QuickBooks is a software that has made managing the books and accounts of any organisation or small and mid-sized businesses very easy that you don’t even need a dedicated accountant for your organisation that will result in you saving a lot of money and time.  In this post, you will get to know more about the QuickBooks Accountant, Features of the QuickBooks Accountant and the benefits of the same, so please read the whole thing carefully so that you could make up your mind about purchasing the same.

QuickBooks Accountant

There are a lot of software in the market that are there to help you learn accounting on the different software, but as you know that QuickBooks Accountant is one of among the best software in this category. However, according to reviews from lots of the customers on Amazon, QuickBooks Accountant seems to be a hot trend this year. Let’s take a brief look at some changes in QuickBooks Accountant and other of its features, which can even wake up the attention of several accounting professionals.

Features of QuickBooks Accountant

Intuit has continued to add some prominent features to the QuickBooks Accountant as a part of their great effort to make this update become a more potent instrument for any accounting user, regardless of newbies or professionals. The following are a few smaller changes, along with one potentially BIG difference:

  • Reclassify Source Account: It will allow users to batch the change transactions, which are “written from” the false account.
  • Client Collaborator: This is genuinely a noteworthy feature that may aid to improve communication between the accountant and the client. In any case, it’s a way of exchanging messages from within QuickBooks, which are relevant to specific QuickBooks issues.
  • Batch Enter Transactions: They shall save your time by entering multiple transactions in just one screen. Plus, you can even save more time by pasting the transactions from Excel.
  • Send Journal Entries to QuickBooks Mac: In fact, this enables the accountant in QuickBooks Accountant to make use of the send general journal entries function for updating a Mac client.

These are a few features of the QuickBooks accountant. Now that you know the characteristics of it, you must know some other benefits of the QuickBooks accountant related to the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Benefits of the QuickBooks Accountant

There are different benefits of every feature or function of any app or software, and reading about these benefits will help you to subscribe to it. So in this part of the post, we will enlighten you about the services of the QuickBooks Accountant are as follows:

  • High-powered and new email capabilities: The accountant is now able to add numerous attachments, see some email history, as well as customising mail templates to evolve customer info.
  • Witness all banking transactions: Yes, you will have a chance to view and categorize all your banking transactions from different banks and accounts for tax time.
  • Know who has or has not paid you: The cool Income Tracker shall indeed show all of your income-producing transactions in just one location. It also includes the overdue invoices and therefore, you can find it convenient to remind clients to pay you.
  • Track sales rep performance: Users may run reports efficiently which will identify their top sales performers, regardless of whether they are vendors or employees.

More often than not, tracking the bounced checks, viewing the critical reports in one click, and other customers’ requested improvements will be more comfortable than ever. These are the benefits of the QuickBooks Accountant that can help you in the QuickBooks Desktop software and save you a lot of time.


In conclusion, QuickBooks is a desktop software that will manage the books and accounts. The whole idea of this post is to provide you with all the details related to QuickBooks Accountant, features and the benefits of the same. So please read this and help yourself with all the details given above. Hope that the time that you spend while reading is worth it.

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