How to Fix Quickbooks Error 3371: Could not initialize license properties

QuickBooks is one of the most efficient accounting programs available for small businesses to manage their accounts efficiently. And like any other software program, there are many error codes that you may face while using the program. One of those error codes is the error code: -3371. The error code primarily relates to the incorrect or improper loading of the license data for the program. This can be an indication of serious issues within your subscription, or the fact that your version of QuickBooks Desktop and your OS are not compatible with each other, which can lead to further issues as well. So, keep reading to know the root cause of this error code and how you can resolve the different root causes of the error.

What is QuickBooks error 3371

The error code: -3371 on QuickBooks indicates an error generally faced when users either log into their QuickBooks account for the first time or have configured their computer carrying the system. In short, the code appears as a result of the inability of the system to load the license data of the program. You may also see the error code if there are any missing or corrupt company files within the program.

There are many status codes for the error code, that can specify the actual issue occurring within your program. For instance, the status codes 11118 and 1 are common when the code 3371 comes onto your screen. All the variations of the error code are an indication of the fact that there are issues with loading license information or there are damaged and corrupt company files in use by the program. So, when the error message pops up, you know that it is an issue with your license and it needs to be resolved accordingly.

Root Cause of error code 3371

The root cause of the error code: -3371 may be due to multiple errors and malfunctions within the way you are using the program for your business. It is crucial to stay aware of the various root causes of the error code since you can tackle them accordingly and waste less time on diagnosing the cause of the error message. This is a critical error since being unable to load the license can lead to you being unable to use the program as a whole itself. And thus, treating the error with the help of different solutions can help you ensure that your company files are safe and that you can use the program safely in the future as well.

Since the root causes may vary, you need to be aware of each potential root cause and the way they can impact how you use the program. Some of the root causes for error code: -3371 can include:

  • qbregistration.dat damage

One of the most obvious and common root causes that leads to the displaying of the error code: -3371 is the installation file being corrupted and non-functional. The “qbregistration.dat” is the installation file that contains sensitive data regarding the system and your product activation code for your computer. Thus, if the installation file itself is damaged and corrupted, then it will lead to the program not running at all on your desktop. In such cases, the error code will show up. A damaged installation file can also lead to the company files linked being corrupted and damaged as well, which is why it is crucial for you to remedy and resolve this error promptly.

  • MSXML file is unable

The MSXML file is a crucial component that is provided by all Microsoft-supported systems and is crucial for the smooth functioning of QuickBooks on your system. Specifically, QuickBooks Desktop specifically needs the file to run and work efficiently and smoothly when you work on the system. The file enables installation information from the “qbregistration.dat” file to be retrieved, helping the program to operate on your system efficiently. Thus, the error code: -3371 can also appear on your screen as a result of the MSXML file being damaged, corrupted, or disabled on your computer. Since it is a critical component for the program to run, malfunctions in the file can directly translate to malfunctions in the way the program is run on your computer. Thus, if you face issues when trying to access or operate the system or the error code pops up, then the MSXML file is another thing you need to check as a form of troubleshooting.

  • License information cannot be retrieved

The error code: -3371 pops up only when the system is unable to retrieve the license information for your copy of the software. While the reason for the same can be due to a damaged installation file or the MSXML file being damaged, there can be another reason why you may be seeing the error message on your screen. Apart from the critical QuickBooks files being corrupt or damaged, there is another probability of your operating system being outdated as well. Since QuickBooks undergoes frequent updates and improvements, there is a potential that the version of the program you are using is not compatible with your system. So, you need to check for the compatibility of the version of the program as well as your computer system. This can help you to identify the need to upgrade either of the two and then you can easily use the program as intended.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 3371

The solutions to resolve the error code: -3371 depends on the root cause identified for the error. So, depending on the root cause, follow these steps to resolve the error:

  • Solution for resolving root cause “qbregistration.dat damage”

If your qbregistration.dat file is damaged, then it will be most effective to uninstall the program from your computer and reinstall it with the same specifications. Doing this will help to uproot the malfunctioning registration file and replace it with a fully functioning one. Thus, doing so should sufficiently assist in resolving the issue.

  • Solution for resolving root cause “MSXML file is unable”

If the root cause of your license file not working is due to the MSXML file being unable to execute, then you need to repair the file and resolve the issue with the help of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. This diagnostic tool will enable you to efficiently repair all supporting files and systems to create the optimal environment for the program to operate efficiently. You can also resolve and repair the Microsoft.NET Framework as a solution to repair the file. In this way, you can ensure that all other Microsoft components necessary to enable QuickBooks to operate efficiently are resolved altogether.

  • Solution for resolving root cause “License information cannot be retrieved”

An outdated Windows system can be another main reason for the error code popping up on your screen. When this happens, simply updating your Windows version to the latest one can be beneficial to make your system more compatible with your program. Similarly, if your QuickBooks version is outdated, then updating that can help you resolve the issue as well. So, effectively diagnosing the outdated system and updating it accordingly can be beneficial to enable your QuickBooks program to operate efficiently.

What to do if the error persists

The provided solutions should be sufficient in resolving your issues regarding the system. However, if the problems persist and you can still see error code: -3371, then you can contact us directly to gain further assistance on such matters and resolve such issues. To contact us, either call us on “+1-800-662-8617” or you can write to us on support@cpadesk.us.” Our round-the-clock support team will help you resolve any issues you face while using QuickBooks. You can also choose to get a call-back if you choose to contact through the contact number. So, even if the solutions do not provide you with any assistance or respite, then we are on standby to always help you out.


Dealing with errors in the process of working with QuickBooks can be an unavoidable occurence. While it is impossible to prevent such errors from popping up altogether, you can take adequate steps to ensure that you are able to deal with them efficiently. Thus, if you are faced with error code: -3371 while working with your copy of QuickBooks Desktop, then it is most critical to identify the root cause of the issue. This is since you can adopt solutions only if you know the cause of the issue.

So, now that you are aware of the most common causes for the error code and the ways to resolve them, you can make sure that you can effectively resolve the issue and make your system the most compatible to operate as per your requirements. However, you can prevent this issue to some extent by regularly checking the version of your OS as well as your version of QuickBooks Desktop. This will not only help prevent this error but also keep the program operating in your system flawlessly.

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