Refund policy

Our company always aims at giving the highest satisfaction to the clients. We make sure that our clients have got the best solution to their queries. For any reason, while our Service and solutions or your chosen service has not fulfilled your needs, you can request for a refund within two weeks of ordering that service. 

Rules that you should know to get back your fund

  • As a user of our website or a client of our company, you can ask us to get a refund while our team has not been successful in solving your problems or issues on software. We will take the right steps to pay back your money within the shortest time. However, we always try to give the best solution with all our efforts.
  • While the major issue has not been settled by our customer representatives or software professionals, you can get your refund. You need to inform it within thirty working days (from the particular day when you’ve engaged our services.
  • You will never get the refund while any or all of your issues have been solved by our team

How to request us for refund

  • We have presented you the right way of making request for your refund online-
  • You have to inform us about the major reasons behind the cancellation of our deals
  • You may also cancel the online request at any time, simply by going through the cancellation process 
  • You have the option of canceling the request or application on any day with only a phone call or email to our team. 
  • We will start considering this cancellation process by the next day while we receive the information from you. 
  • Our team will thoroughly assess the reason or complaint prior to offering you the refund. We may also try to solve our mistakes or give your better solution to meet your needs.  
  • After we have approved the refund request, we will take almost five working days for processing it
  • While this refund processing is done, your money may access your bank after almost one week.
  • We will send the fund to that account, which you have chosen for buying our service. In case of any issue with this refund, you may contact us through email.

Responsibility of the users and clients

While obtaining any solution from our company-

  • You have to cooperate closely with our team We’ll apply the best efforts to give you the essential help. We have observed that we can solve most of the queries with this cooperation. 
  • You should have some knowledge on the hardware, the related software and the conditions, which are relevant to the issue.
  • You have to agree to the fact our company has no responsibility for any loss of data or corruption of software. 

While you have considered your responsibility, we believe that we will surely be able to refund your money. We also value the rights of users in terminating the recently purchased services from our company.

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