The article is about Payroll check-up in your QuickBooks Desktop application a useful way to rectify payroll data-related issues.

Why do you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop payroll diagnostic tool:

  • This check-up tool comes very handly with the rectification of payroll data to eliminate payroll-related error like Missing information and Data mismatch 
  • This tool can help you to review payroll settings like Employee records, Payroll Item, wages, and tax amount.
  • Help you to identify tax amount related discrepancy and can guide you on how to fix them. 

Please Note Use QuickBooks Payroll Check up on enhanced payroll only, But if you have QuickBooks assisted payroll don’t run payroll check. Please call the QuickBooks Payroll Support phone number to get help.

How to Run payroll checkup

It’s always better before you perform any troubleshooting or run any diagnostics, use any tool to run check-up, Please backup your company file data first.

  • Open QuickBooks navigate to the main menu and click on Employees after that select My payroll service and then choose Run payroll checkup. 
  • Continue with on-screen instructions and choose to continue. 

After running the Payroll check up if you have any data mismatch or miscalculation in data, Please run the payroll data review report and check where exactly the discrepancy lies.

How to correct wage and taxes using payroll checkup

  • Go to Reports and after that choose Employees and Payroll.
  • Choose employee in Question from Employee holding screen. 
  • Always review the report for any setup related errors.
How to run QuickBooks Desktop payroll checkup
  • Make correction with the employee setup
How to Use the Payroll Checkup Diagnostic Tool in QuickBooks
  • And then Run payroll checkup and run data review.  
  • Inside the Review payroll Data, windows choose yes to generate a report which can be used for future reference.

How to correct errors after payroll check results

  • In the data review report, the items you see with Red X are the errors. You will see instructions and explanations about those errors to fix them. It won’t allow you to continue until you fix these errors.
How to Do Payroll Checks in QuickBooks
  • If you come across any error related to wages and taxes or have any in discrepancy during data review, Please print the Payroll Item Discrepency report instantly.
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll customers QuickBooks
  • Don’t allow Payroll checkup to create wages discrepancy adjustment, After that choose to continue to finish the payroll checkup.
  • The payroll detail review report is the best way to identify tax discrepancy 
  • After that, you can create manual adjustments to correct taxes and wages discrepancy 

Note: Whenever you run a QuickBooks payroll checkup by default it reviews the current year data, but if you would like to run a payroll checkup on the previous year change the date of your computer to the last year.

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