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Using QuickBooks repair tool for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 

Most of the Installation or Update related common errors and issues can be fixed by just repairing QuickBooks application. Next few steps you will learn how you can repair QuickBooks:

  1. Before you start with the repair process or use a repair tool for QuickBooks, It,s always recommended to back up the company file.
  2. Just to vacant your computer process completely, Restart your computer for the uninterrupted repair process 
  3. From the Windows start menu select control panel 
  4. Than select program and features or you may follow windows short 
  5. Press and hold the Windows button then press letter R to bring RUN windows and Type command appwiz.CPL, Then uninstall a Program.
  6. Select QuickBooks right-click on it and then choose to uninstall/change
  7. Next, an uninstallation wizard would ask you whether you want to uninstall or Repair.
  8. Select Repair and hit next 
  9. This entire repair process may take some time, Once it’s done Click to Finish and restart your computer

What if you encounter an error during the repair process or repair process won,t stop!

Some times user comes across an error or repair process won’t finish, but don’t worry we are here to help you. Here are some common scenarios:

  • During the repair process, you may get “Company file in use or files in use” message 
  • Ignore this message as many times as you can or It may ask you to restart.
  • Follow the process as per instructions and click on OK to restart 

Note: If you get Error code 1328 or Error 1334 during this process don’t worry Or you may get error 1628, the error with the windows installer is not working. To resolve these errors contact the QuickBooks support team.

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