QuickBooks Desktop is a complete solution to manage and handle all the financial data of a business firm. It is developed for the small scale business. It helps in maintaining billing, invoicing, and book-keeping.

Intuit has designed various packages for various sectors and dimensions of business, i.e.:

  • QuickBooks Desktop PRO.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Every QuickBooks Desktop user must make-up his/her mind for the choice of the package. Product success entirely depends on the kind of services it delivers and the features it provides. Therefore, Intuit has recently surveyed to see what are the likes and dislikes about QuickBooks Desktop among the users? According to the consolidated results here is the report of the QuickBooks Desktop survey:

  • 50% of folks are using the QuickBooks Desktop Pro edition.
  • 27% uses Premier.
  • 18% of the people use Enterprise.

Rest of the respondent has been using Online or Mac editions. There are about 51 of people who are using version 2013, version 2012 have been used by 26%, and 14% use 2011 version, all the other uses previous versions, i.e. unsupported. Rendering to the survey here is the list of the service that has been liked by the respondent or users. The plan has been designed in the way that the most appreciated feature has been placed at the first position following the least desired at the bottom.

  • Ease of Use
  • Efficient
  • Reporting
  • Flexibility
  • Interface with Applications
  • Help/Support/Services
  • Stability
  • Payroll
  • Affordable

According to this list, QuickBooks Desktop is appreciated as easy to use and efficient accounting software that meets the requirement of the users. If we talk about the dark side of the QuickBooks Desktop, here is the tallied list that we have framed:

  • Specific Features/Issues
  • Reporting
  • Software Instability/Crashes
  • User Interface
  • Help/Support Quality
  • Slow
  • Price
  • Accounting Issues
  • File Size Issue
  • Too Complex
  • Continuity between Versions
  • Support Policies

Looking for the unlike list, we can see that Interface, Help/Support and accounting has got like, and unlike at the same time as we can see, respondent has taken out the more negative out of QuickBooks Desktop. Now, the developer Intuit needs to work hard for fulfilling the desire of the customers/users

QuickBooks Desktop Online Printing Performance Security Issues

It’s common to get panic when something goes wrong with QuickBooks Desktop, as the consequences can be pretty terrible. But by following proper recommendations or seeking the help of good support body, one can quickly get out of such a situation. QuickBooks Desktop, as we all know, lately, has become the most crucial asset of our business. It helps a small or medium size organisation to manage their money flow, pay their employees on time, and clear their debts. But QuickBooks Desktop can be a challenging game to play quite a time. The complexity attached to it due to the arrival of an issue can give a user a tough time in the job. But they don’t need to worry anymore by because we’re here. If you have any trouble with your QB application can be quickly sorted out by hitting the right area, and this is what we work for. We will help you find the core of the issue and remove them out permanently. Before getting in detail to our working methodology lets dig into some of the common mistakes that can turn QB off the line. After years of constant research, we with the help of our expertise has managed to take out inevitable mistakes from user sides later, which has become the reason for concern among the user.

These include when a user Keeps the app open or keeping the outdated version of QB even sometimes they reboot the server without warning its other users, it has also seen user keep multiple windows open most of the time or using QBs over VPN or unverified network.

The mistake mentioned above from the user side can lead to the number of issues like:

  • QuickBooks Desktop is not updating.
  • It is not opening.
  • It is not connecting to the server or the internet.
  • It is not working/responding.
  • Runs slowly in multi-user mode.
  • Fails during reinstallation.
  • Client machine unable to find the data file on the server.
  • The software has lost an authenticated password.
  • Licensing information stolen or lost
  • Unable to update and rebuild the data files.                                         

Like we have said already if you’re facing any of the above-mentioned issues or any other issues you don’t have to worry a bit. Below here we have listed out few measures by which you can itself recover your data from such matters:

  • When it comes to updating the data file playing safely could save you from lots of troubles. Therefore to avoid any issues always make sure to run a verification process on that file or before uninstalling or even installing the version without uninstalling the previous one.
  • Before copying or moving files to the server, make sure it is running on the other side.
  • Disabling is a rarely used feature from the application or cleaning up the data tool can boost up QuickBooks performance in multiuser mode.
  • Run QB diagnostic tool before performing any connection operation to the server or internet.


In Conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software has changed the game of accounting of organisations, small-mid sized businesses, and even freelancers. The software is very easy to use and allows you to do things that you cannot do with the other accounting software.  The whole idea of this post is to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of using the QuickBooks Desktop software to help you before you buy the product for your organisation. Hope that the post clears some of your doubt about the software and worth your time.

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