This article would help you to understand firewall and security settings for QuickBooks Desktop

Sometimes as a User you get an error or may face an issue with the QuickBooks Desktop application, Possible reason could be the windows firewall as well. Here will make you understand how to configure windows firewall manually. But before you do anything or make changes to the windows firewall always recommended Run QuickBooks Tool Hub or may try to run QuickBooks File Doctor for company file-related issue.

Solution 1: If QuickBooks File Doctor unable to fix firewall related issues, It,s always better to configure the firewall manually. Add an exception for QuickBooks related ports:

  • Click to Open Windows Start Menu. 
  • Type windows firewall in the search box and open that window.
  • After that Choose Advanced Settings. 
  • Do right click on Inbound Rules. 
  • And on the next windows specify the port. 
  • In this window just make sure the TCP option is enabled. 
  • Enter QuickBooks port as per the version for example QuickBooks 2020:8019 xxxx, QuickBooks 2019: 8019: xxxx, QuickBooks 2018: 8019,56728, 55378, 55382, QuickBooks 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373 ,55377.
  • The latest versions of QuickBooks 2019 and 2020 uses the dynamic port numbers.
  • To find out the dynamic port numbers, From the windows start menu open QuickBooks Database, server manager.
  • After that choose the option Port monitor tab. 
  • Then you would see the QuickBooks version and from here you make note of QuickBooks Ports.
  • Once you got all the port number click next. 
  • After that choose allow connection then next. 
  • Now create a rule and name it as per your choice. 
  • Once you have done then click Finish. 
  • When you are done create inbound rules, Create outbound rules follow the same steps. 

If still the issue continues follow the second solution and create a firewall exception for QuickBooks Software:

  • Create an exception for .exe files to run without any obstruction. 
  • Click to open the Windows start menu. 
  • Windows firewall and then advanced settings. 
  • On the next windows Choose inbound rules. 
  • Create New rules and choose Programs after that Hit Next. 
  • And follow the same steps to create Outbound rules.
  • Here is the list of .exe Executable files in the image below. 
setup firewall in quickbooks desktop
  • Even after creating exceptions in windows firewalls if you still have the same error or issue on your QuickBooks. Just make sure you create an exception inside the Antivirus firewall too.
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