How to void payroll checks In QuickBooks

This article is about how to void payroll checks in Quickbooks, cancel, and recall an employee paycheck.

Some of the reasons why you require to change or stop paycheck direct deposit:

  • To create a duplicate paycheck.
  • By mistake, you made mistake with paycheck information.
  • May be entered an incorrect gross or net pay on the paycheck. 
  • Got the wrong work location entered.

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Payroll users often ask what should be the best practice “Should Delete or void a paycheck”.

  • Well, the answer to this Question depends upon two conditions: You avoid deleting checks that are processed or for best practice always avoid deleting the check, You should only delete checks in your payroll if the check isn’t processed yet.
  • By voiding a check means you are not deleting it, This process just changes the amount on the check to Zero. Voiding check doesn’t affect direct deposit form processing.
void payroll checks In QuickBooks

How to void or delete a direct deposit payroll check in QuickBooks

If the paycheck hasn’t been processed then how you can delete:

  • From the main menu choose banking and then Use Register 
  • Choose or select affected employee paycheck 
  • Once you have paycheck open at the top you have an option to delete 
  • Once you have popped up box open enter Ok

In case if the paycheck has been sent to process and you are unable to delete it. It’s always better to void it Before it gets debited from your bank account.

How do I void the Payroll direct deposit check in QuickBooks:

  • Open QuickBooks from the main menu choose Employees and then edit void paychecks.
  • Choose to Show paychecks from date to date and press tab on your keyboard. 
  • Choose the check-in Question and then choose void.
  • Then you get a pop-up box, put yes and choose void.
  • Check the terms and conditions and void the paycheck.
Now the last and final option is to send the void paychecks:
  • From the main menu choose Employees and then choose to send payroll data
  • Choose to send, You just need to update the QuickBooks Desktop payroll that you voided a check
  • Ask you to enter the payroll Pin and click ok.

If you have any issues don’t worry we are always here to help you.


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