QuickBooks Desktop software helps you to track the transactions and accounts of a particular organisation. The software was first launched back in 1983 in California, the USA by the name of Quicken. The software was a DOS-based accounting software, and then in 2002-03, it got updated according to the new OS of that time, and the Intuit changed the name as the QuickBooks Desktop software. The QuickBooks Desktop software launched their first version as the QuickBooks Enterprise which was designed to manage small and mid-sized business accounts. Later they introduced the Basic and Pro version of it in the year 2003.

Since QuickBooks got its launch, it has always remained on one of the market’s top positions. The Intuit market stake is almost 80% that says a lot about how big the company is becoming as the days pass.

How to download QuickBooks Desktop

If you want to start using the QuickBooks Desktop software, you must decide whether you will handle the account yourself or hire a specific accountant or bookkeeper. It also depends upon the size of your business cause there are different versions of the software according to the organisation’s capital. The three different versions are as follows:                                           

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 

These are the three different versions that are designed by the per capita of your organisation. First, you need to decide which particular version you want to subscribe to and then download the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Steps to Install QuickBooks Desktop

To install the QuickBooks Desktop software:                              

  • You need to go to the official website of Intuit.
  • Fill in the details according to your organisation needs after selecting the country.
quickbooks desktop download free
  • You can select according to the need, so you must be clear about your thoughts.
free quickbooks desktop download
  • Now you can click on the download button to start downloading
quickbooks desktop download 2016
  • You can also update the QuickBooks Desktop software.
quickbooks desktop download
  • These steps will help you to download the desired version of the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Point to remember while installing QuickBooks Desktop

To install the QuickBooks Desktop software, you must have the following things installed in your system:

  • Operating System: Windows 8 and above
  • RAM: 4GB and above
  • Disk Space: 10 GB Minimum
  • Screen resolution: 1280*1024
  • Network Speed: 512 kbps but 1 Mbps is recommended
  • PC: Desktop, Laptop, Tab and Smartphone

These are the minimum requirements that you need to have installed in your PC. The software doesn’t require any features that you have to pay any extra amount on your configuration.


QuickBooks Desktop software is designed to help you to manage the books and accounts of your organisation. But you need to understand that the software offers a line of versions such as Pro, Premier and Enterprise.                

This post’s whole idea is to introduce you to all the different versions to make up your mind that which version you want to subscribe to according to your business’s mounting. Hope that this post will help you choose your understanding of the QuickBooks Desktop software for your organisation.

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