Connect Harvest to QuickBooks Desktop and copy your Harvest invoices and, if desired, invoice payments into QuickBooks Desktop. To connect your Harvest account and copy invoices to QuickBooks Desktop, you’ll need Administrator permissions and the Invoices module activated on your account. Furthermore, time and cost entries are only copied as line items in invoices and cannot be directly synced from Harvest to QuickBooks Desktop.

Please note that harvest accounts on our free plan do not have access to this integration. Furthermore, the Harvest integration does not fit with QuickBooks Online’s Self-Employed edition.

Connecting to QuickBooks Desktop and Copying Invoices

  • Select Settings from the Harvest menu (upper right corner).
  • Account settings can only be viewed and modified by Administrators.
  • Connect to QuickBooks is located in the Integrations section.
  • You’ll be redirected to the QuickBooks Online website. Tap Authorize once you’ve signed in.
  • You’ll be redirected to Harvest once you’ve finished.
  • Select a default Income Account, whether you want payments copied to a Deposit Account, whether you wish Sub-customers enabled or disabled, and press Save.
    • Suppose the selected invoice item forms in Harvest (and related product/service products in QuickBooks Online) aren’t already connected to an income account in your QuickBooks Online account. In that case, this income account will be used. More on that later.
    • The following QuickBooks Online account subtypes are available for deposit: checking, inventory, other current assets, and undeposited funds.
    • Harvest projects can be created as QuickBooks Online sub-customers using the sub-customer environment (or QuickBooks Online projects in newer versions of QuickBooks Online).

How data from Harvest is mapped to QuickBooks Online

  • Client → Customer
  • Project → Sub-customer or Project in newer versions of QuickBooks Online (You can turn this setting off in your Harvest QuickBooks Online settings found on the Settings page of your Harvest account)
  • Issue Date → Invoice Date
  • PO Number → Message displayed on the invoice
  • Subject → Message stated on the invoice
  • Invoice Item Type → Product and Service

Linking Harvest and QuickBooks Online: Best Practices

For invoices to copy correctly from Harvest to QuickBooks Online, client names, sub-customer/project names, and item types/products and services must fit precisely in Harvest and QuickBooks Online. Before copying invoices, we suggest comparing and editing the names of items in Harvest to the terms of items in your QuickBooks Online account. Duplicate objects will be produced in QuickBooks Online if there isn’t a perfect match.

Additionally, make sure your product and service items are connected to the proper income accounts in QuickBooks Online by going to Company Menu > Products and Services. In your Harvest account, you’ll also want certain items to line up with Harvest Item Types under Invoices > Configure > Item Types. A Harvest item sort is allocated to each line item on a Harvest invoice. These item categories correspond to QuickBooks Online goods and services, and they decide which income account invoice line items in QuickBooks Online are copied to. We’ll use the default income account selected in Harvest under Settings > Integrations > QuickBooks Online if there isn’t a perfect fit between item form and product or service.

Finally, before copying invoices, go to Invoices > Configure > Default Values in your Harvest account and choose a default tax rate. You’ll be able to apply a tax rate from your QuickBooks Online account there. You can also choose to select tax on a per-invoice basis.

Copies of invoices

When you submit invoices to clients via Harvest, they are automatically copied to your QuickBooks Online account. If you have recurring invoices set to send to your clients automatically, they will be copied as well. Invoices received by the retainer will be copied automatically in all situations unless the retainer does not cover the entire amount due and payment copying is disabled. You can manually copy invoices to QuickBooks Online if they don’t copy automatically or if you want to re-copy an invoice you’ve edited:

  • Pick the invoice you want to copy to QuickBooks Online from Invoices > Overview.
  • Select Copy to QuickBooks from the Actions menu.
  • The words Copied To QuickBooks will appear next to the invoice title after being precisely copied to QuickBooks Online.

Please note that Retainers and unfavourable invoices are not transferable to QuickBooks Online.

Payments: More on the QuickBooks Online integration Under Settings > Integrations > QuickBooks Online, you can choose whether or not Harvest invoice payments are copied to QuickBooks Online.

Discounts and tax rates: The tax and discount values from your Harvest invoice will be copied directly to your QuickBooks Online invoice. When making or editing an invoice, pick the tax rate you want to use by clicking Apply tax from QuickBooks Online (these are pulled in from your QuickBooks Online account). Invoices > Configure > Default Values allows you to set a default tax rate.

Other Currencies: Harvest invoices made in currencies other than your QuickBooks Online default currency will be copied.

Deleted invoices: If you delete an invoice in Harvest, the copy invoice in QuickBooks Online will not be affected. The View in Harvest connection, on the other hand, will be split. If you delete the invoice in QuickBooks Online instead, the Harvest invoice is not affected, but the link to view it in QuickBooks Online is no longer functional.

Harvest and QuickBooks Online are no longer linked

  • In Harvest, go to the Settings tab (upper right corner).
  • Account settings can only be viewed and modified by Administrators.
  • Click Edit Settings next to QuickBooks in the Integrations section.
  • You’ll find a link to Unlink QuickBooks at the bottom of the page.


To summarise, QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that helps you manage the finances of a particular organisation. I hope that this blog helped you in some way or the other and was worth your time. 

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