How To Setup QuickBooks Desktop On A Network With Multi-User

Multi-User Mode Issues

This article would help you to understand QuickBooks Multi-user access so that all computers on the network can access the company file.

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software which allows the multiple team members to access and share the data file simultaneously. Complete setup requires settings in Windows and your server.

Step 1: Setting Up QuickBooks Desktop On Your Host Computer Which Called Server And Team Members Computers Called Workstations.

  1. Download and install QuickBooks desktop on your server computer
  2. Choose Custom install type, Network install
  3. Make your choice wisely, If you will be using QuickBooks Desktop application on the server computer or Just want to host company File.
  4. Choose the option as per your requirement. How you want to set up a QuickBooks multi-user environment.
  5. Follow screen instructions and finish the installation 
  6. We advise/ recommend you to always keep your company file on the server computer for smooth file sharing over the network 

Some organizations prefer to use a mapped network drive to store the file. Click to follow steps

How to map a drive in windows for QuickBooks Company filelater come back and check how to set up QuickBooks in multi-user access on a network.

Step 2: how to set up a folder and windows access permissions to share company files.

Step: 3 Install and Setup QuickBooks database server manager. A tool allows you to share company files over the network with other workstations. 

Step 4: Grant windows admin rights to the user accessing the server computer and QuickBooks database server manager. how to grant admin rights to the user account in windows 10 (windows 8, windows 8.1) and windows server 2012.

Step 5: Once the installation finished using QuickBooks Database server manager to scan the folder containing the company files.

Step 6: Enable hosting, Once you through with all the process just turn on multi-user access from your server computer to allow other users to access and work on the same company file.

  • From QuickBooks Main menu select file
  • Inside file enable host multi-user access and click yes 
Now you have your QuickBooks Company file hosted in multi-user over the network.

If you have any Questions of issue feel free to talk to a QuickBooks Expert.

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