QuickBooks Desktop software helps you manage the books and accounts of your organisation. The software has enormous features and functions that cover all the aspects of accounting that makes the accounting so easy that you don’t need to hire a specific accountant or bookkeeper you can manage it yourself manually. The software also allows you to work in the multi-user mode that permits more than one user to work on the different company profiles at once. However, the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working has been reported a lot of late.

In this post, you will get to know of the importance of QuickBooks multi-user mode, the advantages of it also the error, the root causes behind the error and the fixes of the same so please read the whole post very carefully.

QuickBooks multi-user mode not working

QuickBooks multi-user feature helps you to collaborate, and it also increases your productivity, but the multi-user mode has issues that may annoy you a bit. The problem with the multi-user mode mostly occurs when one of them try to open a company file which is located on one of your other workstations.                           

You might not receive any error, but you will get a pop-up that says QuickBooks Multi-user mode not working on the other PC’s the other workstations that are connected with your primary PC. To understand any error better, you need to know the root causes of it, which is what is our next segment is all about.

The root causes of QuickBooks multi-user mode not working

Root cause helps you understand the main reason behind the particular issue that you are suffering from. The root causes of the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working:

  • The QuickBooks Desktop software is not correctly installed on the server.
  • Configuration of the hosting settings is not proper.
  • The windows defender or the anti-virus that you are using is designed not to allow communication between the workstations of the server.
  • The problem also occurs when you are not able to open the company file on any of your workstation or the primary system.
  • The improper permissions of the Windows File in your main PC or the workstations connected to it.

These are a few root causes of QuickBooks multi-user mode, not working. Now that you know the root causes of it, you can also fix the issue by reading the next segment which will help you to resolve the issue yourself manually.

How to Fix QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue

To fix the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue, you need to follow the means as follows:

  • QuickBooks File Doctor: You can use the QuickBooks File Doctor that is available on the official website of Intuit. QuickBooks File Doctor is the one-stop solution for all the errors and issues that occur in the QuickBooks Desktop software, including the multi-user mode not working issue.                
  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager: You can use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to resolve this issue, to fix that you need to scan from this tool that you can open from the Start menu of your PC.
  • Check to host mode on each of the user PC or the Workstation: Please open the utility tab which is inside the QuickBooks File menu, now you need to disable the hosting and enable the QuickBooks single-user mode. 
  • Make sure QuickBooks can send data: Change the settings of your anti-virus or the settings of the windows defender so that the software can send the data. 
  • Create a new company file folder: This will help you resolve this particular issue for sure.

These are a few steps and solutions that may help you resolve this particular issue.

QuickBooks multi-user mode Advantages

The advantages of the multi-user mode in QuickBooks desktop software are as follows:

  • Multi-user mode increases collaborative effort, productivity, and efficiency at the same time.
  • By using the multi-user mode, the essential data such as your company file remains protected if you use the different security levels that are in there.
  • The files can be used and edited by multiple users at the same time that minimizes the risk of errors and mistakes in the company file.                   

These are the advantages of the multi-user mode in QuickBooks Desktop software. There are some issues related to the same, but you can quickly fix this issue by using the methods given above.


In conclusion, QuickBooks desktop software that helps you achieve managing the accounting of the organisation. The software is full of different functions and features that ease the aspects of managing the accounts of the organisation.                    

This post will help you create awareness of the benefits of the multi-user mode in the QuickBooks Desktop software. The errors, root causes and the fixes of the multi-user mode are detailedly explained in our above segment. Hope that this post helps you to resolve this particular issue.

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