How To Recreate A Missing Or Void Direct Deposit Paycheck In QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll allows you to recreate missing direct deposit paychecks from your company file. In case you are missing payroll direct deposit checks after restoring the backup company file or maybe you voided a paycheck after it was sent for payroll.

This article is applicable for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard, and Enhanced version

If you are missing a direct deposit paycheck, In this case, it needs to be created with the zero dollar net pay. Because the total direct deposit amount would be reflecting inside the direct deposit liability check. SO this process can eliminate duplicate entries in the check register.

  • Create Direct Deposit offset, this offset item is a great remedy to recreate missing direct deposit paycheck.
  • Inside Payroll choose Employees and then Pay Employees.
  • Choose and enter the paycheck as per the previous one to match.
  • Put as check Mark on impacted employee or you can choose more then one as well if they are in question too and then choose Open Paycheck Detail option
  • During Preview Paycheck windows deselect Use Direct Deposit in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Now you can recreate that check again as it was before with the same set of pieces of information like Hours, Salary, and other items.
  • Don’t forget to enter the Direct Deposit Offset item inside other payroll items area. 
  • Enter the amount for the direct deposit offset equivalent of the paycheck.
  • Press the Tab key on your keyboard to make paycheck charge 0.
  • Save & continue to create paycheck to record that check. 
  • If you have a paycheck discrepancy or you see more then one paycheck with the same information as the paycheck you just recreated, In this case, Run QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Checkup.

How to Correct the Payroll Liability balance

When you create a Direct Deposit Offset item, It will be shown under liabilities to be paid. 

Now we require to create an adjustment to eliminate the deduction.

  1. Choose employees to form the main menu and then Payroll Taxes and Liabilities after that choose Adjust Payroll Liabilities.
  2. On the next step, it would ask you to enter the date on both date fields and then the date of the check you created would appear.
  3. Then Choose Company Adjustment.
  4. Never adjust the employee else the payroll summary report would be incorrect.
  5. Item name should be Direct Deposit Offset Item. 
  6. Inside the amount, Column enters the negative number is equivalent to the amount of the Direct Deposit Offset item.
  7. Choose that account that is affected and Double click to store liability adjustment.

How to recreate paycheck in assisted payroll.

If you are missing paycheck or liability from the register follow these steps:

  • Check across all bank registers maybe you moved the check by mistake, If you are able to find that check move that back to the correct register 
  • By going in employee or vendor center run the report on all the protected dates, If you find the check move that back to the register it was posted on.

Since we already recreated the void paycheck previously, So now if you have a paycheck that you void by mistake you must recreate it by following the steps listed above.

1: In this part you would understand how to created direct deposit offset item:

  • From QuickBooks main menu navigate to Lists and then Payroll Item List. 
  • Choose payroll item option at the lower left hand side and click to create new. 
  • Go with custom setup option and hit next after that choose deduction and proceed with next.
  •  enter the name that you are going to use  for   direct deposit offset item.
  • the option called agency for employee paid liabilities should be remain black.
  • liability should be the direct deposit liability amount ,this is the DD offset negative amount. And then click on Next. 
  • Since this item is just to adjust liability amount so choose Tax Tracking Type none and hit next. 
  • Make sure their should be no taxes selected and continue with next.
  • Calculate Based on quantity to neither and choose next. 
  • Choose net pay from Gross vs Net and choose next. 
  • Keep the default rate and limit option blank and click to finish. 

The next step is to list Direct Deposit offset items entry in the payroll. They always be listed under other payroll items field.

2: Go to Employees and then Pay Emlpoyees then Unscheduled payroll, Now enter all the void check information here. Make sure information should remain exact.

3: Open pay check details button by pointing out Employee in Question.

4: If previous paycheck then from check review window un check the option Use Direct Deposit 

5: Recreate the entire check as it was before with all the information 

6: If Previous paycheck was direct deposit then create Direct deposit offset item in other payroll items and Make about for this DD offset Item set to 0 by pressing tab key on your keyboard.

7: Save changes and continue with create paychecks option to enter the check information 

8: If last check was direct deposit  make sure you clear the Payroll liability Account because of Direct deposit offset item.

Once you are done recreating check now you adjust the payroll liability report balance, Which can be done manually.


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