This article is about QuickBooks Premier a version of one of the most used bookkeeping  software.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021.

Here Intuit Present QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 with more advanced features and functionalities.

  • Improved & Enhanced Banking Feeds then ever before: Save more time and effort with the automatically customizable bank translation option. This version of QuickBooks Premier comes handy with Match payees, accounts, and all classes. Now you can use upgraded rules to limit entry mistakes to remove entry mismatch.
  • Faster Receipt Management: Receipt management tool allow you to upload receipt instantly using your mobile device. As receipt types, new tools accept Photos so you can instantly Import on to your application faster and easier. Now you don’t need to categorize data manually, This receipt management tool does it automatically.
  • Now you can send statements automatically: Newer version all you to schedule and send statements to your customers automatically like never before.
  • You can customize your payment receipts including logos and your business information which remain the same all the time.
  • Easy to create and categorize customer groups depending upon factors like Type of customer, Status, Location, and balance. Which makes you manage and communicate with the customer in an easier way.


Meets all industries need

For general Business: 

  • QuickBooks Inventory center allows you to complete inventory-related tasks at one place faster and easier.
  • Built-in features allow a user to track financial information based on location, department, and profit.
  • You can track all your clients by how much time they work for or based on job type and the progress reports of that work.

For Contractors:

  • Allow you to create reports based on vendor job costs and choose the vendors to need to be paid. 
  • Create a flawless job estimate so that you can keep track of changes and charges.
  • Easy to analyze your job cost-profit with a detail task report.

For nonprofit organizations:

  • Keep track of your donation and track who is the biggest donor.
  • You can create the form 990 so that you can keep track of expenses and make it present for the topmost donors and IRS.
  • Run reports on your donors’ contributions.

For Professions services:

  • All client services information is available at the single screen, allow you to see all unbilled time and expenses in a few clicks.
  • You set different rates for each and every client and service as per your need.
  • Track your most profitable jobs and clients with ease.

For retail Industry:

  • Track your store sales with complete accuracy including taxes and without taxes.
  • The easiest way to track your store inventory better than ever before.
  • Easy to run profit and loss report.

System Requirement:

  • Windows Version 8.1 and 10 support. 
  • Windows Server release 2012 or R2,2016 and 2019.
  • Processor Includes 2.4 GHz.
  • Minimum Ram 4 gigabytes and the maximum 8 gigabytes which are recommended.
  • Free disk space for software is 2.5 GB and more free space for data files on the hard drive.
  • If you have a CD or DVD to download the required 4x DVD ROM or you can download directly from Intuit Website.
  • Internet Connection required for online services and to Run Payroll minimum speed is 1 Mbps.
  • License key and Product number.
  • Screen Resolution 1280×0124 and also supported an extended screen with default display settings.

Integration compatible Softwares:

  • Microsoft word and excel office edition 2013 to 2019 and also Microsoft office 365.
  • For email service Outlook, Gmail, and other email provider using SMTP server is also supported 
  • Easy to transfer data from Quicken and QuickBooks Mac.
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