your organization document. 
  • Output the organizer. You’ll see your organization record at the base of the window. 
  • Close the Database Server Manager. 

Method 4: Install the most recent adaptation of Enterprise on the entirety of your workstations

Uninstall past renditions of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Before you begin with Enterprise, ensure every one of your workstations is utilizing a similar form. In the event that a workstation is utilizing a more seasoned adaptation of Enterprise, you won’t have the option to open the organization document once it refreshes.

To uninstall all old forms of Enterprise from all the workstations that you’ve been signed in.

  • Select the Windows Start button, at that point select Settings.
  • Select Control Panel, at that point Add or Remove Programs.
  • Find the old Version of QuickBooks, at that point select the given option Uninstall/change and follow the onscreen window pop-ups. 

Download the most recent variant of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 

On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, download the most recent variant of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to the workstation. 

Install the most recent rendition of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to workstations 
  • Close all running programs, including the antivirus as well.
  • Double-Click the Enterprise file that you downloaded.
  • Select Server Install, at that point select Database Server and QuickBooks Application.
  • Select Express. In the event that you select the Custom and Network, try to choose to utilize QuickBooks on the PC, however, the company file will be situated on an alternate PC.
  • Follow the onscreen window pop-ups until the installation is done.
  • Open your company file in the new version of QuickBooks.
  • Sign in as the Admin. QuickBooks will back up your document before refreshing it. When the Company file refreshes, it’ll open itself.

How to Use QuickBooks Desktop

How to Use QuickBooks Desktop

This article is for beginners who all want to learn and understand QuickBooks Functionality or looking to use QuickBooks for business. Our team of experts and CpaDesk training team can help you to get going with training and study with ease.

Learn and Master QuickBooks Pro & Premier version

How to Use QuickBooks

Topics that I team can help you yo understand and learn

  • Getting started with the QuickBooks For the first time 
  • Setup Company file for the first time
  • Understanding QuickBooks features 
  • Lean-to Manage and customize the home page as per your business need 
  • Learn to create Invoice, Sale receipts 
  • Learn How to Make payments, Direct Deposits, and credit memos
  • You Can Make Statement Charges, Customer Statements 
  • Learn To Make Buying Bills, Bill Payments 
  • Understand The Difference Between Bills And Checks And Credit Memos
  • Understand To Make Purchased Orders 
  • Make Receiving Items Inventories 
  • Understand To Setting Sale Taxes
  • How To Pay And Report Sales Taxes
  • Learn How To Perform Banking Like Reconciliation And Removing Discrepancy

Learn how to work with various lists 

  • Learn how to perform special shortcuts with window
  • Understand how you can delete, hide, or merger lists 
  • Learn track income percent by showing profit & Loss

Learn how to set up payroll

  • Learn to set up payroll and features 
  • How setup employee
  • Learn to create payroll items 
  • How to process and modify paychecks 
  • Learn to Prepare tax forms and tax deposits

Learn to work with reports 

  • Learn to add and delete columns 
  • How to resize and reorder columns 
  • Learn to filter and formatting reports 
  • Understand how to save and create memorized report groups 

Learn about advanced features 

  • Learn how to setup QuickBooks on the network in multi-user
  • How to protect QuickBooks password 
  • Learn how to update QuickBooks 
  • How to use Microsoft Word and Excel with QuickBooks 
  • Learn to close books 
  • Learn to work in a fast way on QuickBooks
  • How you can protect QuickBooks data 
  • Learn keyboard short cuts 
  • Making company preferences 
  • Learn to add Logos and create custom invoices 
  • How to hand bounced check 
  • How to use credit cards 

QuickBooks Desktop Pro features 

  • Track time 
  • Do advanced job costing 
  • You can integrate with the word, excel, and outlook to work more efficiently 
  • Inventory management 
  • You can add price levels for customers 
  • You can integrate with other third-party software as well
  • Allow you to customize and create forms 
  • Various customer statement to create 
  • Create a budget automatically 
  • You can track vehicle Mileage 
  • Manage all your loans 
  • You can project prospect cash flow
  • Best way to track fixed asset 
  • Track shipment 
  • Allow remote access
  • Multiple currency settings 

QuickBooks Desktop Premier features 

  • Create sales orders with ease and backorders 
  • Easy to assemble an inventory 
  • More accurate and powerful reports for accounts 
  • Multiple report template settings 
  • More and easy journal entry options 
  • Create forecasts for sales and many more
  • Get access to business planner tool
  • Create Purchase orders, sales orders, and estimates 
  • You can set per Item Price Levels
  • Set units of Measure-Simple
  • Enhanced Invoicing for time and expenses 

Features QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 

  • Up to 30 users allowed to work at the same time
  • Best and enhanced Multi-user performance 
  • More protected and secure 
  • You can expend list capacity
  • Advanced features in the inventory 
  • QuickBooks Employee organization tool kit
  • You can create combine report for multiple companies 
  • Fast reports ever in any version of QuickBooks
  • Intuit statement writer tool and service 
  • Better and more journal Entry system
  • Advanced custom field options 
  • Sales incentive management 
  • Customer report feature with ODBC
QuickBooks for Mac Features 
  • You can Print Checks, Pay Bills, and track sale, expenses with QuickBooks for Mac 
  • Easy to create Estimates, invoices, and purchase orders 
  • Easy to manage payroll and employee time tracker
  • Any time download credit card and bank transitions 
  • Via center, you can manage customers, vendors, and transitions 
  • The report center allows you to find and add reports in your favorites
  • Also available in multi-user mode 
  • You can sync contacts via mac operating system 
  • Easy to exchange data with QuickBooks windows 

We can help you to get hold of QuickBooks’s Industry Specific versions as well, Here is the list of QuickBooks industry-specific versions:

  • QuickBooks Contractor Edition 
  • QuickBooks Nonprofit Edition 
  • QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition 
  • QuickBooks Retail Edition 
  • QuickBooks Professional Services Edition 
  • QuickBooks Accountant Edition 

How to use QuickBooks Licence Lookup tool

QuickBooks Licence Lookup tool

If you are unable to locate your QuickBooks Desktop application licence and Product number Not to worry about it we’re here to help you.  There are two 2 way to retrieve for find  QuickBooks licence or product number, first, try login using you registered email address, Incase if you don’t remember that information use QuickBooks Licence Lookup and enter your Business Phone number which registered with Intuit to retrieve your information. By using QuickBooks Licence Lookup you get an automated email from our server which contains your purchase history along with licence number and Product key. If you don’t see that email in your Inbox please check the Spam folder as well.

You can find your software credentials in multiple ways and some of them are listed below

  • If the purchase was made direct via the Intuit website then you can look for a confirmation email in your registered email account inbox.
  • If the Purchase made via a retail store Please follow these steps to find the license number and Product number:

Steps to find QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Point of sale Product and licence number

After following these steps you would be able to find QuickBooks Desktop related informationlike: Product Number, Product Name, Version of Software, Licence Key, And the release 

Add Your Heading Text Now the question remains How to find QuickBooks Product number or licence number

Follow these steps for all QuickBooks version (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise):

  • Open and Run QuickBooks 
  • Once the software is loaded completely Press the F2 key, Which can be located at the top brown of your keyboard.

You have screen one By the Name of Product Information which contains Licence Number, Product Number, Number of Users and Release information it’s shown in this image :

QuickBooks Licence Lockup tool
  • At the File information section, you can find Version that is used on file. This information is defined by date most recent at the bottom.

Next step is how to find QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic and Enhanced information

  • Run QuickBooks and from the main menu choose employees. 
  • And then choose the Payroll Center
  • Inside payroll, you can find a version with the Subscription Status.
  1. Find credentials in QuickBooks For Mac. 
  2. Open QuickBooks application goes to help and then the Product information page.
  3. Find information QuickBooks POS (Point of sale Information).
  4. From the Main menu got to help and then about Point of sale.
  5. Here you would find the Edition and version of the software.
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