QuickBooks Database Server Manager

This article helps you understand set up QuickBooks database server manager

What's QuickBooks database server manager?

QuickBooks database server manager allows you to share QuickBooks data files with other workstations over the network. If the database server manager is not running, then you may have a problem with your Multi-user access. A tool that monitors your applications’ multi-user network. This tool allows all users to work on a shared company file at the same time. The Database server manager is an inbuilt QuickBooks tool to manage multi-user access.

Install and Setup QuickBooks database server manager

How to install Quickbooks database server manager ?

Database server manager should be installed on Host or server computer, Where you have your company file hosted. If you are an accountant or somebody who hosts multiple versions of QuickBooks on the network.Make sure you install the older version then upgrade to the most recent version.

  1. Close all the programs on you server computer.
  2. Start installing QuickBooks choose custom and install type Network.
  3. This Process would install database server manager too.
  4. As per our recommendation install QuickBooks application on your server computer as well.
  5. Even if you just want to host company file on server still database server manager would install.
  6. Follow onscreen instructions and finish installation.
  7. QuickBooks created automatic windows users for each and every version of QuickBooks for Example: QuickBooks desktop 2018 create user qbdataserviceuser28.

Step 2: Set up firewall permissions for database server manager. Make an exception on your antivirus software for the database server manager on your server computer.

Step 3: User database server manager to scan your company files before hosting them on your network.

If you have any issue setting up a database server manager, Just give us a call to get support for Quickbooks.

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