QuickBooks is accounting software that helps you keep track of your business’s day-to-day transactions. This includes sales management and expense tracking. A company’s accounting team may quickly generate particular reports with this tool, which can help with adequate planning and tax filing. 

QuickBooks has various options that can be useful for any type of business, regardless of its size or volume. This is Intuit’s flagship product, and the company has been around for over two decades.

However, just because QuickBooks has an extensive feature set doesn’t imply it’s impenetrable. Some of the most heinous errors can slip through the cracks in the desktop accounting application’s protections, halting its regular operation.

Why do I keep getting kicked out of QuickBooks?

QuickBooks aborts when it cannot continue and crashes while the save procedure is in progress or any modifications to the company files are made. It’s essentially the software asking the user to cancel an ongoing transaction and restart the software. 

As a result of this event, the QBWUSER.ini file is damaged, and QuickBooks crashes frequently. Several factors can cause the occurrence of a QuickBooks abort error:

  • Damaged or missing QBWUSER.INI files, hardware issues, or a faulty Windows installation are all possibilities.
  • Your system’s firewall and antivirus software interfere with QuickBooks operations, causing QuickBooks to terminate its present task.
  • Within a multi-user setup, different versions of QuickBooks have conflicting configurations.
  • The QuickBooks corporate file is hosted on multiple computers.
  • While the computer is saving the company files, it is put into sleep or hibernation mode.
  • A break in the transmission of data between the devices that store the files. (This occurs only when files are saved and stored on different devices while your computer is connected to the internet.) 

Now, let’s look at how to remedy the aborting issue in QuickBooks using some typical remedies.

How do I stop QuickBooks from aborting?

Solution 1: Get the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool and run it: Install the QuickBooks diagnostic tool on your computer. This programme primarily analyses and highlights defective Windows components, as well as resolving issues with them. 

Install and run the utility after it has been downloaded. Finally, restart your computer and then open the QuickBooks desktop application. For the most part, this would solve the problem. If this is not the case, proceed to the next step.

Solution 2: Turn off your antivirus software and the Windows Firewall: Antivirus software and the Windows Firewall are intended to protect your system from security risks, but they may accidentally prevent specific programmes from operating. QuickBooks may continue to abort as a result of this. 

As a result, you’ll need to turn off your Windows Local Firewall and instal an antivirus programme so that updates and other information given by Intuit for QuickBooks may be downloaded automatically. The local machine must be restarted after making this change for the changes to take effect. If you are unable to do so, contact the manufacturer of your antivirus programme for more information.

How do I change the timeout in QuickBooks online?

For your safety, QuickBooks Online has a timeout function. When you’re away from the computer, this function helps prevent unauthorised users from accessing your data.

You will notice a “time out” security notification if you are working in QuickBooks Online and are idle for a while. The default timer is one hour. However, it can be modified to up to three hours.

  • In QuickBooks Online, you can change the time out duration.
  • Select Account and Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Choose Advanced.
  • From the Other preferences section, select Edit.
  • From the Sign me out if inactive drop-down menu, select 1, 2, or 3 hours.
  • Then click Save and Done.

Things that you need to remember:

  • QuickBooks Online tracks how long you’ve been inactive since you last moved your mouse, clicked, or typed on a transaction form.
  • If you’ve been timed out, sign back into your company to resume your work.
  • The Master Administrator is the only person who can change the timeout setting, and it affects all corporate users.

In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that different bookkeepers and accountants have widely regarded. In this blog, you will get to know more about the software timing out and some other aspects related to the same, so please read the whole blog very carefully. I hope that this blog was helpful in some way and was worth a read.

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