This article would help you to understand QuickBooks File locked error or When you are unable to actress file.

List of errors that can appear when you are trying to access your company file

  • QuickBooks FIle in Use: Another QuickBooks User is currently performing a task which much finishes before you can continue. QuickBooks will continue automatically when the other user’s task has completed. We recommend you continue waiting for other users to finish Or you can press ESC to close the QuickBooks application. If you choose to Quite this action would close the data file completely.
  • You are unable to change this transaction because another user is currently doing a task
  • The entry of  Transaction is skipped because another user is accessing them.
QuickBooks Desktop locked file error

Root Cause:

  • This error occurs when another user is performing a task on QuickBooks and your application has a limitation to work one user at a time. 
  • The User Gets This Error When Another User Is Working On QuickBooks 
  • Features and Limitation in Single or Multi-User, As it says in QuickBooks Single-use mode one user can work at a time for more information check these Images Below:
quickbooks file locked error
quickbooks file doctor download
quickbooks file doctor download
quickbooks file doctor download
quickbooks file doctor download
quickbooks file doctor download
quickbooks file doctor download
How to fix quickbooks file locked error
  • Maybe some User is login and using QuickBooks Company file check with all the users and then perform any task. 

If you have this error because if any Specific use User.

  • Ask that User log out From QuickBooks. 
  • Check on another workstation by going into Company and then select the user that user and view users. 
  • Asked that specific user to login and check that user status whether he is signed in or not. If you see user signed in within the QuickBooks User list follow the next step.

Sometimes users can hit upon company file error “Waiting for company file or Company file is in already use”. Don’t worry and don’t do anything just wait for some time. This type of message specific to QuickBooks Desktop Performace related issues. If you keep on getting notification like this, Do check system requirements for software and make sure your computer meets the desired system requirements.

If You Are Using QuickBooks Multi-User And Getting This Error, Please Follow These Steps:

The First Step Is To Toggling Around QuickBooks Hosting Settings. 

  • Run The QuickBooks Application.
  • From The Main Menu Go To File. 
  • Then Utilities And Choose To Stop Multi-User Access. 
  • Perform The Same Step On The All User Listed Workstations One By One. 
  • Once You Are Done Open And Run QuickBooks Whether You Have The Same Error Or Not. 
  • If The Same Issue Continues Follow The Next Step.

This Solution Is Only Applicable To Those, Who Are Using QuickBooks Company File On The Server Computer.

Try to change settings for QuickBooks Services

  •  Ask all the users to be locked from each and every workstation that has QuickBooks.
  • One Run windows either via the main menu or use key combination Windows Key + Letter R. 
  • Type Command Services.msc and Choose QuickBooks Service formate( QuickBooksDBxx) depending upon the version of QuickBooks You are using.
  • Each and every year based version of QuickBooks Has different service as they are shown in this Image:
  • Stop and restart all the required service and Check for the error. If still not fixed follow the next step. 
QuickBooks File Locked error
  • Stop and restart all the required service and Check for the error. If still not fixed follow the next step.
  • Next is Run QuickBooks Tool Hub choose tool Download and Installation fix.

The last and Final solution is the clean installation of QuickBooks application on the server computer.

The above-listed steps are only applicable to the Server computer.

If workstations are in Question because of this error follow these steps to fix : 

Step 1: Delete the User in Question and create a new QuickBooks User

  • Open and Run QuickBooks. 
  • From the main menu choose Users and select setup users and Roles.
  • Add new user as per instructions given and choose a name if you wish to. 
  • Just make sure you set the correct permissions for the newly created user then click ok and save the changes. 
  • Open QuickBooks on the workstation and signed in with the new user to try to work.
  • If still you have the same error follow the next step.

Step 2: Even after trying all the solutions listed above and you still have the same error. The final step is to create a new Windows Admin User, to do that please contact our support team.

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