QuickBooks Desktop software is one fantastic software that helps you manage a particular organisation’s accounting and finances. The software is so good and takes care of almost all the things related to finances. 

How to set up Epay in QuickBooks

How to Set up Epay in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop helps you to file 940, 941, and 944 tax forms electronically. We’ll show you how. Requirements for paying Federal 940, 941/944 taxes using QuickBooks Desktop’s e-pay feature:

  • A QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced account is involved.
  • QuickBooks Desktop edition that is supported
  • A link to the internet
  • The most recent payroll statistics
  • You’ve signed up for EFTPS.
  • You have your 4-digit EFTPS PIN and Internet Password, which you got after signing up for EFTPS.

If your PIN or password is forgotten?

EFTPS PIN: 4 digits If you call 1.800.555.4477, the IRS will resend it to you by mail. If you check such facts, the IRS will arrange payment for you in the meantime. Your PIN must be mailed to you for security reasons; it cannot be issued to you over the phone. Update your EFTPS Internet Password by going to Update your EFTPS Internet Password.

Other relevant information

  • You should pay $100 or more to the IRS via the EFTPS platform the next day. (See also Federal 941/944/943 $100,000 Next-Day Deposit Rule.)
  • Only your e-payments will be tracked using the bank account you choose in QuickBooks Desktop. The bank account that EFTPS will debit for your tax payments is calculated by the details you gave to EFTPS when you signed up for EFTPS.
  • The payment must be made two banking days before the due date, by 8 p.m. EST. If the organisation is having difficulties, the submission can not enter them right away. You can e-pay directly via the EFTPS website if it’s after 8 p.m. EST two banking days before the due date.

Set up automatic e-payments.

Adjust your payment form to one that supports e-payments. Take the steps below.

  • Employees are the first choice, followed by the Payroll Center.
  • Go to the Pay Liabilities tab in the Payroll Core. To open the QuickBooks Payroll Setup, pick Change Payment Method from the Other Activities list at the bottom.
  • Continue is the alternative.
  • Choose a tax payment date (Federal 940 or Federal 941/944). Choose Edit.
  • Select E-pay from the Payment (deposit) from the drop-down menu. Check that the payee and payment plan are correct.
  • The finish is the last choice.
  • In QuickBooks Laptop, click edit and then select the bank account where you want to monitor the scheduled tax payment.
  • If required, make any necessary adjustments to your bank account details before selecting Finish.

If you obtain the error “The withdraw on the date entered is not correct,”

  • In the error pane, press OK.
  • Change the Withdraw On the Liability Payment window’s date to at least one business day before the day you’re submitting the e-payment.

We recommend contacting the IRS instead of QuickBooks Desktop to process the payment if you want to be debited a day after sending. Give your electronic payment. You can submit your income now that it’s been set up.

  • Employees are the first choice, followed by the Payroll Center.
  • Pick the liability you want to pay in the Pay Taxes & Other Liabilities portion.
  • Choose the tax debt you want to settle. Pick the Pay Liabilities tab in the Payroll Core.
  • Choose the View/Pay option. The liability search will be opened as a result of this. You need to choose the e-payment option, and the check should show a green lightning bolt that says Payroll Tax E-payment if you’ve set up the scheduled tax payment for e-pay correctly.
  • At the bottom, press the E-Pay button. This brings up the E-Pay Login tab.
  • Double-enter the 4-digit EFTPS PIN as well as the Internet password. Enter or check the contact phone number and email address.
  • Choose Send.


You will get an email confirming your e-payment request. It’s essential to check the e-payment or e-filed form status after it’s sent to ensure that the agency receives it promptly. You’ll have more time to deal with any problems that occur. Production times differ from one agency to the next. I hope that this blog helps you setup the Epay in QuickBooks Desktop software. 

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