QuickBooks Crashes When Opening

QuickBooks Crashes When Opening

A particular organisation’s finances QuickBooks Desktop software is one of the best accounting software available today. It is primarily favoured by investors, as well as accounting professionals.  The QuickBooks software is standard does not change the fact that it is prone to errors at times. 

The error in QuickBooks Crash com is one such error. This is one of the most common errors that bothers users the most. It has an effect on the system as well as vital data, and it is noticeable when Microsoft publishes significant updates.

We’ll talk about the causes and the fast fixes to the crash com error in today’s blog. If you’re having a similar problem, make sure to read this blog all the way through. However, if you are looking for professional assistance, please contact our QuickBooks error support team that is just a click away at QuickBooks Error Desktop Support, a hub of tech-savvy professionals working to provide QB users with the best possible support.

QuickBooks Crashes When Opening

One of the most common errors encountered by users is the crash com error on the QuickBooks Desktop software. Since the software includes many financial data and documents, this error creates a lot of problems. It affects small business operations and business operations through the use of accounting software. When the consumer attempts to send emails, invoices, paystubs, transactions or reports, this problem can be seen. Crash com error may result in the loss of unsaved data, which for QuickBooks users can be quite disheartening. 

However, using a few potential solutions, this crash com error can be rectified, which will be addressed later in this blog. 

Root causes of QuickBooks Crashes When Opening

The QuickBooks Crash Com Error may have various triggers, a few of which are scribbled below: 

  • If the Windows or MS-Office components are missing or destroyed, an error in the main crash is likely to occur.
  • There could be chances that some sort of virus or Trojan may hinder the programme or if malicious software deletes valuable QuickBooks files by accident.
  • When an antivirus or firewall application prevents QuickBooks from interacting with each other, the error occurs.
  • When the QuickBooks programme fails to communicate with the client or email service, the user can receive this error.
  • If the QuickBooks components get corrupted somehow, another cause can be the mistake.

Things to take care of before the QuickBooks Crashes When Opening the software

Let us first understand when the consumer can experience this error before deploying any solutions. Take a look at the list of scenarios in which the user can encounter this irritating error:

  • When opening the QuickBooks report or saving something in QuickBooks.
  • When submitting invoices by email.
  • When opening invoices.
  • When opening the check register.
  • When adding some document in QuickBooks.
How to fix QuickBooks Crashes When Opening 

Method 1: Use Outlook as Default: 

  • To start with, the user must visit the Control Panel, then the Default Program and Set Default Program, select MS Outlook. 
  • Make Outlook a default Mail app. 
  • Finally, press the OK button to make it the default programme.

Please follow these troubleshooting steps provided: Important: If QuickBooks Desktop cannot find outlook (to check this, go to Edit > Preferences > Submit Forms > My Preferences tab to see if you have the option to pick Outlook), you will need to restart the machine and fix QuickBooks.

Method 2: Adding an email address to Outlook:

  • The user should switch to MS Outlook in this process and then pick the File Menu.
  • The next move is to click Add Account to begin the setup process, then enter your email address and click the Link button.
  • Outlook will automatically configure the correct server settings and select Link once you have done so.
  • Enter the password for the specified email address after that, and then press the OK button.
  • Finally, click OK to complete the installation.
Writer’s Note

To conclude, QuickBooks Desktop software is one fantastic software for managing the books and accounts or the finances of a particular organisation. The software’s only problem is that it is prone to various errors and issues, and the software crashing while the opening is another error that you may face while using the software.

This blog’s whole idea is to help you understand the error, root causes, and some other valuable aspects of the same, so reading it till the last will make you completely aware of the error. I hope that this blog helps you in some way or the other and worth the time also worth the time that you’ve spent here reading this blog. 


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