What is an early discount, and how to process it?

How to see recent discounts applied in QuickBooks Desktop

When buyers want to receive their accounts receivables quickly, suppliers give an early payment discount. This form of value is also known as a cash discount or a prompt payment discount. The number of days in a standard payment period is much shorter than the number of days in an early payment term. Your company determines whether to take advantage of an early payment discount or pay a bill on or after the due date as a client.

The payment terms should always be shown on any purchase order or vendor invoice. Vendors who wish to reduce the time it takes from quote to cash give a discount percentage in exchange for prompt payment. Vendors who earn payments more quickly will do stuff like:

  • Cash inflows and outflows should be better balanced.
  • Suppliers must be paid.
  • Organise and streamline the company’s operations.
  • Improve the supplier relationships.
  • Increase your return on investment.

Customers will not pay their bills until well after the due date if they do not accept a discount.

Vendors deliver sales discounts in addition to prompt payment discounts. For larger orders, these are also known as volume or quantity discounts. Customers should try to negotiate better discount terms with each supplier in both categories.

QuickBooks Desktop users get a discount if they pay early.

QuickBooks Desktop accounting software is available in three versions: Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. It’s a programme that’s installed on a client’s computer. QuickBooks provides remote hosting for an extra monthly charge per user.

How to Get a Discount on a Vendor Bill if You Pay Early: When a customer pays an invoice with QuickBooks Desktop, the U.S. QuickBooks Community on Intuit QuickBooks offers step-by-step guidance for entering a discount on a vendor bill. The measures are as follows:

  • Navigate to the Vendors menu.
  • Choose Pay Bills.
  • Choose a vendor bill.
  • Set the discount by clicking the Set Discount button.
  • Enter the Discount Amount.
  • Choose the Discount Account option.
  • If the income account isn’t already listed, click Add New.
  • After that, click Done.
  • Select Pay Selected Bills from the drop-down menu.

Vendors who accept payments in QuickBooks Desktop must report the discount after the customer pays early.

Enter a Customer’s Payment: QuickBooks Help describes how to record a customer’s invoice payment in QuickBooks Desktop, including how to apply a discount by choosing Discounts and Credits:

  • Select Receive Payment from the Customers menu or the QuickBooks Home page.
  • Pick the customer’s name from the Received From drop-down menu.
  • Enter the amount you’ve been given.
  • Make sure the date is suitable before selecting a payment option.
  • Choose which invoice or invoices you want to pay.
  • Select Discounts and Credits to incorporate a discount or credit.
  • Tap on Save & then on Close.

QuickBooks Online offers a discount for early payments.

Both keep track of early payment discounts: A customer who pays an invoice after receiving products or services.

After the consumer has paid their bills, the vendor accepts payments through QuickBooks Online.

First, bills must be entered either automatically or manually insert the vendor bill into the QuickBooks Online system. How to join and pay bills in QuickBooks Online is explained by QuickBooks Support:

If a vendor sends you a bill, you can keep track of it and pay it when it’s due.

  • Select + New.
  • Choose Bill.
  • Pick a vendor from the Vendor dropdown menu.
  • Pick your favourite bill’s word from the Terms dropdown menu. When the vendor expects payment, these are the words shown.
  • Fill in the following fields:
  • Date of the bill: When the statement was made, received, or entered.
  • When do you have to pay your vendor?
  • Bill Number: What number or comparison sets this bill apart from those from the same vendor?
  • Pick a place to send the invoice from the Location dropdown menu, whether it’s a particular work site or company section.
  • To see this area, you must allow Location tracking.
  • Fill in the remaining details in the category or item details, then click Save and Close.

Pay the invoice before the due date if you’re taking advantage of an early payment discount. There are two drop-down lists in the drop-down menus: a Vendor list and a Terms list. 

This allows you to choose from a list of vendors and payment terms (such as 2%, Net 30) that you’ve already entered into QuickBooks. For all forms of vendor discounts, including early payment, QuickBooks Online recommends establishing a vendor credit. The discount in Terms is included in the retailer invoice.

Electronic Invoicing

When you receive vendor invoices electronically instead of manually entering them into the system, you can save a lot of time. With a monthly SaaS subscription, the QuickBooks App Store offers a global payables and mass payments automation tech add-on. This completely integrated third-party app saves time and money for accounts payable. It offers self-service vendor onboarding, a wide selection of global currencies, and several payment options. It corresponds to customers’ preferences, but it also has more robust internal controls to deter fraudulent payments.


To summarise, QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that may help you manage the finances of a particular organisation. Still, this blog is about how can you see the discounts applied in the accounting software, so please read it carefully. I hope that this blog helped you and was worth your time.

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