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Like the name suggests QuickBooks Tool Hub is basically a hub of all the QuickBooks Tools in one place. QuickBooks Tool Hub can be used to get rid of any kind of error that occurs in QuickBooks Desktop while using it. Be it any kind of error that occurs in QuickBooks Desktop, the QuickBooks Tool Hub will help you to fix those errors and give you a better experience of QuickBooks Desktop.

Before the QuickBooks Tool Hub got launched, all the users who were facing such errors while downloading or using QuickBooks would have to download a particular tool to solve a particular issue, which use to consume more time and data, with the Quickbooks Tool Hub it consists all the QuickBooks tools at one place so that you don’t have to look for the solutions again and again which will save you ample amount of time and stress.

QuickBooks Tools Hub is not a tool, where you need to pay to subscribe to it, you simply need to download it from the official website of intuit, To download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub you need to make sure that you have Microsoft .Net Framework and Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package installed and been updated to its latest version in order to install the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The QuickBooks tools hub will help you fix all the common errors. To use QuickBooks Tools Hub properly you need to have windows 10 (64 bit) on your PC.

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You need to download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub (, if you already have it in your PC then you need to ensure that it is updated to its latest version.
  • Now open the exe file of the QuickBooks Tool Hub that you just downloaded or updated.
  • Now run and agree to all the terms and conditions by following the on-screen pop-ups.
  • When it gets installed you will naturally find an icon of the same at your desktop, you can open it from there.

Error that can be Fixed Running QuickBooks Tool Hub

Occurring the issues and errors may end up losing some of your important data. All these errors and issues can be fixed by running QuickBooks Tool Hub without taking too much of your time.

  • Error while Installation: While you’re downloading or updating the QuickBooks to its latest version there might be a possibility that you get an error while installation, You can simply open QuickBooks Tool Hub and click on the given Installation Issue option and it will automatically help you to fix this error of installation in no time.
  • Error while networking Connectivity: if you’re having any sort of problem with your Network Connectivity, simply go to the QuickBooks Tool Hub and search for the Network Issues option which is beneath the option Tool. 
  • Company File Errors: While you’re working on QuickBooks and you find that you are getting some sort of Errors that are related to Company File. You can go to QuickBooks Tool Hub and select the given Company File Issues option and remove it with the help of the tool without taking too much time.
  • Help you to retrieve Login Credentials: If by any chance you have to change the password of your QuickBooks account then you can simply go-ahead to a link which says Password Reset using QuickBooks Tools Hub and follow standard instructions, in order to get it done.


In conclusion, The QuickBooks Bookkeeping software is one of the best and most used bookkeeping software, like any other accounting software it is but natural that you might face some issues or errors as you may call it. Intuit understands the need of the hour and is trying to constantly push the envelope whether to provide the individual diagnostic tool or later on trying to resolve these similar issues by launching QuickBooks Tool Hub so that their client doesn’t need to suffer from any kind of difficulty such as not being able to work on the company files or the loss of any data or not be able to recover the login credentials or if it comes to diagnose all the errors mentioned above by themselves.


QuickBooks Tool Hub FAQ’s Most frequent questions and answers

QuickBooks Tool Hub is one of the best and powerful tools for Quickbooks application.

This utility is equipped with all required tools, Need to fix most of the common errors and issue on QuickBooks software. QuickBooks Tool Hub can eliminate lots of errors in your application. Stuck with an error or maybe data related issue try tool hub for self-help.  

  • Close QuickBooks application 
  • Install and Download the latest version (which is 1.4.0)
  • Run QuickBookstoolhub.exe file
  • Default tool hub Icon gets created on your desktop screen 
  • Now you have a professional tool kit, which can help you fix lots of errors 
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