QuickBooks 2021 has several new features that make it easier for small companies to keep track of their finances. Improvements to bank feeds, automatic notes, classified receipt entries, and receipt customisation are among these features. QuickBooks Desktop 2021 has both new and upgraded features that will help you get paid quicker and make the data your workers see more beneficial for their jobs. Here’s what’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2021, as well as how you can put it to use for your business.

Automated Statements: Pay alerts may be used to schedule statements for your clients or alert them to invoices they still need to pay. You can upload your receipts to QuickBooks Desktop using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app or your phone. QuickBooks can extract the data from the receipt and compare it to an existing transaction, which you will then check and authorise.

Receipt Management: Receipt tracking is a modern function that streamlines the process of entering expense receipts. You will permit users to use the mobile app or your device to upload expense receipts to QuickBooks.

Customised Payment Receipts: Make your invoices, sales receipts, forecasts, notes, and purchase orders models. You may alter the appearance of these models as well as the details they contain. You can make custom templates for invoices, sales receipts, estimates, statements, and purchase orders on QuickBooks Desktop. You may alter the appearance of these models as well as the details they contain.

Data Level Permission: Data level permissions are a new feature in QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0 that gives your users and roles restricted access. This allows the administrator to build users and positions with access permissions for customers and vendors at the record level.

You can set different data level permissions for a user’s job position in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. You can limit access to only the areas of QuickBooks that a user requires to perform their job.  For example, you may grant permission to a sales representative in Texas to build invoices or send emails to customers in their area’s customer community. You may create a group for the vendors with whom a consumer works. You may also generate employee groups.

Create Customer Groups: Creating customer groups enables you to locate all customers that meet specific requirements, such as venue, customer category, or status. You can then create automated statements, payment alerts, and mailing lists for various customer groups. You can use them to specify permissions and access at the customer and vendor group level in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. You can build groups of customers in QuickBooks Desktop that meet specific requirements, such as location, customer type, or customer status. You can then create automated statements, payment alerts, and mailing lists for various customer groups.

Improved Bank Feeds: Advanced online banking is a new way for you to check your bank transactions, compare them to those already in your books, and add new ones easily. In QuickBooks Desktop, there are three Bank Feed modes to choose from. Each method presents and handles transactions in your Bank Feeds uniquely. QuickBooks compares check numbers, amounts, dates, and who paid you when it finds a match. For each banking mode, here’s how to add and match transactions.

Improved receipt management is another function that has been introduced to simplify processes. Users can import expense receipts from a computer or a mobile device, making it simple to track spending. You can also automatically categorise and record several transactions at once, which helps you save time when importing receipt data. Customer classes are also available in QuickBooks Desktop 2021. You can group customers using this feature based on location, customer status, or customer type. You can submit automated statements, payment reminders or create custom mailing lists once your groups are formed.


To conclude, QuickBooks Desktop software is one excellent accounting software that will always help you in every aspect of the accounts and books of a particular organisation. The whole idea of this blog is to help you understand the new updates that the software has come up with for the better to their customers. I hope that this blog helped you in some way or the other and was worth your time.

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