You can first construct a credit memo and then add it to the customer’s invoice. Here’s how to generate a credit memo:

  • Select the Plus (+) button.
  • Choose Credit Memo.
  • Choose a name for the customer.
  • Fill in the Credit Memo Date.
  • Fill out the blanks for Service Date, Product/Service, and Amount. If necessary, you may also fill in any other fields (Description, QTY, Rate).
  • Close the window by clicking Save.

However, if you have already prepared the credit memo, you can add it to the invoice. Here’s how to do it:

  • In the left menu bar, select Sales.
  • Select the Customers option.
  • Find and choose the customer’s name.
  • Locate the invoice to which you want to apply for the credit and click Accept payment.
  • Enter the Payment Date, Payment method, Reference number (if applicable), and Deposit to account in the Receive Payment window.
  • Check that the correct invoice is selected in the Outstanding Transactions area.
  • Make sure the relevant credit memo is selected in the Credits section.
  • Close the window by clicking Save.

Can you put a customer on credit hold in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks currently does not allow you to set a credit limit for your customers. Let’s use the Notes area to add your clients’ credit limits manually. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Select Customers from the Sales menu, which is given on the left.
  • Find and select a customer from the list.
  • To open the Customer Information window, click Edit.
  • Navigate to the Notes tab.
  • Fill up the Notes field with the details. For instance, I used “Credit Limit: 50,000.”
  • Select Save.

How do I get rid of credit on customers' accounts in QuickBooks?

When a consumer obtains a refund for a product or service and receives shop credit, QuickBooks creates a credit memo. These credits are recorded in the Customer Center’s Accounts Receivable register. 

Credit memos boost the amount of credit available on the customer’s account. You can erase or void a credit note to withdraw the credit from the customer’s account. By skipping the credit note, you limit your available credit while still leaving a record in your transaction history for future reference:

  • Select “Customer Center” from the drop-down list after clicking the “Customers” menu.
  • Navigate to the “Customers & Jobs” tab.
  • Choose a customer from the list who has available credit.
  • Open the credit memo that needs to be deleted.
  • Select “Edit” from the menu. Depending on your preferences, choose “Void Credit Memo” or “Delete Credit Memo” from the drop-down list. If you receive a warning that cancelling the memo would affect any connected invoices, click “Confirm.”

How do I apply credit to a customer in QuickBooks Online?

Customers may overpay you for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, you have the option of applying the credit to an invoice, refunding the customer, or entering the overpayment as a tip-in QuickBooks.

Option 1: Use the credit to pay an invoice:

  • Apply the credit to a previously created invoice.
  • Choose + New.
  • Select Receive money.
  • Choose the customer, then the credit, and finally the invoice.
  • Choose a different pending invoice and put the overpayment amount in the Payment field.
  • Choose between Save and New and Save and Close.

Use the credit to pay a new invoice:

  • Choose + New.
  • Choose Invoice.
  • Make the invoice.
  • Choose + New. Then click on Receive payment.
  • Choose a credit, then Save and New or Save and Close.

Option 2: Refund the overpayment to the consumer: If your consumer overpaid you by mistake, you could provide a refund.

Option 3: Keep the excess money as a tip: If your consumer purposefully paid more than their amount, you can record it as a tip.


In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that has always been on the top since the time that it got launched. In this blog, you will get to know more about how you can apply for credit in QuickBooks and some other important aspects related to the same. I hope that this blog proves to be a little helpful and was worth your time.

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