QuickBooks is one of the most used software when managing the accounting of a particular organisation. The other name apart from QuickBooks that comes to our mind to manage the accounting is Salesforce both of them are cloud-based software. Both organisations’ target audience is like a small business to giant organisations such as large scale industries that are limited and listed on the market. 

Both the software helps you a lot when it comes to managing your organisation’s finances, and they save you a lot of time while working on it, and as we all know, time saves money. Integrating the two software will save you more time and money than before. Integrating will also allow you to access data from both the software.

Benefits of integrating the QuickBooks with Salesforce

The advantages of integrating the Salesforce are as follows:

  • As already mentioned Integrating both the software will help your other team handle your finances and automatise the whole system of managing the account. Please ensure that the invoice and payments, and reports have a sense of consistency.
  • You can also send the customised reminders and invoices that are due to the other clients and vendors.
  • The software also provides you with the visibility of your business and cash flow of the present time that can give you a bigger picture of how things will run for your business shortly and how can you grow your business from there.

These are a few benefits of integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce to help you run better finances in your organisation. Now that you know the advantages of integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce, you must read our next segment to that will make you understand how you can incorporate the Salesforce to QuickBooks Desktop software.

How to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop software

To integrate the Salesforce with the QuickBooks Desktop, you need to follow the given means: 

  • To begin with, integrating Salesforce to QuickBooks, you’ll need to sign in to your QuickBooks as the admin and then you can look for the Salesforce connector by QuickBooks that you will need and then tap on the ‘Get the App Now’ option.
  • Now you need to see and decide how the opportunities will look in the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • After that, you need to add all of your Salesforce products and services that you have purchased to the QuickBooks Desktop software. 
  • Finally, you just need to add the Salesforce info to the given custom fields on the QuickBooks sales forms and get the given opportunities into your QuickBooks Desktop software.

These are the steps that you need to follow to integrate the Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop software. 


In conclusion, QuickBooks is a software that helps you manage the accounting of any organisation. Integrating the salesforce will convert the invoices and send them on the due dates to the clients or vendors. These invoices will not add up to your draft invoices until you or your associates approve them.

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