How to restore Company File in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is accounting software that will help you immensely to manage accounts or books of your organization, be it a small or mid-sized organization or even if you’re a freelancer.                   

The main reason behind QuickBooks accounting software is so popular and successful is that the kind of variety of different features and functions that it offers. And also, the sort of after-sales service that they provide is unmatchable.

To stay relevant, Intuit keeps rolls out the regular updates to avoid any confusion, and the various tools that they keep on launching for the different errors or issues that you might face while working on QuickBooks Desktop. One of them is QuickBooks Tool Hub, and the other one is the QuickBooks File Doctor.

If you are using the QuickBooks Desktop, you must know the features that it offers to make the accounting of your company or organization very easy.

How to restore Company File in QuickBooks

When you restore a backup company file, QuickBooks uses the company file which already has a backup (.qbb) to create a new company file. 

  • Open QuickBooks, and then go to the given File section and then choose Open or Restore Company.
  • Choose Restore a backup copy and then tap on Next.
  • Choose Local Backup and then again tap on Next.
  • Browse your PC for your backup Company File. It will look alike : [Your Organisation Name].qbb.                       

(Please note that to avoid overwriting anything, you can always rename your current Company file or the backup, so the names stay unique. Or also you can still save the backup that you had in a different folder.) 

  • Choose a folder to decide where you want to save your restored Company file. And then tap on Open.
  • Once you’re ready, tap on Save. If you see any messages about your data possibly overwriting, select the option that best fits your requirements. Don’t overwrite anything of that sort until and unless you know that you want to.

By performing the actions given above, you can easily restore Company File in QuickBooks Desktop if you know how to restore you must know how to create and restore QuickBooks Portable Company File which is thoroughly described in our next segment. 

Create and Restore QuickBooks Portable Company File

If you want to transfer your data to some other PC or share it with someone else, creating a QuickBooks Portable Company File is highly recommended,  This becomes like a  compressed file so that you can send it to someone else through mail or putting it on a USB drive. It can also fix some minute data issues of the QuickBooks Desktop.  

To Create and Restore QuickBooks Portable Company File, you just need to follow the methods given below:

  • Update QuickBooks Desktop Software: You should simply update the QuickBooks Desktop software to its latest version. 
  • Create a QuickBooks Portable Company File: To create a Portable company file, you should open your QuickBooks Desktop and admin login.
    • Tap on the option Portable Company File and then give consent to next.
    • Rename your Company File to some different name of your wish so that it becomes different from your regular Company File.
    • Then save it to a location Which is easily accessible and will be easy to find, keep this in your mind.
    • When you’re done tap on OK and then Save.                                

The file that you just saved is the QuickBooks Portable Company File. you can send it on an email or also through a USB drive keeping in mind that the file that you just created will be a Password Protected File so if you are sharing with someone else do share the password along with it.

  • Open a QuickBooks Portable Company File: To open a Portable Company File, you need to:
    • Open QuickBooks Desktop and go ahead with admin login.
    • Now tap on the File option and tap on Open Portable Company.
    • Now choose the option ‘Restore a Portable Company File.’ then tap on Next.
    • After that, choose your ‘Portable Company File’ and tap on Open.
    • Choose a folder to decide where you want to save your restored Company file and then tap on Next and then Save once you’re done with it.

Follow all these methods given above, and you’ll be able to Create and Restore QuickBooks Portable Company File without any hassle.

How to Restore Second company QuickBooks backup file to a new Computer

To restore a Second company QuickBooks backup File to a new computer with the help of the Migrate Tool. To do that you’ll need the new computer that you want to migrate into and a good internet connection along with it. You will also need a USB Drive so that you can copy and store your company files.                                                 

If you use the migrate tool correctly, you will quickly restore the second company QuickBooks backup file to a new computer without any hassle.


To conclude, QuickBooks is a software that is very popular amongst accountants, bookkeepers, organizations, companies or even freelancers in different parts of the world.                                          

If you use any software, you must know how can you take full advantage of it by using all the features and functions that it provides.

In this article, you will get to learn more about How to restore Company File in QuickBooks Desktop, how to create, restore, and transfer it to a new computer. Please give this whole article a careful read to help yourself doing all these changes. Hope that you find this article a little helpful and worth your time.


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