Accounting software from QuickBooks is considered one of the finest accounting software and is mostly favoured by individuals worldwide. Some of the great features and functionality are provided by this software, but at the same time, the fact that this software faces multiple errors can not be denied. QuickBooks error code 15271 is one of the errors widely found and recorded. This error is noticed when the user upgrades the software or installs it.

If you are still facing some such error, then make sure to read this blog beforehand in that case, as we will discuss the fast fixes, triggers, and various other details related to this error in this blog.

What is QuickBooks Error 15271

Well, one of the frequently encountered errors is essentially the QuickBooks error code 15271, particularly when the user tries to update/install or download the desktop version of QuickBooks, i.e. the QB Pro/Payroll/Desktop. The error messages mean that there is a file which cannot be validated. There may be various factors behind this error, which will be addressed in this blog later on.

Root causes of QuickBooks Error 15271

  • There can be a bunch of reasons behind this error, a few of which are as follows:
  • If the QuickBooks pro programme is not fully installed on the device or the software file downloaded is corrupted.
  • You will also see this kind of error if the Windows registry gets corrupted due to some recent updates to the QuickBooks pro programme.
  • This error can also occur if the Windows file system or programme file’s corruption continues due to some form of virus attack.
  • If the QuickBooks pro-related files were mistakenly deleted, can be another factor causing the error.
  • Corrupted Windows files
  • Windows files requiring QB to run may be corrupted.
  • An incorrect Internet Explorer SSL can also lead to error 15271.

Before Fixing the QuickBooks Error 15271

Please note that the user is recommended to perform the steps below and take the backup of the company file before continuing with the process to fix the problem:

  • Open desktop QuickBooks, first of all.
  • And then switch to the menu for the file.
  • After that, press and then click on the backup company to create a local backup.
  • The next move is to take the on-screen prompts to the pit to create a company file backup.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 15271

Clean QuickBooks installation in selective start-up mode: 

  • Click the Windows tab first, and then keep the R key.
  • The user would then see the Run dialogue box,
  • Type in MSConfig after that and then enter the OK button
  • The next step is to pick the selective startup option from the main menu tab under the general tab.
  • The selection of load system resources is then followed by
  • Then switch to the Services tab and click the Hide All Microsoft Services button.
  • Then press the Disable All option button.
  • Uncheck to hide all Microsoft resources along with that
  • And confirm the service list to check that the Windows installer is marked as verified. The same check-mark and then hit OK
  • The next move is to press the machine configuration option on the restart page.
  • And then uninstall and then reinstall the QuickBooks app.

Clean the Junk Files System

  • The user should perform a complete malware scan on the device.
  • And clean the junk files, then.
  • And immediately update the drivers of the PC system as
  • The next step is to restore the Windows system and then repair it as the system changes recently,
  • The consumer must then uninstall or reinstall the QuickBooks pro software with a crucial 152711 error.
  • The user must then run the Windows System File Checker.
  • And try installing all the latest Windows updates, too.
  • The last move is to instal Windows OS cleanly.

Changing the registry for the device

  • Any registry repair system where the user can repair damaged registry entries related to the QuickBooks software is the initial stage.
  • And then the Start tab is pressed.
  • Typing commands in the search dialogue accompany this. The user should refrain from pressing the Enter key.
  • And press the Ctrl + Shift keys, and then the Enter key box is pressed.
  • The next move is to pick Yes, and the Authorization dialogue appears.
  • The computer will display a black box with a blinking cursor.
  • And then enter Regedit and choose a choice to hit enter.
  • It will then be necessary for the user to pick the 15271 failure from a registry editor.
  • And then pick Export from the main file menu.

QuickBooks Desktop software helps you manage the books and accounts of a particular organisation but like any other software QuickBooks Desktop software is also prone to various errors and issues and QuickBooks Error 15271 is one of them. This blog’s whole idea helps you understand the QuickBooks Error 15271 and the other aspects and fixes related to the same. Hope that this blog helps you in some way or the other and worth the time that you’ve spent while reading it here.

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