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QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

To be specific, the QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool that helps you to resolve the errors and issues that are related to the QuickBooks Desktop software. QuickBooks File Doctor mainly resolves the mistakes and problems related to the corrupted data and network connection, damaged Company File issues, and the other windows problems. 

The QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor can only work on the US and UK versions of the software. The QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor was launched in 2012 by Intuit. QuickBooks File Doctor is made of two different versions of the previous tools that are QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool and QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool.

Errors that can be fixed through QuickBooks File Doctor

As already mentioned, errors related to the data and network corruption, damaged company files and other network-related issues can be fixed using the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor. The QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor helps you resolve the errors and problems that are as follows:

  • File Doctor in QuickBooks helps you fix all the 6000 series errors, the series is known for the company files issues. 
  • Quickbooks File Doctor Tool can also help you fix the errors like H101, H202, H303 or H505 that are supposed to be network related issues.
  • The tool can also help you fix the company files issues in the other workstations connected with your PC. 

Benefits of QuickBooks File Doctor

The benefits of the Quickbooks File Doctor Tool are as follows:

  • The QuickBooks File Doctor will help you fix the Company Files’ issues, including all the 6000 series errors in the QuickBooks Desktop software. 
  • The tool will help you fix different errors that occur while using the QuickBooks Desktop software but also if in case you have lost some crucial data, it can help you recover that and save you a lot of time and money.
  • The File Doctor also helps you to fix the network-related issues that occur in the QuickBooks Desktop software.

System Requirement to Download the QuickBooks File Doctor

The system requirement to download the QuickBooks file doctor tool are as follows:

  • You need to use the admin login in the windows OS to download the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor. 
  • You don’t need to have QuickBooks File repair installed on your PC to download the QuickBooks file doctor tool
  • Also, before downloading the QuickBooks File Doctor, please ensure that the QuickBooks Hosting is on.
  • You will also need the .Net Framework to download the QuickBooks File Doctor, and if you don’t have it, the QuickBooks File Doctor Setup will first download the .Net Framework.

Steps to Download QuickBooks File Doctor

You can also download the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor through downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub:

  • Open the Intuit official website and then download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file and then save it to your preferred folder or drive in your PC.
  • Once the QuickBookstoolhub.exe file is downloaded run the file and give your consent to all the pop-up to install the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your PC.
  • After opening the QuickBooks Tool Hub is installed then open the tool and then go to the Company File Issues tab. 
QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor
  • Now Open to Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, it will take a minute or two to open the File Doctor.
QuickBooks File Doctor Tool
  • After opening the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor, you need to click to choose Company File From the given Drop Down, you can also see your file by clicking on browse to find the file in windows explorer. Click on the middle option which says Check Your File and then Continue.
QuickBooks File Doctor direct download
  • Now it’s asked you to enter the company file admin and proceed with that particular file that you are facing the problems and then fix it by using the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
QuickBooks File Doctor tool

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You can also download the QuickBooks via This Method

  • To download the QuickBooks File Doctor, you can visit the Intuit official website and download the setup file by the QBFD.exe file.
  • Once the setup file is downloaded, you need to click on that QBFD.exe file and then tap on tun to install the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor.
  • You just need to follow the regular instructions and consent to each pop-up like you have when you try to download any software. 
  • After completing the installation process, the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool will open on its own. If it doesn’t, you can manually open it from the Start menu and tapping on the QuickBooks File Doctor icon.

When to use QuickBooks File Doctor

As already mentioned, Intuit QuickBooks File Doctor mainly resolves the errors related to the Network connection or the Company Files issues. The Intuit QuickBooks File Doctor can also help you recover with the data related issues.

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor on your PC that you have installed or have pre-installed in your QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Now search for the Company File that you are having problems with and then tap on the Diagnose File option.
  • It will take some time to diagnose your problem, and after that, you will get a pop-up asking the specific Workstation or the Server PC that have the source of this Company File. Please ensure you write down the correct details.
  • Once the process is complete close the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool along with the QuickBooks Desktop software and open the company file again to verify if the issue is diagnosed correctly or not.
  • You will find one of the three results that are as follows:
    • File Doctor didn’t find any issue.
    • QuickBooks File Doctor Tool finds an issue and successfully fix it.
    • QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor finds ant able to fix it.
Limitation or Restrictions for QuickBooks File Doctor

The limitation or restrictions for QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor are as follows: 

  • In QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, you will need good network connectivity and the workstation or the server PC called the corrupted Company File source.
  • If the Company File is larger than 2GB, then the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor will not diagnose the issue that’s another con of the tool.
  • If you want to diagnose an issue which is related to the Network Connectivity then, in that case, you need to follow the admin panel.
  • You need to make sure that the problem or error you are facing should be fixed asap if the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool cannot correct, you must consider hiring a QuickBooks Professional to resolve the issue.

To summarise the whole post, QuickBooks is particular accounting software. The software is still prone to errors and issues, but it is imperative to understand that all these errors and problems can be resolved using the QuickBooks Tool Hub and File doctor in Quickbooks.

This post’s whole idea is to give you detailed information about the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor to use the tool and solve the small issues related to Company Files, Network Connection or Data. Hope that this post adds some value to your information to your knowledge bank. 

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