QuickBooks Desktop is accounting software that has always been on the top since the time of its launch. The disadvantage that the software has is that it is prone to various errors and issues. In this blog, we will address the QuickBooks Error 1935, this error mostly occurs when you try to install the software, you will also get to know the symptoms and the manual fixes of the same so sit back and read this article till the very end

What is QuickBooks Error 1935

This is an installation error commonly experienced when the user attempts to install programmes when QuickBooks begins running Windows. If the device shuts down when accessing some software, it may also trouble the user.

This error also happens when the Windows operating system is corrupt and indicates that the system needs the .Net Framework. We have discussed the symptoms, causes, and corrections of the problem below.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1935

symptoms of the QuickBooks Error 1935 are as follows:

  • As Error 1935 occurs on the monitor, the active programmes & applications on the PC crash.
  • The PC crashes during the operation of the same programme at a periodic time interval.
  • The show pops up with “QuickBooks Error 1935.”
  • Windows and keyboard inputs respond quickly & slowly.
  • After standard time intervals, the PC “freezes.”
  • An issue has been found, and the windows have been shut down to prevent the device from being damaged. This kind of problem may also result in this kind of error.

These are the symptoms that the error you are facing is the QuickBooks Error 1935, Now that you have identified the error you must know the root causes behind the same, so do read the next segment.

Root Causes of QuickBooks Error 1935

The root causes of QuickBooks Error 1935 are as follows:

  • Improper or corrupt uploading of QuickBooks.
  • Incomplete device installation for QuickBooks.
  • In the Windows registry due to corruption.
  • Owing to a virus & malware infection, Windows system files get corrupted.
  • Files in the QuickBooks software are removed erroneously or maliciously.
  • Corrupted Entries for PC Files
  • Or the PC has just recovered from an attack by a virus.
  • Incomplete and appropriate installations and hardware
  • If every other installation uses Microsoft .Net application system files,
  • If the anti-spyware applications prevent installation, too,
  • If the .NET application is not installed, damaged or software that prevents the installation may be another reason.

These are the primary reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 1935, Now that you know the reasons behind the error, you can fix it by using the manual solutions given in our next segment.

Solutions of QuickBooks Error 1935

Running QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool: The user should make use of the diagnostic tool for installation. This will assist in rectifying the 1935 error code. The measures involved in the downloading and running of the tool process are as follows:

  • The user initially wants the diagnostic tool to be downloaded and installed.
  • After that, once it is installed correctly, run the diagnostic tool to instal QuickBooks.
  • The next step is to click on Solve Issues.
  • And let the instrument diagnose and function on the problem on its own.
  • The user needs to restart the PC until finished with that,
  • Finally, to check whether the problem is fixed or not, reinstall QuickBooks.

Run the Windows System File Checker:

  • Click on the tab for Start or Windows.
  • Enter command in the search dialogue box. Don’t hit the tab for ENTER yet…!
  • On the keyboard, click the Ctrl+Shift key and hit the ENTER button.
  • This will redirect you to a dialogue box for permission.
  • Select the Yes button.
  • The prompt window for the command will appear.
  • Enter “sfc/scannow” in the Command Prompt window and press on the ENTER button.
  • The PC File Checker begins the scanning process for programmes associated with QB Error 1935.
  • Finally, follow the instructions shown on the screen.

These are the two manual solutions to fix the QuickBooks Error 1935. However, if the error persists, then you can also run a scan from the QuickBooks File Doctor or QuickBooks Tool Hub that is available at the official website of the Intuit. If that also fails, you must try connecting to a QuickBooks Expert available at the QuickBooks Desktop Error Support.


To summarise, QuickBooks Desktop software helps manage the books and accounts of a particular organisation, and in that process, you might face some of these errors including the error 1935. All of these errors can be resolved by different manual solutions also the official tools that are provided by the Intuit. Hope that this blog helps you fix the QuickBooks Error 1935.

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