How to Install QuickBooks Desktop on Your Computer

How to Install QuickBooks Desktop on Your Computer

Nowadays, businesses and all business processes are run using some sort of application or software. Through increased efficiency that is introduced while using such components, business activities become much more productive and return far greater profits than when using manual methods. Due to this, the incorporation of technology and applications across all sorts of organizational operations has become a necessity to install QuickBooks Desktop.

For the accounting processes of a business, one of the programs that have emerged to be highly efficient is QuickBooks. By providing ease in managing client accounts and operations efficiently and from a single system, the program provides much greater freedom and efficiency to businesses. However, there are some things to be careful about when you are downloading your version of QuickBooks. What are they? Keep on reading to find out the process of installing QuickBooks on your system and how you can make the most out of it!

QuickBooks Intro

QuickBooks is an accounting and accounts management system developed by the US-based company Intuit. With facilities and programs that serve the needs of micro, small, medium, and large businesses alike, QuickBooks also allows entrepreneurs, accountants, and self-employed individuals to make the most out of the system and gain efficiency by managing accounts and operations. The system allows you to:

  • Create invoices.
  • Manage accounts.
  • Pay bills.
  • Track unpaid bills.
  • Track inventory.
  • Declare bad debts.
  • Manage staff payroll.

…and so much more!

You can not only manage accounts but also manage all other operations that involve financial decisions to be made and transactions to be carried out. So, it can be said that the program can be an asset to your company in the way you can carry out all tasks and operations from a single platform.

However, depending on your intended usage, you need to choose from the two different versions of QuickBooks that are available. These two versions are QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based system offered by QuickBooks and Intuit. By allowing internal and external stakeholders, such as your employees, accountants, bookkeepers, chartered accountants, and financial advisors, to log into the system as well, you can collaborate to create a much more efficient platform. The remote-based platform also ensures that you can access your system from anywhere at any time. So, for businesses that rely heavily on working from home or collaborations between multiple individuals and entities, this is the ideal solution.

Install QuickBooks Desktop

While the Online version relies on a web-based operational system, QuickBooks Desktop needs to be downloaded to your computer in order to use it. This is a software application that you can use to manage the various operations of your company efficiently. While it does not use a cloud-based model, you can adopt solutions, such as Cloud Hosting and the Remote Access Tool, to work remotely and in collaboration with others.

So, depending on your intended usage and mode of usage, you can choose from the two products as specified above. However, since the QuickBooks Online product does not need installing onto your system, we will delve further into the second product and how you can install QuickBooks Desktop to make the most out of it.

Install QuickBooks Desktop Intro

QuickBooks Desktop is the ideal solution for businesses of varying sizes and capacities. Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, a micro, small, medium, or large business, the features of QuickBooks allow efficiency in the way operations are conducted within all sorts of establishments. For using it, you need to install QuickBooks Desktop to your system and use it as a local program within your system. Due to the nature of the program, you can get many benefits and features, which have made QuickBooks one of the most preferred programs out there.

Depending on your intended usage, you can choose from the many versions of QuickBooks Desktop.

Pro PlusPremier PlusEnterprise
FeaturesTrack earnings and expenditures.
Create invoices.
Track tax.
Monitor inventory.
Pay up to 1099 contractors.
Manage payroll.
Track earnings and expenditures.
Create invoices.
Track tax.
Monitor inventory.
Pay up to 1099 contractors.
Manage payroll.
Industry-specific services.
Track earnings and expenditures.
Create invoices.
Track tax.
Monitor inventory.
Pay up to 1099 contractors.
Manage payroll.
Industry-specific services.
Inventory management through barcode scanning.
End-to-end order fulfilling.

With the many facilities available, you can choose the product that meets your needs the most and enhances the way your finances are managed. While the Pro Plus seems to be the most basic version, the functionalities provided in that can also enable you to gain efficiency in your tasks, especially if you are a small business. On the contrary, the enterprise version provides you with the maximum functionality, allowing you to gain the maximum efficiency out of your tasks through the program.

Install QuickBooks Desktop

As discussed above, the QuickBooks Desktop program is a desktop application that needs to be downloaded on your system to be able to use it. After having purchased the right type of product for your business or for yourself, you need to ensure that the installation is done correctly. This is since errors regarding the faulty installation and incomplete installation files are common and they can interfere greatly with the way you use the program for all official tasks. As a result, utmost care on following the instructions is crucial.

You also need to ensure that your system, on which you intend to download the software, is also compatible with the program, in the sense that it meets all system requirements associated with QuickBooks. Once you have successfully ensured that everything is on order, you simply need to follow the below instruction to complete the installation process.

Step 1: Download the QuickBooks software and then click next

The first step towards installing the program is to download the QuickBooks software and run it on your system. You will be able to run it only if you have purchased your desired QuickBooks product. You will need the product key at a later stage, so keep it handy and safe. You also need to ensure that there is a stable internet connection to make sure that the entire downloading and installation process goes smoothly. So, after you have ensured that all things are in order, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Prepare for the install

After downloading the software, the next stage is to prepare your system for installation. The requirements for preparing to involve:

  • Go through necessary system requirements and make sure your system is compatible. The basic system requirements for your Windows system include:
    • OS and Database Servers: Windows Server 11 (Standard and Essentials, except Windows Small Business Server 2011)/Windows Server 2012 R2/Windows Server 2016/Windows 8.1 and above.
    • Browser: IE 11 (32-bit)/Microsoft Edge.
    • Hardware Requirements: 2.4 GHz processor; minimum 4GB RAM (minimum 8GB recommended); 2.5GB disk space; 60MB for additional software; 4X DVD-ROM for installation through CD; display screen with 1280×1024 resolution with up to 2 additional monitors.
    • Antivirus software: Can work with a specified list of software options, although modifications may be needed.
  • Retrieve your product key and keep it handy. Look for your product key in:
    • Purchase mail if bought online, or
    • Label containing product key in original packaging, or
    • Customer Account Management Portal if reinstalling, or
    • QuickBooks customer care if you have lost your product key.

Step 3: Install QuickBooks Desktop

  • After downloading the software:
    • Run the file titled “QuickBooks.exe”.
    • Follow instructions as appearing on the screen, accept the “Software License Agreement,” and then choose next.
    • Enter the product key in the relevant box.
    • Click on Next.

These are basic steps associated with the installation of any program, and you need to do the same when you install QuickBooks Desktop as well. So, simply follow these steps and you will have your copy of the QuickBooks software downloaded on your desktop. However, there are still customizations needed to make this downloaded software functional. So, after downloading, move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Decide which install type is right for you (Express install, Custom and Network install)

After downloading the software program, you need to install it as per your experience with the program or usage of the application. Primarily, you can conduct the install as per two methods – Express Install or Custom and Network Install.

  • Express Install: The express install method is suitable for single-use programs. Specifically, if you are a first-time user of the program, if you are reinstalling your version of QuickBooks or if you intend to use the program on a single computer that is not a part of a network of computers (such as your workplace), then this installation method is ideal for you. To install QuickBooks Desktop using Express Install, then follow the below steps:
    • Step 1: Run the downloaded file.
    • Step 2: Choose the option of ‘Express’, and click on Next.
    • Step 3: Click on ‘Install’.
    • Step 4: Once the installation is complete, click on ‘Open QuickBooks’

This will enable you to install the program and operate it from a single system or reinstall it efficiently on your system.

  • Custom and Network Install: The Custom and Network install method is the other method to install QuickBooks Desktop on your computer. Contrary to the Express install method, this method is ideal for users who wish to install the program on a location different than the default location (e.g., a server), wish to host company files through a server, or are interested in setting up a network for multiple users. For using this method, follow the below steps:
    • Step 1: Run the installation file.
    • Step 2: Choose the option of ‘Custom and Network,’ and click on Next.
    • Step 3: Choose how you will be using your QuickBooks Desktop product.
    • Step 4: Click on ‘Change the install location’ to customize your download location.
    • Step 5: Click on ‘Browse’ to choose the preferred installation location of your QuickBooks folder.
    • Step 6: Click on ‘Next to begin the installation process.
    • Step 7: Once the installation is complete, click on ‘Open QuickBooks.’

Now you are ready to use your product with multiple users or host it as and when you need.

Step 5: Activate QuickBooks Desktop

After you have installed the program as per your desired method and opened the program, you need to activate it to use it properly. The process of activation is simply verifying that you indeed are the one who had made the purchase so that you can use your product. To activate QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the installed QuickBooks application.
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Help’ menu.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Activate QuickBooks Desktop’.
  • Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions needed for verification of your information.

Now that you have activated your QuickBooks with your information, you can easily use the product for your business. With efficiency in multi-user hosting, this method can be especially helpful if you need collaborative efforts for your business or your employees are working remotely.


QuickBooks Desktop can be a huge asset for your business if you can use the various features and facilities properly. With efficiency across managing clients, inventory, employees, and everything related to your financial management needs, it can help you manage business operations efficiently. However, the same can be achieved only when you install the file correctly without any errors and you have been able to activate it properly.

Once you do so, the immense benefits from the application can make managing your business a breeze. Simply follow the steps as explained above and you can easily make the most out of the many facilities and features of QuickBooks Desktop. So, simply download and install your preferred version of the product and get started with making your workplace a much more efficient place. And if you ever have any trouble when you install QuickBooks Desktop, you can easily contact us to get assistance on how to transform QuickBooks into the greatest and most efficient application for your business!

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