QuickBooks Desktop software helps you to manage the books and accounts of a particular organisation. The backdrop that the software has is that different errors and issues surround it. Error code 15270 for QuickBooks primarily occurs while trying to retrieve a payroll update or setup file. Another explanation of why this error occurs is when an Intuit related software program runs during start-up or shutdown of Windows or operating system installation of Windows. 

This error is a vital error code, and to avoid any form of data loss, we recommend that you fix this error as soon as possible, so do read this blog till the very end so that if needed you can fix the QuickBooks Error 15270.

What triggers Error Code 15270 for QuickBooks?

The root causes of the QuickBooks Error 15270 are as follows: 

  • Improper Installation Process for QuickBooks.
  • Windows Software Corrupted or Tainted.
  • If the server contact blocks the firewall or anti-virus software.
  • Improper updating of QuickBooks.
  • Weak Access to the Internet.
  • Your user account settings can be switched on. 
  • The default browser is not Internet Explorer.

These are the root causes behind the QuickBooks Error 15270, you can avoid the occurrence of this error, and for that, you need to read the next paragraph which will help you take some precautions. 

How can you avoid the QuickBooks Error 15270?

It is advised first to address ways to escape the QuickBooks payroll error code 15270. before jumping on to the troubleshooting steps. Let us look at those pointers quickly: 

  • The update file can be downloaded very quickly, and the user will have to check when the update process ends by pressing the full update button. 
  • The consumer will also be expected to launch the QuickBooks software and then apply the modifications according to business needs. 
  • Another thing that can be done to prevent Error 15270 is to ensure that the QuickBooks software is modified and genuine.
  • To deal with payroll update file related bugs, the device can be rebooted, and the user can visit the QuickBooks update service window and click on the Install later tab.

If you follow these pointers the chances of this particular error occurring into your PC, Now if you are already facing this error, you can read our next segment with some manual solutions to fix the Error 15270. 

How to fix the QuickBooks Error 15270

  • Performing clean install of QuickBooks Desktop: Often, when none of the above methods works to fix the bug, it can work to accomplish a clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop. The user can use the neat installation tool for QuickBooks to address the problem and carry out the clean installation process. The user needs to rename the installation folder after that and eventually reinstall the software.
  • Inappropriate Identification number: This kind of mistake can be seen because of a wrong or incorrect identification number. The customer is also expected to ensure that the employee identification number is used correctly. This may be because the user can misuse the social security number or enter the service key. Thus, it is recommended to use only the identification number of the employer only.
  • Select Internet Explorer as the default app: In general, QuickBooks is designed using Internet Explorer, and Intuit also suggests that the Internet explorer should use the default app. If the Internet Explorer is not the default browser, it may end up with some problems. The user should then carry out the steps listed below to make Internet Explorer the default browser: 
  • First of all, in the search bar of the start window, the user can spot the ‘App defaults’. 
  • After that, look for “Web Browser” and then set “Internet Explorer” as the default software.

By applying these three solutions, you can fix the QuickBooks Error 15270. However, if you cannot fix the QuickBooks Error 15270, you must try running a scan from the QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub. 


In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software has many errors and issues, and QuickBooks Error 15270 is one of them. The error mainly occurs while installing the QuickBooks Desktop software in your PC. This post’s whole idea is to make you aware of the QuickBooks Error 15270 and the root causes, precautions, and solutions. Hope that this post helps you fix the QuickBooks Error 15270

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