In the field of business accounting, QuickBooks is the most dependable and well-known accounting method. It is one of the most highly recommended apps in the United States and Canada due to its beneficial features. We’ll go over how to open a QBW file without using QuickBooks in this technical article. It is the most used accounting software, accounting for nearly 73% of the industry.

How to Open a QBW File in Excel Without Using QuickBooks

To open the QBW file without using QuickBooks tools, follow these steps:

Step 1: 

  • To begin, go to the “Start” or “Windows” tab and then to the “All Programs” section.
  • Later, scroll down to “Intuit” and open the “QuickBooks” folder to choose the software.

Step 2:

  • QuickBooks users are expected to choose the company file(s) that need to be exported from the software.
  • Now, go to the file’s “Open” icon and type in the user password.
  • Later, on the top of the page, choose “Customers,” “Vendors,” or “Employees.”
  • Finally, after selecting it, click the “Customer Centre” button.

Step 3: The QBW file must then be imported into the excel-folder. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  • Select the “Excel” option at the top of the page.
  • Select the “Export Excel” choice later.
  • Save the file and give it a name and a venue.
  • Finally, press the “Export” button.

Step 4: 

  • In the old version, open the imported excel file.
  • Choose the Excel file again and import it; Excel version 2010 or higher is needed to do so.
  • To open or navigate QBW files with QuickBooks Desktop, you highly recommend using the most recent Excel edition.

Step 5: Select the “info” tab after the file has been imported. The user must then choose and press the “other resources” tab.

Step 6: Locate and redirect the QBW file that appears on the window.

Step 7: If you can’t find the QBW file or it doesn’t show up in the browser, try searching for it.

Step 8: After you’ve found the file, you’ll need to choose the latest QBW file.

How do I open a qbw file if I don't have QuickBooks?

QBW (QuickBooks for Windows) is a valuable file for QuickBooks used in conjunction with the QuickBooks money management programme to store letters, photographs, and financial data. Follow the steps below to open the.qbw file: 

  • To open it, go to the ‘Start’ button and look for the ‘Intuit’ choice in the ‘All Programs’ list.
  • Then choose the QuickBooks company file you’d like to export from QuickBooks.
  • Right-click on the business file to open it.
  • To access the company register, fill out the username and password.
  • Then choose the customer service centre.
  • It’s now time to import the qbw file into Excel by selecting the excel option and selecting the ‘Export Excel’ option.
  • Then give the file a name and save it to the desired location by selecting the ‘Export’ choice.
  • The file will open; if your file version has expired or been out of date, go back to the Excel file and import it. This activity requires MS Excel 2010 and the most recent edition.
  • After the file has been imported, go to the ‘Data’ tab and select ‘Other Resources.’
  • It’s time to validate this scan for the qbw file in the window by opening the qbw file without QuickBooks. If the file isn’t available in the browser, look for it elsewhere.

How do I open a qbx file if I don't have QuickBooks?

The transfer copy of the QuickBooks company file is known as QBX. You can’t use the file directly; you’ll need to convert it to a QBW file if you want to change it or open it without QuickBooks.

  • To open a qbx file without QuickBooks, you must first open Excel.
  • Then, from the ‘File’ menu, pick the Import option and then ‘From Other Sources.’
  • Select the .qbb file from the import page and convert it to an excel file.
  • Then look for and open the QBB file.

We hope you find this article to be simple and straightforward to follow. You can now open your QBW files without having to use QuickBooks software. If you run into any issues while following these measures, please call our QuickBooks customer service number right away. I hope that reading this blog was worth your time.

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