To build invoices directly from the contact record in HubSpot, view invoice details and see payment events on the deal timeline, install the QuickBooks integration with Hubspot.

  • Click the Marketplace icon in your HubSpot account’s main navigation bar, then pick the Marketplace app.
  • Using the Visit App Marketplace button on the upper right.
  • To search for the QuickBooks integration, use the search bar. Hover over it and press Integrate with View.
  • Click Link App, then log in using your information for QuickBooks Online.
  • It will be listed in your Linked Apps section until the integration is successful.
  • Multiple accounts can be connected by navigating to the Marketplace icon in the main navigation bar. Pick Linked apps under Manage.
  • Select QuickBooks Online, and in the upper right corner, press Link QuickBooks Account. You will also be able to disconnect your account by selecting Disconnect.

To generate invoices from your deal record, view invoice details and status, and see payment events on the deal record timeline, use the QuickBooks Online integration.

Create an Invoice:

  • Navigate to Sales > Deals inside your HubSpot account.
  • Select the Deal Record name.
  • In the panel on the right, click Build Invoice in the Invoices section.
  • If you have several accounts, from the drop-down, pick a QuickBooks account, then click Next.
  • Choose whether to create an invoice from a current quote or create one from scratch.
  • Select the payment terms, the date of production of the invoice and the invoice due date for your invoice.
  • Write the text that will appear on your customer’s invoice in the Write a message to your customer section, then click Next.
  • Check the specifics of your invoice. To go back and edit your invoice info, click Previous.
  • In QuickBooks, press Create Draft Invoice to create your invoice.
  • In the Invoices section, click the name of the invoice to view a preview of your invoice.
  • Your invoice is now ready to be submitted from your account at QuickBooks.

When you have produced your invoice, it will be marked with one of the following phases:

  • Waiting to be submitted: the customer has not been sent an invoice.
  • Send to the client: the customer has obtained the invoice.
  • Partial payment: the invoice was paid in half.
  • Paid in full: full payment of the invoice was made.
  • Overdue: the invoice is now outstanding and past its payment date.

Allows you to add an invoice that already exists: Navigate to Contacts, Businesses, or Offers within your HubSpot account.

  • Click on a record’s name.
  • Select Add a current invoice in the right pane in the Invoices section.
  • If you have several accounts, from the drop-down, pick a QuickBooks account, then click Next.
  • The check box to the left of the invoice is checked for and picked. Apply. Press Add.
  • The invoices that are connected with the record are mentioned on the record in the Invoices section. 

It helps you create a Workflow: You can create workflows using the new invoice deal properties mentioned below when the QuickBooks integration is installed. For instance, build a workflow that sends a follow-up email to clients who have not paid their invoices by their due date.

Or, create a workflow that sends your team a Slack message each time you receive payment. New deal properties:

  • Invoice number invoiced
  • Recipient of invoice
  • Number of Invoices
  • Status of invoice
  • Due date of invoice
  • To build custom reports, use the latest invoice contract properties to provide complete insight into the revenue the team produces for the company.

Advance features of QuickBooks

You can also send your invoice directly to the QuickBooks Task Manager, build QuickBooks workflows, and access additional reporting if you have incorporated your QuickBooks Advance account into HubSpot.

Give invoices to the task manager for QuickBooks

The details from the quote or contract will be submitted to the QuickBooks task manager when a user makes an invoice and sends it to QuickBooks beforehand. To reach your QuickBooks account’s Task Manager:

  • Check in to your account with QuickBooks Online.
  • Click the HubSpot button on the left panel.
  • Click View Tasks in the To-Do portion.

Set up workflows to automate tasks in QuickBooks

You may set up workflows in the Task Manager section to generate tasks automatically when an operation needs to be performed. Four common workflows are available to choose from:

  • Due Reminder Payment
  • The remainder of pay vendor
  • Reminder on bank deposits
  • Reminder to Unsent Invoices
  • In your QuickBooks Online account, you can configure your workflows before switching them on.

To End With

QuickBooks Desktop software helps you manage the accounting of a particular organisation. Integrating Hubspot’s with QuickBooks will help you to use different new feature which will help you to use some of the new features which will benefit you in managing your account.

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