ProAdvisor Software provides advantages and tools that only strengthen as you expand. Simply sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant, from discounts to marketing resources and training, to start converting improvements into benefits.

How to become a certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks

For foreign versions, there are selected countries that can take up the ProAdvisor training. To become part of the team, to complete the QBO Qualification, you must pass the advanced certification test. To check whether QuickBooks provide your country’s training:

  • Only go to the following link:
  • Scroll down and pick your nation at the bottom of the page from the Select a Country drop-down.
  • At the top of the list, hover your mouse on the Accountants & Bookkeepers tab.
  • From the drop-down, you can view the ProAdvisor Portal or Training.

Benefits of becoming a certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks

You are entitled to participate in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program the minute you sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant. Gain points and incentives, such as training, adding customers and attaching software, for the things you naturally do to expand. The more you advance, the sweeter the benefits are:

  • Without Guesswork, Growth: Land customers on our Find-a-ProAdvisor directory with a listing, plus get sophisticated marketing and partner tools.
  • Skills for separating the training: Access guidance from your dashboard, and develop your abilities from beginner to advanced courses.
  • Preferential prices & assistance: Enjoy free and discounted goods and supplies, and from our top customer service agents, hands-on help.

Growth & Commercialization

Have more of the customers that you desire. Make it easier for desirable customers to find you. You can list your firm for free in the Find-A-ProAdvisor directory once you have completed the ProAdvisor Certification.

Continue to expand to get: 

  • Access to The Marketing Center of Intuit
  • Discounted services from Constant Touch for email marketing
  • Boost your profile in the Find-A-ProAdvisor directory as your certificates expand

Education & credential

We make it easy to get comfortable with QuickBooks accounting products, no matter where you are in your career, and build skills at your rate. To build faith and win your customer’s respect, choose from videos, webinars, virtual conferences, and in-person events.

For you, preparation. Trust in your customers. Access from novice to advanced levels to free training developed by and for accounting professionals. Accessible on-demand and virtual in real-time, all while receiving credits for CPE.

Training examples for you:

  • QuickBooks Online Introduction
  • Prepare to be accredited. 
  • Payroll, Advanced & more by QuickBooks

Improve your career, from where you live

To improve your skills and your firm, find benefits and tools on your Benefits page.

  • Get tips on getting the business and customers online.
  • Learn navigating QuickBooks Online for your clients
  • Discover perks and marketing strategies that save time

Discounts & assistance

Cash in on the new cachet of your new. Enjoy free online QuickBooks, payroll, and time-tracking right when you enter ProAdvisor for your practice. You can receive discounts on services and supplies as well.

Continue to expand to get

  • Priority assistance from our top-qualified treatment agents
  • Discounted returns from ProConnect Tax Online

These are some of the features and advantages of becoming a certified ProAdvisor. That all the above pointers carefully, and becoming a certified ProAdvisor will start looking effortless. 

Writer’s Note

QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that different bookkeepers and accountants have widely regarded since its launch in the financial market. This blog will get to know more about becoming the certified Proadvisor for QuickBooks Desktop software. I hope this blog helps you understand the process and worth the time you’ve spent here. 

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