Your company’s productivity doesn’t have to end with a closed win. PSOhub’s PSA software is innovative in that it combines predictive project management, intelligent contract management, self-driving time and cost monitoring, and invoicing into a single platform. Create stand-alone projects with ease, or use your favourite CRM to do so with a single click. All project details are visible at a glance, and built-in Gantt charts help you plan your resources. Breaking down projects into structured tasks allows you to assign tasks, envision project success, improve team cohesion, and minimise waste.

You can say goodbye to spreadsheets and handle everything online with PSOhub’s Task Management. The features that come along with the same are as follows: 

  • You can bill clients more efficiently while wasting fewer hours on timesheets with self-driving time monitoring.
  • Different contract and billing forms, role-based rates, an innovative time and budget notifications, and customisable contract templates are all available via PSOhub.
  • With automatic data entry, PSOhub speeds up the invoicing process. Billing clients and getting paid has never been so easy.

PSOhub Announces Two-Way Project Management Integration with Salesforce CRM

PSOhub is an intelligent and self-driving PSA app designed for small businesses looking to improve their HubSpot ROI. PSOhub is a network that integrates project management, contract management, time and cost monitoring, and invoicing. PSOhub has increased the efficiency of professionals in marketing, IT services and consultancy, design, engineering, and accounting. Native, two-way integration with Salesforce CRM has been announced by a leading PSA (professional services automation) programme for small and medium-sized companies. The integration continues where Salesforce left off, giving users a complete 360-degree project management experience.

Our goal at PSOhub has always been to break down silos and increase the productivity of professional services organisations,” says Martijn van der Hoeden, PSOhub’s CEO. “The new Salesforce integration gives teams unprecedented insight into sales and project management operation, allowing them to collaborate more effectively. We released our PSA software solution, which was explicitly designed for HubSpot users, in early 2020. SMBs that use Salesforce, on the other hand, requested that we develop an integration for them as well. PSOhub for Project Management in Salesforce has the following features and benefits:

  • Handoff of opportunities between sales and project management is automated.
  • Contract management, job & resource management, self-driving timesheet, cost monitoring, and intelligent invoicing are all included in this all-in-one predictive project management solution.
  • Visibility of project details inside the Salesforce task timeline.
  • Simple integration with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and others.
  • Onboarding journeys that are interactive and have a catalogue of video tools.
  • SMB-focused PSA applications at an affordable price.

Organisations will save time on administration, eradicate ineffective integrating solutions, and gain more insight into their initiatives by using PSOhub. PSOhub’s goal is to become the world’s leading provider of innovative, self-driving, and predictive professional services automation solutions. The team behind PSOhub is committed to providing solutions that take care of routine and time-consuming administrative tasks, enabling small business teams to accomplish their goals and work smarter. They have over 30 years of experience designing PSA apps.


The whole idea of this blog is to help you understand the two-way project management integration with salesforce. I hope that this blog helped you somehow and was helpful and worth a read. 

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