Even in pandemic cases, Intuit, the creator of QuickBooks, clarifies the increase in customers interested in purchasing QuickBooks. According to Intuit, QuickBooks desktop use continues in COVID-19 thanks to cloud solutions and other valuable methods. Even though the pandemic has wiped out any company, accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, and organisations have managed to keep up with their work

 thanks to QuickBooks. QuickBooks recommends that accountants choose one of its Plus subscription levels, including a remote cloud-based discounted access add-on. Based on user feedback, the theme of automation will focus on QuickBooks Desktop updates in 2021. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Intuit estimates that QuickBooks Desktop use is still growing thanks to cloud storage and other remote solutions.

There has been an increase in customer requests for locating remote hosting solutions. “We’ve received calls about this from clients, and we’re looking at more hybrid options for them. Meanwhile, enhancements to QuickBooks Database Server Manager would make it easier and quicker for users to switch locations.”

QuickBooks is urging accountants to upgrade to one of its Plus subscription levels, including a discounted cloud-based remote access add-on. Features to look for:

  • Improved bank feeds: Automatically categorise or batch-edit your bank transactions by payees, accounts, and groups to import bank provides faster.
  • Receipt management: Using the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile App or a conventional scanner, users can automatically generate classified receipt cost entries. Only the QuickBooks Desktop Plus subscription product has this feature.
  • Automatically submit statements: Save time per month by automating your recurring statements to various consumer groups based on their desires or tendencies.
  • Customer groups: For more successful and time-efficient communication outreach, users should build rule-based customer groups based on fields like customer category, status, venue, and balance.
  • QuickBooks Desktop manager: From a single management tool, users can locate and instal all QuickBooks Desktop products. Creating customer groups allows you to quickly find all customers who meet specific criteria, such as venue, customer type, or customer status. You can then make automated statements, send payment alerts, or create mailing lists for specific customer groups.
  • QuickBooks Tools Hub: A new troubleshooting hub that provides tools to assist users with installation, file, network, and password issues.
  • PDF preview: Users can preview PDF attachments automatically before emailing them to clients, and they can preview several attachments at once.
  • Batch delete for sales orders (QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant only): Batch delete for sales orders allows accountants to better handle their clients’ files. Payment receipt formatting, including logos, may be customised by accountants for a professional and consistent look across customer communications.
  • Permissions at the data level: Grant granular data level permissions for users depending on the clients, suppliers, and data they are responsible for increase delegation, visibility, and efficiency.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 updates respond to new COVID realities

The pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in a significant rise in the use of QuickBooks Capital, which provides loans to small businesses that use QuickBooks. QuickBooks Capital financed $441 million in loans in fiscal years 2018 and 2019 combined and $683 million in 2020. QuickBooks Desktop 2021 users will have access to QuickBooks Capital, which offers business financing with no origination fees, prepayment penalties, or hidden charges, as well as the opportunity to apply for a loan right inside QuickBooks. When buying a QuickBooks Desktop 2021 product, customers are also encouraged to choose one of QuickBooks’ QuickBooks Desktop Plus subscription options.

  • Unlimited customer service is included at no extra cost (usually $299 per year).
  • Automatic data backup and recovery are included at no extra cost (usually $99 per year).
  • Access to the most recent update includes the most recent features, security updates, and compatibility with third-party operating systems.
  • Features that are only available to subscribers. New for 2021: Use the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app or a scanner to generate and categorise receipt expense transactions automatically.
  • Discounted cloud-based remote access is available as an add-on.


To summarise, QuickBooks Desktop software is one hell of accounting software that has been loved by all the categories of all kinds of businesses, organisations and even freelancers, but that is not the motive of this blog. This blog aims to give you detailed updates and respond to new covid realities, which is the need of the hour for the moment. I hope that this blog was helpful and was worth your time that you spend while reading it.

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