QuickBooks is an excellent solution for managing accounting or bookkeeping, but different errors occur now and then, which can cause a lot of your time. One of the errors there is a script error. In this blog, there will be detailed information on the Script Error in QuickBooks Desktop software, including the root causes and the troubleshooting manual fixes are there, so please read the same till the end.

What is a Script Error in QuickBooks

An error in a script is caused by the internet setting or due to the updation of the web browser that you are working on. By default, if the browser’s required configuration is different before getting updated and now it has changed, naturally there will be an error.                 

To describe QuickBooks Script Error, let me just give you an example of a web page from QuickBooks that cannot load. There are multiple reasons that this web page is not loading correctly, but it is by and large because of the script that is executed as per the given instructions. To understand any error, you need to understand the primary reasons behind that particular error that will help you understand the error better and fix it. The root cause of the same is given in the next segment, so please give it a quick read before jumping on to fix the error.

Root Cause of the Script Error in QuickBooks

As mentioned above, the script error’s primary root cause in QuickBooks is the changed or updated settings in your web browser as the QuickBooks software uses web soul to show all the web pages. It is because of the web browser that is there hosting all the webpages. You must check that the Script Error is still there or you need to fix this particular issue.              

To check that if the Script Error in QuickBooks is still there, you can see the following cases to verify or even rectify the same:

  • You need to verify that you have created an account number or name and used it in the past and have created a new account using the same credentials.
  • You can check whether you need to pay some bills due to the different numbers of your account.
  • There might be a possibility that you are doing the transactions and importing the details without even creating the account.

The scenarios mentioned above can cause the Script Error in QuickBooks, and you can verify and rectify some of them.

Troubleshooting the Script Error in QuickBooks

It is a given that the QuickBooks Desktop software has multiple issues and errors and that is why there are tools such as QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub which are available at the official website of the Intuit. To fix the Script Error in QuickBooks, you can read and follow the steps which are as follows:                                      

  • Make Internet Explorer your default browser, which will undoubtedly help you resolve the Script Error in QuickBooks.
  • Now in the same browser Internet Explorer, Go to the top left bar select ‘Tools’ and then go to ‘Internet Options’.
  • After that, you need to click on the given ‘Security Tab’.
  • You need to move the cursor to the ‘Trusted Sites’ and tap on ‘Sites’.
  • Now you need to go to the website adding section, and add ‘intuit.com’.
  • After adding the website, deselect ‘Require Server Verification’ to allow the added site. And also deselect ‘Enable Protected Mode’.

Also updating the QuickBooks Desktop software to its latest version can help you fix the Script Error in QuickBooks Desktop software. Updating the Windows OS of the PC can also help you resolve some of these errors and issues. By reading and applying all these steps, one by one may resolve your issue. As suggested earlier, a QuickBooks Specialist is highly recommended available at QuickBooks Error Desktop Support.


In Conclusion, an error that has occurred because of the internet setting or multiple reasons mentioned above can be simply fixed by making some mild customisations in your Internet Explorer web browser.

The detailed blog will not only educate you about the Script Error in QuickBooks but also the solutions. Basically, In this blog, we’ve tried giving you all the details, root causes and fixes of the Script Error in QuickBooks.

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