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What makes QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) stand out in the market?

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) is accounting software. This software Enterprise industry editions. It includes add-ons like third-party CRM (customer relationship management) software (including Salesforce), intuit payroll, and AP automation software apps. 

Thus, QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) is becoming a very popular platform for all businesses out there. This software offers you all the tools you need for better management of your business workflow. So, let’s see what this software offers.


A plethora of features is served to you by QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) to fulfill your accounting needs. Some of them are mentioned below:

Improvised bank Feeds: This software saves you additional time by helping you order bank exchanges on its own. Also, it facilitates better coordination of installment records as well as classes. It helps limit data entry through upgraded rules. Now, auditing and resolving irregularities can be done in no time.

Receipt Management: QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) utilizes and manages all receipts effectively. It allows recording receipt information and importing and auditing them through cell phone. Also, you can request receipt expenses along with recording different exchanges via this tool. 

Send statements automatically: Now, you don’t need to send notifications to clients manually to remind their pending balances. You can easily schedule the emails so that they are sent to the clients at the right time without needing manual customizations. 

Customer groups: Based on different regions, you can develop custom rules on this premium software and put together clients into groups as per their area, equilibrium, and type. Payment receipts can also be customized and offered to your client interchanges. Including the logo and tweaking the installment receipt is even possible through QuickBooks.


QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) gives you tons of advantages. Some of the best and most significant advantages of this accounting software are mentioned below:

Proficient Services: Now, you can easily track and view your Unbilled Costs and Time for different clients through this software. It lets you check the expenses by task, worker, administration, or customer on a private display. You can generate a bill with ease in only a few clicks. Also, you can set different rates of billing for workers, customers, and administration. In this tool, you can thus easily pay and get paid by setting discrete charges. Moreover, you can analyze the profitability on the basis of Clients and Projects here. Reports like Cost-to-Complete by Job, Billed versus Proposition by Project, and Job Expenses by Vendor and Job can be easily generated by this software.

General Business: Based on Vendor Reports, this tool can create Jobs automatically. You can also organize the vendor job costs and check who should be paid. QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) facilitates Job Profitability analysis as well. You are permitted to view the productivity of jobs on a task-by-task and point-by-point basis and redo job cost reports. Besides, you can easily create job estimates as well as track Change Orders. As the job changes, you can enter the changed orders into the gauge to monitor the progressions and their effect.

Not-For-Profit: Easily generate End-of-Year Donation statements on QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User). You can view the greatest donors and keep a check on their commitments here. The tool lets you recognize the expenditure and display them to the board, the IRS, and significant contributors. Also, the summary reports of All-Run Donor Contribution are available. Lastly, every donor’s commitment will be effectively tracked as needed.

Retail: Using the QuickBooks software’s summary form for sales, you can keep track of the sales effectively. All you need to do is enter non-taxable or taxable sales and all-out installments on a daily or weekly basis or any other interval and monitor it time-to-time. The software will also help you easily track the inventory and facilitate reorder focuses. Besides, you can analyze and compare monthly profit-loss statistics with ease here.


QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) is designed to optimize bookkeeping. Also, it provides percentage and dollar forecasts by customer job and class so that you can plan more accurately. However, the other interesting and popular benefits of this QuickBooks software are discussed below. Have a look!

Tracking Inventory: It helps you track the cost of all goods and products. As soon as the inventory starts running low, you will receive notifications so that you can restock it accordingly. Also, you can easily adjust the inventory for theft, shrinkage, and loss. To keep track of what is on order from your inventory, this tool lets you create purchase orders too. 

Tracking sales tax: QuickBooks desktop premier 2022 (4 User) defines which products and customers are taxable. It facilitates easy automatic tracking of sales tax throughout the month. To know your exact debts, you can run a sales tax liability process via this tool. 

Invoicing: This software lets you assess, do solicitation, and generate payment receipts proficiently. You can create receipts for products, administrations, billable work hours, and expenses automatically here. The constant penetrability of invoice status keeps you stable over your revenue. Besides, it also lets you recognize the payments right away from the solicitation.

Tracking expense and income: You can automatically download and categorize transactions by connecting your bank along with its respective credit card. The software also lets you import the previous financial information of different projects into Excel files. And the easy import of financial data from excel to other programs helps in better organization of customer, vendor, and employment details in one place. 

Maintaining Accounts Payable and Bills: You can track all invoices and purchase orders at once. Also, you can effectively take action on the neglected bill and keep up your income. See all sellers’ neglected bills as well as handle oversee payments all at once in this QuickBooks desktop premier 2022 (4 User) product.

Tracking Banking: The software can automatically categorize bank transactions. These categorized bank transactions have in-depth insights by using enhanced rules, improved matching, and batch editing.

Generating reports: You can get reliable reports on QuickBooks desktop premier 2022 (4 User). All you need to do is schedule automatic reports that include all expenses, profit, loss, and balance sheets.  

Tracking time: The software lets you track your billable hours by employee or clients and then automatically add them to invoices. You can give employees the access to enter their own time, and you can enter hours for yourself too. For simpler time tracking, integrate TSheets through QuickBooks. Also, you can track the accurate number of vacation or sick leaves of employees.

Forecasting: You can either use previous years’ information or create a new forecast from scratch using QuickBooks desktop premier 2022 (4 User). It will enable you to view and track forecast progress both in percentages as well as in dollars.


QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) is exceptional accounting software that offers an array of features. Also, to keep up with the competitive environment, timely updates are available. QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) is one of the latest variants of the QuickBooks desktop version. 

This accounting software will help you with performance tracking, inventory tracking, income and expense tracking, and many more features. It will help you to deliver greater innovation, value, and productivity that will meet your business needs in a better way. You can also seek professional help in case you are not familiar with QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User).         


How does the Desktop premier 2022 (4 User) Plus subscription work? 

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) Plus is a yearly subscription. Its Plus subscription includes data backups, unlimited support, and annual upgrades when available. It also comes with exclusive money management and time-saving features and lets you easily access the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app.

What are the changes in the 2022 product line-up of QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) for Windows? 

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) for Windows is already updating its product line-up for 2022. There will be a subscription-based product line-up. QuickBooks will now only sell Pro & Premier products as Pro Plus and Premier Plus subscriptions for the year 2022 versions.

Which payroll options are usable with QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) Plus?

You can add 1 out of 2 fully-integrated payroll options to this software. There is no separate tool to purchase or new interface to study from; everything is there in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll allows you to release the payments of employees through the software itself. It makes the process of payroll tax payments and filings more simplified. It also lets you effortlessly make, file, and share 1099 and W-2 forms.

Can anyone install QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) Plus on more than one computer? 

Yes! You can easily install QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User) Plus on more than one computer. Your license allows for up to 4 users or computers.

How can you set up the multi-user feature in QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (4 User)?

From your QuickBooks Desktop, you only need to go to the File menu and hover over the Utilities. Then, select the option of Host Multi-User Access, i.e., 4 users. And that’s it; you have completed the set-up of multiple user features in your QuickBooks.

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