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Fascinating Features of QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (2 User)

QuickBooks Desktop has become a very popular platform for the accountants out there. It simplifies money management and hence, contributes to keeping the flow of the business smooth. Several small, medium, and large businesses are making use of QuickBooks to manage money in a better way. 

Besides, the software offers you all the tools under one roof. Right from making invoices up to the end stage of reminding people about their dues, everything can be conducted with this software. This article will give you an in-depth account of all these things.


QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (2 User) comes with a wide range of features that serves the customers smoothly and saves plenty of time. The popular ones are discussed below:

Payments receipt customization: Different payment receipts can be customized. You can add logos or opt for custom formatting and give it an authentically professional look.

Customer groups: Customer communication can be improved by making the customer groups based on fields such as balance, location, or customer type.

Bank feeds improvement: The bank feeds can be imported by batch or automatic categorizing. Bank transactions of the classes, accounts, and payees can be edited at ease.

Sending statements: You can receive payments fasters with the statements automatically sent to all the customers. These statements are automatically edited based on the needs of the customers.

Invoice history tracking: On QuickBooks Desktop, it is easy to see an invoice. Also, tracking of invoice history is possible that allows you to access every pertinent information of any invoice readily.

Software Compatibility: For running the QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (2 User), you will need Windows 8.1 or the updated version of Windows 10 that is supported by Microsoft Windows Server 2012(R2), 2016, or 2019. 

It just needs a 2.4GHz processor, with 4GB RAM, 2.5GB HDD space, 4x DVD-ROM drive, 1MBPs internet speed, 1280*1024 resolution or more, and also it supports 1 workstation monitor, and also up to two extended monitors. All these are available on most computers nowadays, making it easy to make use of the software at ease.


QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (2 User) offers you tons of advantages. Some of the significant advantages of this accounting software are as follows:

General contractor: You can check each of the things associated with the jobs with the general contractor. Job estimates can be created, such as job changes. Change orders can be entered easily into an estimate for constantly tracking the changes and what they do on the bottom line. The cost of the job can be organized by you with your vendor. Also, you can easily see which of the vendors still need to get paid.

General business: Inventory management becomes easier. Items can be located easily, and all the tasks associated with the inventory can be completed in one place. For this, all you need to do is make use of the QuickBooks inventory center. The balance sheet can be tracked with the class by making use of the in-built report for tracking the financial data by department, profit center, or location separately.

Wholesale and manufacturing: Not only the manufacturing but the wholesale as well can be tracked. The biggest money producers can be tracked so that you get to know which are the products that you need to promote and stock up on and what products you need to drop off. By vendor, reorder point of inventory is facilitated. Inventory can be tracked, and you also can set perfect inventory levels. The report can also be run because it shows the items that require reordering. Orders can be prioritized. Every open sale order can be prioritized the way you wish.

Nonprofit organization: It facilitates donation statements. In short, it can be checked who has donated the most, and their contribution can be tracked at ease. Form 990 can be created as well. Form 990 is the functional expenses statement. Also, the expenses can be identified. This helps you to present them to the IRS, major donors, and the boards. You can see the summary report that states the contribution of the donors, and every donor’s contribution can be tracked.


A plethora of benefits is served to you by QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (2 User) so that your accounting needs are fulfilled. The most common ones are discussed below:

Personal services: QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (2 Users) offers you the best professional services. All the clients having unbilled expenses and time by all the employees, clients, projects, or any single-screen service can be tracked. With just some clicks, an invoice can be sent. By service, client, and employee, multiple billing rates can be set. This allows you to pay and receive the correct amount. Profitability can be analyzed well by the reports such as the job completion costs and the job costs by the vendor and job.

Retail services: QuickBooks Desktop Premier offers you the best retail services. The sales results can be tracked with the summary form of sales. All you need to do is, input the overall payments and every sale, either non-taxable or taxable, for a week, day, or any other time that you would like to choose. Inventory can be tracked as well, and the reorder points can be set. The best thing is that it provides you with flexibility in terms of the profit and loss report. A profit of one month can be compared easily with the loss of that month.

Inventory tracking: Goods’ costs and products can be tracked at ease. Also, when the inventory turns out to be low, you will be notified. Inventory can be adjusted to account for shrinkage, thieving, and losing. Purchase orders can be created, which helps you to track what are the things on order.

Sales Tax tracking: Automatically, tracking the sales tax monthly is possible. Also, it can be defined easily as the products and customers that are taxable. Also, you can easily know what are the things that you owe by running the liability reports of the sales tax.

Invoicing: You can create invoices for goods service and for the billable expenses and time. Also, estimates and invoices can be created along with the payment receipts. QuickBooks Payments helps you to accept payments directly from the invoices. Also, you can automatically send reminders on the outstanding payments. Also, you can see the invoice status in real-time.

Expenses and income tracking: With the employment centers, vendors, and customers, a business can be easily organized. From programs like Excel, previous finance data can be brought back. Also, you can easily connect the credit card and bank.

Accounts and bills payable management: Purchasing orders and tracking bills is possible under one umbrella. Automatically, you can consider the early discounts on paying. From the vendor, you can see the unpaid bills and then manage the payments easily. Cash flow can be maintained, and actions can be taken easily on unpaid bills.


QuickBooks have proved to be very powerful accounting software. Several businesses, regardless of their size, are making use of QuickBooks Desktop Premier to get the upper hand in the market. Besides, you get everything associated with finance for managing the cash flow of your business under one roof. In case you are not familiar with QuickBooks Desktop Premier, it is better to seek professional help.


What is the QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (2 User) license?

QuickBooks is very popular accounting software that offers an array of features. Also, it offers timely updates for keeping up with the competition. QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 is the latest QuickBooks desktop variant. This non-subscription software of accounting allows you in the finance organization, performance tracking, and financial data exports.

Is QuickBooks Desktop available on smartphones?

QuickBooks have always prioritized the needs of its customers and prioritized customer convenience. Therefore, keeping all these things in mind, it has made QuickBooks Desktop mobile app available in the iOS app store and Google Play Store. You can download it from these platforms based on your device and log in by using your username and password.

Can QuickBooks Desktop Premier be transferred to Premier Plus?

QuickBooks understands your needs, and they understand that you may need things on the go and therefore have incorporated the software with maximum flexibility. Therefore, they have facilitated a smooth transition. You can easily transit from Desktop Premier to Premier Plus within a couple of minutes in just a few clicks.

What happens if I cancel a subscription on QuickBooks Desktop?

If you have downloaded a QuickBooks Desktop subscription product, you will own the data. However, when to cancel the subscription, you will not be allowed to access the software for free. However, the good news is that you can still open the files of your company on any machine having an active license.

Will my QuickBooks Desktop Premier integrate with other software?

Data transfer is possible into QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 from selected Quicken versions, Office 365, Microsoft Excel, and the QuickBooks Mac. With Microsoft Outlook 2013-2019, Outlook.com, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook having Office-365, you can email the invoices, estimates, and several other forms. Data can be integrated from QuickBooks POS 19.0 as well.

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