QuickBooks Desktop software helps you manage the books and accounts of a particular organisation. The software has always been on the top since the time of its launch. There are different versions to support every kind of organisations and businesses. The different versions are as follows:                              

These three different versions have different features for almost every kind of businesses and organisation. The software is widely regarded not only by entrepreneurs, accountants or bookkeepers but also by the freelancers. The software has so many advantages, which helps you manage the finances of your nature of the business. Since it is accounting software, it has a primary disadvantage of numerous errors occurring in the software that may annoy you a bit, but there are multiple fixes. Talking about the different errors and issues QuickBooks Error 16026 is one error that has been reported a lot of late, which is what is the motive of this blog to help you fix this issue yourself manually.

In this blog, you will learn more about the QuickBooks Error 16026, the root causes and troubleshooting options so please read the whole blog till the very end and help yourself from this error.

What is QuickBooks Error 16026

Error code 16026 for QuickBooks can happen when introducing updates to QuickBooks applications. The most evident reasons that could offer ascent to error code 16026 is the debased QB Company File. You need to reestablish the harmed information in the QuickBooks Comp[any File to fix this issue.  For error recovery, you can utilise an outsider QuickBooks fix application. When an error happens, the “error 16026” message is written, and the dynamic window program crashes. This issue, which we will discover and fix in this article, can be presented for a few reasons.

Root causes behind QuickBooks Error 16026

The root causes help you understand the exact reasons behind the problem, which can prove very helpful when resolving it. Here are the root causes behind the QB usage error 16026:

  • Mainstream Internet connection issues can empower error.
  • On the off chance that an obsolete rendition of Microsoft Internet Explorer is utilised.
  • At the point when the Internet Explorer’s code power isn’t 128-cycle.
  • Fractional or disabled establishment of the program QuickBooks.
  • Issues with similarity among QuickBooks and Windows working frameworks.

These are the primary reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 16026. Now that you know the root causes, you must understand the different troubleshooting methods detailedly given in our next segment.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 16026

QuickBooks Desktop software is prone to different errors and issues, and the Intuit acknowledges that and that is why they have various tools such as QuickBooks File Doctor and QuickBooks Tool Hub which are available on the official website of Intuit.

But before you run a scan from one of these tools, follow the below-given troubleshooting steps to get rid of the QuickBooks Error 16026:

  • Restart QuickBooks from inside the application and access the Financial Institution catalog.
  • This grouping of acts is currently done by Banking >> Online Banking >> Available Financial Institutions.
  • If you can see the index of monetary organisations on the left sheet, this implies that QuickBooks is successful in getting to one of Intuit’s online administrations.
  • If you can utilise your internet browser to get to the Internet association from inside QuickBooks, at that point take a stab at downloading the latest QuickBooks update.
  • To guarantee that they meet the gadget particulars for introducing the product update, check the form and code strength of Internet Explorer.
  • Dispatching Internet Explorer.
  • Pick About Internet Explorer from the Support area.
  • If you utilise a previous variant of Internet Explorer 6.0, download the most refreshed adaptation of Internet Explorer 6.0 from the Microsoft site.

These are the steps that may help you fix the QuickBooks Error 16026. If the error persists, you must try updating your QuickBooks Desktop software to one of its latest version, and that can also help you fix the QuickBooks Error 16026.


In conclusion, QuickBooks Desktop software has many errors and issues, and QuickBooks Error 16026 is one of them. The error mainly occurs due to the problems of your mainstream internet connection. This blog will help you fix the QuickBooks Error 16026 and understand the root causes and the troubleshooting methods. I appreciate your time and hope this blog helps you resolve the QuickBooks Error 16026.

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