QuickBooks Desktop software is one fantastic software that always has topped the list of any accountant or bookkeeper. The software almost takes care of all the essential aspects of accounting and managing taxation. 

This blog is not about QuickBooks Desktop software. It is about the new rules and regulations that the federal has changed, so please read the whole blog very carefully till the very end. 

What are QuickBooks Tax Forms

For tax purposes, it is standard to plan extraordinary structures for citizens to report their available pay, deals, and so forth. The forms will be intended to encourage the part of the expense experts in surveying and gathering taxes. They will buy and significantly draw consideration of the citizen to any alleviation that he can interest, and so forth, just as to his legal commitment to make formal announcements and the punishments that the punishments might collect if the presentation is fragmented erroneous.

Major Change in 2020 Pre-Printed W-2 Kits

QuickBooks Tax forms have changed for 2021

Save time and bother with government tax documents or forms planned for QuickBooks to work. New for the year 2020-Pre-Printed 1099-NEC structures for non-representative advantages revealing. 

Pre-printed administrative tax documents utilised by bureaucratic, state, and nearby governments to record representative compensations give your worker duplication. Each pack incorporates the accompanying:  

  • 2020 W-2 Forms (two tax forms per page)
  • Four free double-window envelopes, Compliant with W-3 types

Utilising QuickBooks Desktop Basic or Enhanced Payroll, the pre-printed W-2 Kits are viable with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Pro customers. 

Clear W-2 Kits are relied upon to be utilised by QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Payroll, and QuickBooks Desktop Supported Payroll customers. Printable from printers with laser or inkjet.

Blank W-2 Kits

The government approves black and white laser W-2 Copy A and W-3 forms printed from QuickBooks on plain paper. For any Employee W-2 Copy written on plain paper*, the IRS includes the use of perforated paper.

Blank perforated W-2 paper Double-window envelopes custom-designed for W-2ss Our handy all-inclusive, IRS-approved package includes:

  • For subscribers of QuickBooks Payroll with approved QuickBooks and QuickBooks Payroll models.
  • QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Payroll, and QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service are compatible with Blank Perforated Paper W-2 Kits.

2020 Pre-Printed 1099-NEC Kits

NEC 1099 To record vendor fees of $600 or more for non-employee reimbursement (contractor) for services, tax forms are used.

  • On 1099 MISC Tax Forms, rent, attorney payments, and other revenue should be registered.
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and 2021 or QuickBooks Online are compliant with 1099 NEC Tax forms.
  • A software update would be required for earlier versions of QuickBooks.
  • Tax type kits from 1099 NEC come in a 3-part pack.
  • There is one perforation per 1099 sheet- 2 shapes on an 81/2′ x 11′ sheet.
  • Window envelopes make mailing simple.
  • 1096 QuickBooks prints annual review and transmission forms and provides guidance on which IRS center to mail your 1099/1096 to.

Each 1099 NEC Tax form order will include ten 1099 MISC Tax form kit. Accessible amounts under 100: 25, 50, 75, 100. In classes of 100, large numbers of 200 or more. FedEx ships all orders (delivers to most locations within 2-3 days). Call to inquire about accelerated services.

2021 W-3 Forms


Form W-3 is used to make all parts of Form W-2 complete. Both forms are jointly filed and submitted each year to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Type W-3 is also known as “Income and Tax Statements Transmittal.”

Employers need to know: As an employer, you are responsible for analysing all W-2s for your employees, summarising employee salaries and tax data, and integrating that information into one type of W-3.

Writer’s Note

To summarise, QuickBooks Desktop software has almost every function and feature that helps you manage the accounting or finances of a particular organisation and managing taxation is one of them. This blog’s whole idea is to help you understand the tax forms and some of the regulations that have been changed by the federal in 2021. I hope this blog helps you know the latest norms and rules and worth the time you’ve spent here. 

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