What is PlanSwift

In 2007, PlanSwift was born. The company was founded in Henderson, Nevada, but is now headquartered in Bountiful, Utah. On February 12th, 2013, PlanSwift was added to the Textura family of construction partnership solutions. BidOrganizer, PQM, GradeBeam, Latista, Submittal Exchange, EPP, CPM, GreenGrade, and Performance Tracker are other Textura solutions. In more than 60 countries around the world, PlanSwift is the go-to takeoff and estimating programme. Every day, more than 40,000 users rely on the software’s precise and reliable bids.

PlanSwift aims to provide its many loyal customers with fast and simple solutions and outstanding customer support. Textura Construction Collaboration Solutions’ PlanSwift is the industry’s leading takeoff and estimation programme. In addition to being the industry’s fastest-growing producer and distributor of digital estimating tools. PlanSwift applies to a wide range of industries and professions. Among them are the following:

Contractor, General: All you have to do with PlanSwift software is press, drop, and estimate. You’ll finish in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it by hand. With more precise and faster calculations, you can handle projects of any size. PlanSwift makes updating cost forecasts quick and streamlines the process of modifying product costs and recalculating. With the number one takeoff and estimating programme, you can bid on more jobs faster and help your business expand.

Concrete: Takeoff walls, pillars, and footings efficiently and reliably. With this great app, selecting slab measurements with a single click is a breeze. Prefabricated assemblies may be tailored to project rebar, membranes, and other materials and labour precisely. PlanSwift measures the costs and margins quickly and easily, then exports them to Excel.

Drywall: Use the point and click feature to measure walls, partitions, and ceilings easily. With our great area and linear methods, you can measure square footages and surface areas faster than ever before. PlanSwift will calculate materials and labour for you automatically and generate a perfect estimate every time.

Electrical: Calculate the lengths of conduits, wiring, and cables quickly and accurately. PlanSwift makes it easy to sum up, the total number of switches and receptacles. Calculate products, prices, and export the plans into a calculation in a matter of seconds.

Flooring: Pick a tile, hardwood, laminate, or carpet floor area with a single click. For all of your nail strip and baseboard needs, perimeter measurements are straightforward. You can bid and win more jobs if you predict more accurately in less time. Measure joists, studs, rafters, and headers before framing. Calculate labour, waste, and equipment hours by counting connectors and posts.

HVAC: Get started on a mechanical HVAC project right away. PlanSwift makes tracing linear takeoffs for A/C supply lines a breeze. Build detailed material lists for HVAC assembly and measure costs in real-time. Make more precise takeoff predictions in a shorter time.

Landscape: Calculate square footages, linear proportions, volumes, and even curved “linear” measurements with ease. With a simple point, drag, and press, you can get a reliable, professional estimate. Save time and money with more detailed calculations that are achieved much faster than before.

Painting: The Single Click area tool can quickly measure straight or curved walls and ceiling surfaces. Anything, from paint to labour materials, will be counted and measured.

Plumbing: PlanSwift quickly tests CPVC, drain, and supply piping in linear feet. You’ll save time and money by making costly mistakes.

Program of Analysis

PlanSwift built on the initial Academic Pilot Program for years before the first college expressed interest in it in 2007. In 2009, two new schools joined the academic programme, each with a robust construction management programme. PlanSwift’s Academic Program Team has been working to create a more extensive, more diversified programme to support students all over North America since the student and university growth programme formally launched in August of 2010.

The ultimate aim is to develop a curriculum that links colleges/universities with technical innovations and provides the stepping stones required for potential builders, estimators, and buildings in the construction industry. The Academic Program contains the following:

  • Course materials and applications are given as a courtesy.
  • PlanSwift certification at your school Alumni Discounts Ability to exchange plans with students and associates
  • PlanSwift provides each school with a code that students can use to earn a discount on the PlanSwift app after graduation.

Writer’s Note

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