Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error With Some General Troubleshooting Steps

Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error With Some General Troubleshooting Steps
Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

The article helps you understand troubleshooting steps for Unrecoverable error.   

When a user comes gross this error gets some Random error codes. Which signifies the nature of the Unrecoverable. You may not find all error codes listed here, Because depends upon error conditions. These are just the few most prominent codes user get:

Situations When you may come across Unrecoverable error.

How To Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

  • Recommendation:  Try to Update QuickBooks To the latest release, By going in Help menu then update QuickBooks and the select update now 
  • It’s always better to create a backup of your company file
  • Don’t forget to submit an Unrecoverable error report when the error window pops up, Which helps the QuickBooks Technical Support team to release an Update patch for this error.
How to fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable error

Solution 1: If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Multi-user, Just check how many users in the Question! And if you are using a single-user license application start with 

Solution 2: When you are trying to fix any error code or issue on QuickBooks it is always better to start step by step. First, check how many users are affected by Unrecoverable error, Or is there just one specific user who is affected or more than one. Why all users need to check because of this error (Damaged User Credential). Which you are going to recreate to fix this issue.Steps to recreate Damage User :

This solution is for Workstation users, A user who is not Admin. 

  • Choose Setup Users and Passwords from Company Menu and select Set Up Users option.
  • For QuickBooks Enterprise User Inside company menu, you have Options Users and Set up Users and Roles.  
  • Click to Add Userchoose Username and Password and Proceed with next 
  • Avoid using the same Username which was Damaged and select finish
  • Log off from the company file by going Into file menu
  •  Now try and login using new User Credentials

If Admin User Is Damaged Then Follow These Steps

Before you start with the troubleshooting process Run the QuickBooks File Doctor from QuickBooks Tool Hub. This tool is very useful for fixing some of the common errors in QuickBooks.

Step 1:

  • Press and Hold the Control key (Ctrl) on your keyboard along with it Open QuickBooks 

Don’t release Ctrl key until you have No company file windows open

How to fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable error

Step 2: Skip QuickBooks Desktop Screen And Open Company File

  • Once you have No company file window after performing the first step.
  • Now Press and hold the Alt key and open the desired Company file from No company file open window
  • Don’t release Alt key Until you have Company file login screen open 
  • Enter Username and Password and again Press and hold the Alt key 
  • Once you have Company file open to release the Alt key  

You may have a blank screen during this process, Don’t worry your company file is in the process to open.

Step 3: Skip QuickBooks Desktop Screen And Open Company File

  • If you are able to open a sample company file then it’s quite evident that the issue is with your Company file or maybe with the folder where your company file is stored.
  • If the error continues to open the most recent backup file 
  • If you don’t have Back up then the last option is to use the Auto Data Recovery (ADR)file to restore data 
  • But if you have the same error while you are opening Sample file then follow the next step for solution 
  • You can choose a sample company file from No Company file open screen 

Change Company file location from the default folder to another folder. This process can help you isolate issues whether with the QuickBooks Company file or with QuickBooks Software.

Solution4 :

  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub 
  • Choose Program Problems and run Quick Fix 
  • This process is applicable to shut any active QuickBooks Program will which is stuck in a loop. 

Solution 5:

Last and Final Solution is to Repair QuickBooks  Desktop 

Or Perform Clean Installation


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