The most recent payroll update (22109) as well as previous release updates. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscribers can get payroll updates from QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. These updates include the most up-to-date and accurate rates and calculations for supported state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms, and e-file and payment options.

The most recent Payroll Update is 22109, which was released on April 15, 2021. We provide information and links to current and previous updates in the sections below. What is contained in Payroll Update 22109? (April 15, 2021)

Update to the Tax Table: Other changes for Kentucky are included in this tax table.

Forms Updating: This Payroll Update includes state forms that have been updated for the following states for Enhanced payroll subscribers: Maine and Rhode Island are both states.

Pay and e-File Update: This Payroll Update contains no e-File & Pay updates.

Please note that to complete the installation process, close and re-open QuickBooks after downloading tax table updates if you do not have Auto-Update enabled.

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Keep up with the latest payroll news: The Payroll News section contains federal, state, and payroll-related news articles that may have an impact on your payroll.

The federal government

  • What is new about the Federal W-4?
  • What You Should Know About the Families First Coronavirus Response Act States in General 2020 State Changes.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Tax Tracking Types Have Changed

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll: Reporting the Cost of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance on Form W-2

Changes to the state payroll tax in 2020

You can stay compliant by filing your W-4s with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. If you live in one of the states listed below, you must update both your state and federal W-4s:

  • Colorado
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon 

You will not receive an error message informing you that your W-4s need to be updated. If you don’t update both your state and federal W-4s, you may not have collected the correct withholdings when it comes time to file your taxes.

Please note that if you use QuickBooks Online Payroll, this update is not yet available. Please return for updates.

Colorado: If you are an employer in Colorado and need to file a W-4, you must file for both the state and federal governments.

  • Navigate to Employees, and then to Employee List.
  • Choose the employee’s name.
  • Choose Colorado from the State drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the blanks and click OK to save.
  • Select Federal, then enter the employee’s W-4 information into the form before clicking OK to save.

Nebraska: The Nebraska Department of Labor is making the following changes to the 2020 Unemployment Insurance Wage Base:

  • Most employers’ taxable wage base will remain at $9,000.00 per calendar year.
  • Employers assigned the highest NE UI rate of 5.4%  will face a higher taxable wage base of $24,000.00 per calendar year.
    • Navigate to the Employees menu.
    • Choose Pay Employees. A message will appear, then click Next.
    • Select Yes to include the NE-UI Wage Base Increase rate. Then click Next.
    • Please set up my employees, if you choose Yes. Then click Next.
    • Only enter the information below based on your tax category. Don’t make any other changes:
      • If you fall into categories 1-19, enter 0%.
      • If you fall into category 20, enter 5.4%.
    • Choose Finish.

North Dakota:  If you are an employer in North Dakota and need to file a W-4, you must file for both the state and the federal government.

  • Navigate to Employees, and then to Employee List.
  • Choose the employee’s name.
  • Choose North Dakota from the State drop-down menu.
  • Only the following information should be entered. Don’t make any other changes: – Add Name, Address, and Filing Status to Field 1 – Add Extra Withholding to Field 4(c)

– Field 5: enter (Signature)

  • Choose Federal and fill out the W-4 form with the employee’s information.
  • To save, click OK.

Oregon: Oregon has imposed a new flat withholding tax rate of 8% on all employees who have not completed a Federal W-4 or Oregon W-4 form:

  • Navigate to Employees, and then to Employee List.
  • Choose the employee’s name.
  • Choose Oregon from the State drop-down menu.
  • Check that the Withhold at Flat 8% is set to Yes.
  • Select Federal and fill out the form with the employee’s W-4 information. 
  • Click OK to save.

Do you have to fill out a 2019 state W-4 form?

If you’re using a form from 2019 or earlier, you’ll need to change a few statuses on the form.

Is there a change in the status?

True. These are the statuses if you intend to keep the 2019 and previous forms. If you use the 2020 and AFTER formation, the 2019 statuses will change as follows:

  • The word “married” is changed to “married filing jointly.”
  • “Married at a single rate” becomes “Married filing separately,”
  • “N/A” becomes “Head of the household.”


To conclude, QuickBooks Desktop software helps you manage the accounts and finances and that many other things come along with it. That is why this blog updates you about all the different details regarding the QuickBooks Payroll. I hope that this blog helps in understanding the QuickBooks Payroll Update and was worth a read.

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