Is Learning QuickBooks Easy and Using QuickBooks Worth It?

Quickbooks Training Online

Business owners need to manage their expenses and income and always monitor the financial health of their business. It not only helps in better money management but also keeps the cash flow management intact. By choosing QuickBooks, business owners can do these things efficiently. 

It can be used for paying bills, invoicing customers, preparing taxes, creating reports, and others. The QuickBooks product line possesses multiple solutions that can work excellent for anyone, right from a freelancer up to a businessman.

Is QuickBooks easy to learn?

There are lots of tutorials available online for you so that you can figure out the ways to make use of QuickBooks. Besides, tons of courses are available on how to use it for multiple types of businesses. With basic training and tutorials, you can understand the data input in QuickBooks. And if you already have a basic knowledge of accounting knowledge, things will become easier to grasp. If you are not strong in accounting, you can get one-on-one QuickBooks training.

For example, you will find it easy to input a bill, but you will have to ensure that all your accounts are correctly set, and whatever you can enter is going to be displayed rightly on your financials. If you start inputting data without knowing if your QuickBooks is correctly set, the outcome will be wrong finance statements. Therefore, you may need an accountant or a bookkeeper to make sure that the reports are correct.

QuickBooks is one of the most helpful entry-level bookkeeping and accounting applications available currently. Thus, in case you need help with the setup or any other help in learning QuickBooks software, materials and tutorials are available online, or you can look for a professional trainer as well.

Is QuickBooks certification worth it?

Are you thinking to get a QuickBooks certification? It does not matter if you are interested in bookkeeping or an accounting career; education is the key.

But you be brainstorming on what kind of certification to opt for. Various ways are there to enhance your skills, and this can make things difficult to choose the best program. The good news is that QuickBooks, being an accounting industry giant, is well-known and respected. By getting QuickBooks certification, you can get numerous benefits.

In case you are going to consider an accounting certification but are unsure which one to pursue, we have listed why QuickBooks certification is worthy:

  • Better serving the clients: 

When you get QuickBooks certified, you can serve your customers better. Not only are you going to have more knowledge, but you will be owing improved processes and higher resources for helping them.

  • Establishment of authority: 

Being a specialist in the field of QuickBooks, you may establish your authority in this wide industry. With backed up by one of the most respected brands, you will receive various benefits.

  • Marketing the business: 

One of the primary advantages of undergoing QuickBooks training is that you will get to know how to market your business. The company can be added to websites where the customers search for certified experts or professionals.

  • Credibility enhancement: 

If you want to give a boost to your career training, then undergoing a QuickBooks certification is just the thing you need. By finishing the QuickBooks course, you can opt for the education you require to make yourself an attractive candidate to potential employers or hirers.

  • The resources and tools can prove advantageous: 

By having QuickBooks training, you get to access various resources and tools for helping you in your career. Access to practice tests, tailored learning, and much more can help you a lot. This ensures your career advancement and helps you to learn more efficiently.

  • It keeps you aligned with the industry trends: 

With the completion of QuickBooks training, you will keep up with the latest industry trends. This not only makes you a better accountant or bookkeeper but also makes you more marketable in your niche industry.

Should I learn QuickBooks Online or Desktop?

You may have heard about QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. But which one to use?

QBO or QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting product from Intuit. QBO is specifically crafted for small businesses. However, with the new advanced plan, the software can scale even wider businesses. It offers a robust set of features, more than 650 integrations, attractive invoices, and attractive invoices. QuickBooks Online is easy to learn, and as it is cloud-based, you can run it anywhere having an internet connection.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Desktop is a locally-installed software and is a popular choice among accountants and business owners. Every desktop version of QuickBooks offers you extensive features and powerful accounting tools. It includes budgeting, expense tracking, and job costing; and also offers positive reviews from customers and consists of over 240 integrations. It needs to be noted that QuickBooks Desktop is available on the Windows OS, and the MAC users will have to look for QuickBooks for Mac for Mac-based QuickBooks options installed locally.

So, which QuickBooks Version to choose?

Well, you need to go for QuickBooks online if you need an easy to use and learnable software or if you want to have access to your accounting stuff remotely through mobile applications. QuickBooks Online is very useful if you need time-saving automation and integrations. Also, it lets you make use of payment processing integrations for the payments of invoices online, and you can also use it in case you require international invoicing.

On the other hand, if you need locally-installed accounting software, you may choose QuickBooks Desktop. Also, if you want all the industry-particular features of QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Desktop can prove to be good. Also, when you require a sales order or you need to handle complicated accounting, QuickBooks is just what you need.

Can QuickBooks be used for personal use?

Some of the important aspects of QuickBooks to facilitate personal use are discussed below:

  • Estimating taxes: 

QuickBooks categorizes expenses automatically and keeps them organized in one place. This helps to keep track of your expenses, and thus, there is no need to stress tax deductions and tax filing.

  • Tracking expenses: 

You can track your every expense by linking your credit cards and bank accounts to QuickBooks. Expenses can be segmentized further into distinct categories and ultimately create financial reports for understanding your expenses better.

  • Cash flow management: 

One of the best advantages of using QuickBooks is that it contributes to cash flow management. By regularly inputting financial data on QuickBooks, you will understand things better and stay in control of the cash flow.

  • Scanning receipts: 

Receipts can be uploaded on QuickBooks mobile app, and the information on the receipt can be matched with an existing transaction.

  • Automate bills: 

With QuickBooks, bills can be managed and paid automatically in a single spot. You can enable auto-payment for your bills to ensure that you never miss any payment. Also, you can enable automated reminders for your bill payments. A feature, namely “Memorized Transactions,” helps you to save all your payment credentials by enabling fast checkout.

  • Online payment: 

When you have QuickBooks, every kind of payment can be accepted by you, like Credit or Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, and others. It ensures faster payments. Your transactions are fetched by QuickBooks automatically, and it further saves your cost and time.

  • Financial reporting: 

With QuickBooks, you can leverage all the accessible reporting tools. The report center of QuickBooks possesses all data and contributes to improved tracking of expenses, income, costs, sales, and other finances. With a single click of a button, you can create and access financial reports.

  • Track mileage: 

With QuickBooks, you get the tracking mileage automatically functionality through GPS for adding to your tax deductions. Trips can be easily categorized into business and personal, and create mileage reports for getting a mile’s breakdown.


QuickBooks have proved to be software for both personal use and business use. It is easy to get started with. Also, it is affordable compared to any other advanced and complicated system. For a lot of businessmen, QuickBooks has been an advantageous tool in terms of running their business finances. Intuit is making it better constantly and is making it easy to use. Besides, you can use one PC, Mac, and mobile as well.


What are the system requirements for QuickBooks online?

For Windows PC, you will need a 1GHz computer having 256MB RAM at least and must run Windows XP or more. For Apple Mac, you will need an Intel-based Mac that runs OS X 10.5 or later.

Will they get software upgrades while using QuickBooks online?

Yes, it is cloud-based software. So, you are always on the latest version because the updates take place automatically without affecting any data.

Can QuickBooks online be accessed offline?

No, you cannot do that. You will require a stable internet connection to access QuickBooks online.

Can I make use of my current QuickBooks data with QuickBooks enterprise?

Yes, it is easy and fast to transfer data, similar to upgrading from QuickBooks Pro to Premier. Along with your data, every piece of information, permissions, and report template can be transferred at ease.

Is QuickBooks enterprise available in industry-specific editions?

Indeed, QuickBooks enterprise is available in several industry-specific editions like manufacturing or wholesale, construction, field services, professional services, nonprofit, accounting professional, and retail.

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