How to add an item with price vs how to sale to QuickBooks?

How to add an item with price vs how to sale to QuickBooks?

If you have a retail store or if you run a huge business or company and you sell numerous of goods, products & services there. But the most important part you need to work on is to set the price for each product you sell. Every store & company has their own different rates for different items. So, you have to set a particular selling amount for the customers in order to gain maximum profit without losing any of your customers to some other store selling the same product at a better rate. Now, the question is how to resolve this problem at its best?

Here is the solution for all your business management issues, Quickbooks services.

  • Quickbooks, an accounting software that works wonders in managing all your finance work, reports, bills, and whatnot.
  • With QuickBooks financial management can be done in real-time and you no longer need to spend long hours on accounting from your valuable time.
  • It is so reliable & flexible for every kind of business. In fact, it enables you to better manage the income and expenses of your business.
  •  Initially, it was started for small businesses but now it is doing wonders for all, small, medium, large-sized businesses, non-profitable organizations, and corporations.

How to add an item with the price?

Let’s learn to set up a particular price for a new product or service you are offering.

  • Open the sales menu and click on the products and services tab.
  • Now, select new.
  • Select non-inventory or service.
  • Now select the most suitable category for your product you think could describe your services at best.
  • If you wish to sell the item, click on the checkbox “I sell this product/service to my customers” otherwise leave it unchecked.
  • Now, explain your product with a proper description in the “sales information” section. This is truly for your customers to understand and decide on your product and services, they will see this information on their sales form.
  • Next, enter an amount for your product in the sales price/rate field.
  • Click on the income account dropdown and select the account you want to use in order to track the sale.
  • Now, when you complete all the above-mentioned steps, click on the Save button and Close it.

This is how you can add the product and services along with the price of your item so effortlessly and can maximize your profit in no time.

How to set-up a new price for your items?

Only a few simple steps are required in case if you wish to change the price for any of your item, the steps are as follows:-

  • Go to the list menu.
  • Click on “Price level”
  • Choose what you want, you require a fixed percentage or price per-item level.
  • If chosen a fixed percentage then select whether you want to increase or decrease the price and enter your percentage.
  • For per item, just select that item and enter the new price.
  • Add the level of price to the customer on the “Payment settings” section on the Quickbooks screen of customer.

This is how it’s all done and you can change and set-up the new price for your product or services.

How to sale your business via Quickbooks?

It is one of the best platforms to connect your online business or the store. As nowadays almost everything is getting online, from purchasing to selling. To run and manage your business in this highly competitive online world it is a must to integrate your business with numerous e-commerce platforms and Quickbooks has the ability to do it for you.

  • QuickBooks point of sale(POS), a software program specially designed to assist business owners so that they can keep a track of their sales and inventory.
  • Open Quickbooks POS and select “New item” from the “Inventory” tab present on the main menu.
  • Now, enter all the relevant information for the particular item you want to add to the inventory and also specify the department where it belongs, color, size, and every minor detail of the item. Adding/uploading the image of the item is a plus.
  • Mark the number of products you hold in your current stock and once this is done QuickBooks POS has a special feature that allows you to create a reminder to reorder when the quantity drops to a certain level.
  • After adding all the related information including the price of the product and order cost for yourself, make sure you save the details after adding each item otherwise it will result in losing everything you have added.
  • Now, click on the “Item list” below the tab of “Inventory” so that you can see all of the items in your list and can make any changes you wish to.
  • On the menu bar, select “Reports” from the tab for “Reports” and then choose “Items”. It enables you to review your inventory report. Also, you can adjust the reporting dates you want by selecting “Modify reports”.
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