How to create a purchase order in QuickBooks

How to create a purchase order in QuickBooks

A purchase order for QuickBooks serves a simple purpose: It tells a vendor that you want to buy some products. A purchasing order is, in practice, a contract to purchase. Most tiny firms do not use sales orders. But several companies continue to use them as they expand to a specific size, so purchase orders become permanent records of products they’ve ordered. What’s more, the buying process in a corporation is also formalised by using purchase orders. For example, you can decide that no one in your company can buy anything that costs more than $100 unless they receive a purchase order.

In this blog, you will know how you can create a Purchase Order in different versions of QuickBooks, so please read the whole blog till the very end and learn how to make a purchase order in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Desktop Purchase Order for Windows

Switch on purchase orders if you haven’t already:

  • Select Preferences and go to Edit.
  • Select Inventory & Objects, then select the Business Preferences tab.
  • The Check Inventory and Purchase Orders check box is active, and OK is selected.
  • Go to Vendors and press create Buy Orders.
  • Pick the vendor that you want to create a purchase order for in the Vendor drop-down. To add a new vendor, you can also pick Add New.
  • Complete the remaining fields, and add the things that you want to order.
  • Save & Close pick.

QuickBooks Desktop Purchase Order for Mac

Go to the QuickBooks menu and pick Preferences if you haven’t already. Select Inventory to turn on inventory and purchase orders.

Create an order to buy: 

  • Go to Vendors, then tap on Buy Orders.
  • Select create Order for Purchase.
  • Please fill out the fields and click Save.

From an estimation, create a purchase order: 

  • You can use it to create a buying order if you already have an estimate.
  • Select Creating a Purchasing Order from the Estimates window.
  • Pick If the products are from one vendor for all allowed items on the estimate. Select For Things Selected. If there are goods from different suppliers, then on your purchase order, pick the items you want.
  • Click OK.
  • Please fill out the fields and click Save.

Track your orders for open transactions

Your purchase orders can be interpreted in many ways:

Display all available purchase orders: Go to the Lists menu to view all open purchase orders and choose Customer & Vendor Profiles, then Purchase Orders. Then, from All Purchase Orders to Open Purchase Orders, change the View: filter. To see the order history, in the Purchase Orders window, select the History icon. List the open purchase orders where a particular product appears.

  • Go to Lists, and then press Objects.
  • Select the object, then from the drop-down menu, select QuickReport.
  • To view the purchase order, double-click.

Create a report of your open orders for transactions: Go to Reports and choose Transactions to generate a list of your available purchase orders. Select Open Purchase Orders then. Pick the print icon to print the report. Editing a PO

To edit an order for purchase:

  • Go to Vendors, and then pick the Buy Order List.
  • For the purchase order that you want to edit, double-click the seller. A window for buying orders opens.
  • Pick the purchase order that you would like to edit. Pick the Left View icon if you do not see the purchase order list.

Purchase Order for QuickBooks Online

You have the tools in QuickBooks Online for running all aspects of the sales cycle, including ordering. When you’re ready to buy more goods, you can create and email purchase orders (PO) directly to suppliers. Orders to buy notify suppliers of your plan to make an order. You will enter the unique products you want to buy and the amount on the purchase orders. You can easily apply it to a cost or bill transaction in QuickBooks when your supplier approves the purchase order and agrees to the given terms.

This kept linked to all the purchases and balanced your accounts. Switch on the buying order feature if you haven’t already: To perform that, you need to follow the steps that are as follows:

  • Go to Setup and pick Account and Configuration.
  • Pick the tab for Expenses.
  • Pick the edit x icon in the Purchase Orders section.
  • Switch on the Options for using purchase orders.
  • Enter up to three custom fields and a default message for suppliers if you want to. These will be optional.
  • Select Save, then select Done.

Please note that there are fixed purchase order formats. You’re not in a position to customise them.

create a purchase order and deliver it:

  • Choose + New
  • Select Order to Buy.
  • Pick the supplier from the Supplier drop-down.
  • The Mailing Address Analysis.
  • Pick the Ship-To dropdown and then the customer if you are delivering the goods directly to a customer. To make sure it is correct, check the shipping address.
  • Set the date of the purchase order.
  • Enter the Via Shipping, Sales Rep, and custom fields as necessary.
  • Enter the items that you want to buy in the Item Information section.

Please note that only goods or services labelled “I buy this product/service from a supplier” can be added. 

  • Pick Save and close when you are done. Or, if you’re ready to send it, pick the drop-down Save and close, then Save and send.

Go to the Expenses menu if you plan to submit the purchase order later. Find your purchase order, and in the Action column, click Submit.

Update and add the status of a purchase order to a bill: The position is OPEN when you create a purchase order. You can apply it to an expense or invoice to make the transaction official until your provider approves the purchase order.

View your open orders for purchases: 

  • Go to the Menu Reports.
  • Check for and run a report on the Open Purchase Order List, Open Purchase Order Information report, Product/Service Detail purchases report, or Purchases report by Supplier Detail.
To End With

If you’ve read this blog till now, you will be able to create a purchase order in almost every version of QuickBooks Desktop software. I hope that this blog helps you in some way or the other and worth the time that you’ve spent here reading this blog.

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