If you are unable to locate your QuickBooks Desktop application licence and Product number Not to worry about it we’re here to help you.  There are two 2 way to retrieve for find  QuickBooks licence or product number, first, try login camps.intuit.com using you registered email address, Incase if you don’t remember that information use QuickBooks Licence Lookup and enter your Business Phone number which registered with Intuit to retrieve your information. By using QuickBooks Licence Lookup you get an automated email from our server which contains your purchase history along with licence number and Product key. If you don’t see that email in your Inbox please check the Spam folder as well.

You can find your software credentials in multiple ways and some of them are listed below

  • If the purchase was made direct via the Intuit website then you can look for a confirmation email in your registered email account inbox.
  • If the Purchase made via a retail store Please follow these steps to find the license number and Product number:

Steps to find QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Point of sale Product and licence number

After following these steps you would be able to find QuickBooks Desktop related information. like: Product Number, Product Name, Version of Software, Licence Key, And the release 

Add Your Heading Text Now the question remains How to find QuickBooks Product number or licence number

Follow these steps for all QuickBooks version (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise):

  • Open and Run QuickBooks 
  • Once the software is loaded completely Press the F2 key, Which can be located at the top brown of your keyboard.

You have screen one By the Name of Product Information which contains Licence Number, Product Number, Number of Users and Release information it’s shown in this image :

QuickBooks Licence Lockup tool
  • At the File information section, you can find Version that is used on file. This information is defined by date most recent at the bottom.

Next step is how to find QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic and Enhanced information

  • Run QuickBooks and from the main menu choose employees. 
  • And then choose the Payroll Center
  • Inside payroll, you can find a version with the Subscription Status.
  1. Find credentials in QuickBooks For Mac. 
  2. Open QuickBooks application goes to help and then the Product information page.
  3. Find information QuickBooks POS (Point of sale Information).
  4. From the Main menu got to help and then about Point of sale.
  5. Here you would find the Edition and version of the software.
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