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Everyone wants to overpower their competitors. But they often lack the correct methodologies and paths to do so. So, do you need to push the rank of your GMB or Google My Business higher to get ahead of your rivals? If yes, then you will be happy to know that CPA offers the best Google My Business Optimization Service, and this is exactly what you need to boost your business.

If you already have a GMB listing but are not sure about things that you are doing to maximize your results, our services at CPA are tailored just for your purpose.

You may have invested months in researching the best practices and several weeks in implementing those concepts and ideas but did not receive what you deserved. Do not worry anymore because our GMP experts will offer you the best level of results, and you can just sit back and relax watching us. 

Google my business optimization services

When you opt for CPA, you only get certified professionals who hold in-depth knowledge about Google My Business. Apart from auditing your existing listing, our experts will implement an action plan that is exactly designed for bringing your listing to the topmost position seamlessly.

CPA has several happy clients out there, and we have optimized thousands of GMB listings successfully over the past few years. You can also receive the same if you consider us for your service.

It might be that you do not possess a listing. But do you know that you can get started with GMB? It is not too late. All you need to do is get in touch with our GMB setup services, and we will use our best strategies to get your listing live.

Apart from a specialty in the field of optimization, we at CPA can help you with Google Review Management and also with the ongoing GMB management.

Businesses we operate with:

  • The home services companies operate in different areas.
  • The entrepreneurs are just taking their business off the ground.
  • The private medical firms that practice with multiple doctors.
  • Large law firms and solo attorneys who operate in multiple office specializations and locations.
  • Retail stores like sporting goods, grocery, and department stores.
  • Financial advisors and banks.
  • Local restaurants and also nationwide and regional chains have different locations.
  • SEO and marketing agencies and consultants who want a solution for the clients.

How does our Google My Business Optimization Service Work?

Our services are tailored for your business needs. And our services are composed of five steps. They are as follows:

  • Inform us about the location of your business: You need to make use of our simple GMB Optimization service form. You will need to enter every detail about the locations of your business. We will put it to use and completely optimize your profile. It will not take more than ten minutes to complete.
  • We will audit the listing: Then, our experts will conduct a 100-step audit of your Google My Business listing. We make sure that only the best practices are applied. Our experts at CPA hold more than five years of experience. After we are done with this step, we will provide you with a compact checklist that displays the exact position of your listing.
  • The action plan is created: After the audit process is completed, a customized action plan that aligns with your business will be created by the account manager. The action plan will showcase all the details on how we will enhance your listing’s optimization. Only after you review and approve happily will we proceed.
  • Your GMB listing is enhanced and optimized: After the action plan is completed, the account manager will start working on implementing all the necessary updates and changes for fully optimizing your GMB listing. After all these are completed, the checklist of your listing will be updated to show everything that has been executed.
  • Encountering better rankings, improved calls, traffic, and revenue: After the successful optimization of your GMB listing from us, within the next thirty to ninety days, you will start seeing the results that you have been waiting to see for a long time.

Our Services

It does not matter if you want to take the management of 1 or 100 locations from your plate; we are armed with proper experience when it comes to working across different kinds of industries, right from single proprietors up to companies having multiple proprietors.

  • Receive more customers from Google: Currently, local search results are shown in half of the Google searches. This means you will need a winning GMB profile to get on top. Allow us to take away your headache and hassle of optimizing your GMB profile. We will perform all the ongoing management needed to attract new customers. You will see your business appearing on the map soon.
  • Effective promotion of your business on Google: GMB offers a wide range of features that allows you to get in touch with more potential customers and eventually boost your profile’s effectiveness. With the GMB Optimization  service from CPA, you get to work with an account manager one-on-one. The GMB expert will promote all your services and products, make weekly posts, respond to the questions that are asked by the customers, and upload new videos and photos to the profile. Videos, Q&As, and posts will be used for driving sales and traffic.
  • Establish a positive reputation for your business: Reviews play a very crucial role because it is the thing that every customer reads before making any purchase. According to recent industry studies, Google reviews plays a vital role in ranking the listing on Google Maps. However, you do not need to go through all these because we are here. You will not need to ask your customers for reviews and then forget to respond to them. We will take care of it all.

What do we do?

We eliminate your frustration, and by spending little time, you can get more results by opting for CPA. Let us see what we do:

Create Google Profile

We will start claiming or creating your GMB profile, and we will help you with the verification process.


We will put our efforts into transforming your GMB profile into a correctly optimized revenue machine.


We not only manage but also monitor your profile constantly 24/7 every month for new malicious edits, reviews, and Q&A. We monitor your profile and report spam as soon as we encounter any. Besides, we monitor the performance of your competitor.

Customized Posts

We make GMB posts to promote what you are doing. Our expert team designs every image, writes the necessary content, and even posts it for you. Also, our team will upload videos and images, and implement moves, adds, and edits. We track your targeted keywords as well to make the optimization at ease


We respond to all the new questions. Besides, we curate Q&As, efficiently manage all the answers to the existing questions, and make sure that the security is intact.


We help you to create new reviews, and we will also respond to all the new revenue that is left on your profile.

Dashboard viewing

A live dashboard is offered to you so that you can view all the information about your GMB profile and take a look at the entire performance.


A detailed report is delivered to you every month that comes with performance results, metrics, and the services completed.

Our Google My Business Setup Service

Do you lack a GMB listing setup? If yes, you do not need to look anywhere else because we are here to help you out.

The Google My Business Setup Service is crafted for those business owners who do not have a powerful GMB listing and do not want to go through all the hustles and bustles to set it up all by themselves.

When you sign up for CPA’s GMB setup service, one of our experienced professionals will take out time and work out on correctly claiming, verifying and will set up your GMB listing to ensure maximum visibility.

In the last five years, we have set up more than thousands of listings. Besides, our flawlessly streamlined process will offer you a listing that is well distinguished from all your competitors that are fighting for a position in this digital world.

What do we do to make the process simplified?

  • Understand the needs of your business: We get to know the details about the location of your business through our GMB service form. This will help us to create an excellent GMB listing.
  • Claim to list your business: Then, by making use of all the information you have provided, our GMB setup service will claim your listing on GMB. In this step, we make sure that your profile is safe and is ready for professional management.
  • Perform business verification: Then, our experts at CPA initiate Google verification for authenticating your listing location and getting it to the topmost position. It does not matter if your business needs to be verified via postcard, email, or phone calls; CPA will take care of all the heavy work.
  • Execute the final setup: After your GMB listing is correctly verified, our expert team will get to work on listing the best way. It means CPA powers through hundreds of steps to ensure that you are taking advantage of each of the opportunities to expand and promote your business.


How long does it take to optimize a profile?

Right from the beginning to the end, the GMB optimization service at CPA will take not more than two to four weeks. We will keep you updated on the progress.

How much longer will I have to wait to see the results?

It will depend on your industry and market. Generally, our clients see the result 30 – 90 days after the completion of the project. Even there are customers who have encountered immediate results.

Is 100% of the result guaranteed?

With a correctly optimized GMB listing, you will surely see an increased ranking, leads, and traffic. But you must also consider ongoing promotion and management to get the maximum of your presence because GMB is constantly changing.

How do you handle edits, posts, content, and others?

CPA has two ways to handle this. Firstly, you can request a manual review of all the posts, edits, content, and others. We will provide you with all the recommended changes, and then we will wait till you approve it. Secondly, you can auto-approve things based on the experience of the Account Manager. But whatever option you choose, our team is responsible for Q&As, edits, and content.

How is your action plan crafted?

First, we try to understand what your business is all about and where you want your business to see in the coming years. After determining everything, a customized action plan that suits the needs of your objectives and business is developed by the account manager.

GMB Management Service

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Claim or Create Your GMB Listing

  • One Time  Enhancement and Optimization

  • Upload New Photos and Videos

  • Respond to Q&A From Customers

  • Respond to New Reviews

  • Weekly Google My Business Posts

  • Monthly Report and Real-time Dashboard

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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