QuickBooks Error 429

QuickBooks Error 429

Any business operates across multiple dimensions and through multiple functions, all of which need to be completed efficiently. And one of the ways through which efficiency is being introduced to such operations is through the use of technology. One of the organizational functions that have been benefitting from the emergence of technology is the accounting function. Through applications, such as QuickBooks, great efficiency has been introduced to the way accounting activities are conducted in small organizations.

However, just like any other software-based program, errors are prevalent and you need to know exactly how to resolve them to ensure successful operations. One of the errors that you may face while using the program is the QuickBooks error 429. Generally observed when exporting the “tax form worksheet,” this error is a considerably new one with not a lot of solutions available as of now. However, this study will tell you about the 2 solutions you can implement to resolve the QuickBooks error 429.

QuickBooks is an accounts and accounting management software developed by the US-based company Intuit. Having rapidly grown to become one of the most widely used programs for this purpose in the US, the features available to small and large organizations regarding managing finances make it worthy of such widespread acclaim. Regardless of whether you are a small business or a new entrepreneur, the software program can benefit you immensely when it comes to tasks such as creating invoices, paying bills, paying vendors, managing unpaid bills, managing stock, and many more features.

However, the QuickBooks error 429 interferes with trivial actions within the company. Regardless of which error you face, any kind of error can not only hamper temporary operations but also harm you for the long term by affecting your company files. Thus, knowing the method of resolving can be crucial so that you can prevent any harm to your files due to the malfunctioning program.

What is QuickBooks Error 429

The QuickBooks error 429 primarily is an error that denotes when the ActiveX is unable to create objects needed while exporting files such as your Tax Form Worksheet. The error pops up on your screen as such,

“Error 429 – ActiveX Component cannot create Object”

The error appears when using QuickBooks Desktop and is a runtime error. Before understanding the issue, you need to understand what ActiveX is and how it interferes with your usage of QuickBooks. Basically, ActiveX is a software framework that allows you to create interactive files on your Windows system. Since this software is exclusive to Windows, those using QuickBooks Desktop for Mac will not face this issue. So, when you face the QuickBooks error 429, it means that the tax form worksheet you are attempting to create is not being created with fillable forms and interactive cells. While this may not create issues with how you use the rest of the application, it will lead to the creation of a tax form worksheet with static cells, rather than dynamic, fillable ones.

Why QuickBooks error 429 occur

There may be multiple causes for you to get the runtime QuickBooks error 429 while using the program. These causes can include:

  • Issues with malware settings that remove all Windows and QuickBooks configurations and files that help the program work efficiently.
  • An interrupted upgrade installation process or incomplete download of the software.
  • Temporary issue while internet is being updated.
  • Issues with other programs or applications that corrupt the QuickBooks files.

As is evident, the reason for the error may be diverse, ranging from issues with ActiveX, due to updates of the internet, malware settings of your computer, or even any other random application on your computer. However, despite the reason being so diverse, you need to be aware of the solutions to not only ensure that ActiveX works properly for your computer but also to ensure that all other applications work well. Since this can also imply ActiveX malfunctioning for other applications, resolving the issue for QuickBooks error 429  can help all other apps that use ActiveX to work efficiently as well.

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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 429

The QuickBooks error 429 is a comparatively new and unfamiliar error that even QuickBooks is working on to develop more solutions. While definite solutions may take some time to develop and get proven, you can implement the below two solutions in the meantime to sidetrack the issue and get your work done.

  • Solution 1: Repairing Registry files
    Cleaning the registry entries is one of the solutions that has been effective in resolving the issue. While you can do it more efficiently and fast by using automated registry cleaning applications, you can also implement the steps listed below for manual resolution:
    • Step 1: Open the ‘Command Prompt’ application by going to the Start button and searching for the same.
    • Step 2: Type “Regedit” in the command prompt  window on your screen.
    • Step 3: Follow it with selecting the key related to “error 429” in the registry files.
    • Step 4: Go to the ‘File’ menu.
    • Step 5: Select a folder from the list in ‘Save In’ in order to save the backup key for QuickBooks.
    • Step 6: Save the file by giving it a suitable name.
    • Step 7: Click on “Selected Branch” option within the box of “Export range”.
    • Step 8: Save the file with the extension of “.reg”.
    • Step 9: Complete the process by manually editing the necessary registry files.

Such a registry repair process on the registry files for QuickBooks can help ensure that all error causing the system or ActiveX to crash are repaired and resolved to function normally. It can also help repair any corrupted files that may be interfering with not only how your QuickBooks is operating but any other files and applications within your system as well. So, give this a try to resolve the QuickBooks error 429. However, if this does not work, then move on to the second solution given below.

  • Solution 2: Perform the below steps one after one carefully. (Disk Cleaning, Installing Internet Updates, and Installing Program)
    If the simpler method of repairing the registry files does not work, then you may need to go into this more detailed method. This solution requires you to adopt a combination of disk cleaning, installing internet updates and installing the program as a way to uproot the error. However, this solution can only be effective when you are running QuickBooks through Administrator controls. In order to get started with the process, begin with disk cleaning.
  • Disk Cleaning
    • Step 1: Press Windows + R on your keyboard to open the ‘Run’ command.
    • Step 2: In the ‘Run’ box, type “EXE” and click on OK.
    • Step 3: Select Drive C (“C:\ is the default drive”) and confirm by clicking on OK.
    • Step 4: Carefully select the items in the disk that you want to get cleaned and click OK again.
    • Step 5: This concludes the process of disk cleaning.
  • Installing Internet Updates
    • Step 1: Press Windows + R on your keyboard to open the ‘Run’ command.
    • Step 2: Type “C:\EASY W\NETWORK\setup.exe’ in the search bar and the click on ‘OK’.
    • Step 3: Click on the option of ‘Restore Missing and Damaged’ to identify missing and damaged updates.
    • Step 4: Follow any prompts on the screen.
    • Step 5: Reboot the system after the step is completed automatically.
    • Step 6: After rebooting completes, open ‘EASYACCT’ and click on ‘Yes’ to initiate the update.
    • Step 7: This concludes the process of installing internet updates.
  • Installing Program: In this stage, you will need to install the program again. However, this is only possible when the computer is open in Safe Mode with Networking. To do so, follow these steps:
    • Step 1: Press Windows + R on your keyboard to open the ‘Run’ command.
    • Step 2: Access the “Windows Configuration Window” and select the “Boot” option.
    • Step 3: Select the ‘Safe Boot’ options along with choosing ‘Network’.
    • Step 4: Select ‘Apply and OK’ to save the changes and open your computer in safe mode with networking.

So, after you have restarted your computer in the safe mode, follow the steps you would usually do to install QuickBooks afresh. After the installation, try to access QuickBooks to check whether it is functioning normally. After you have checked that the application is indeed functioning as normal, do these additional steps to ensure complete.

  • Conduct a full system scan to check for any malware that may affect the system of the application.
  • Update your version of QuickBooks and Windows to the latest version.
  • Remove any and all junk files stored in your system.


While the QuickBooks error 429 can lead to certain issues, the provided solutions should be sufficient in resolving those issues. Hence, try using these 2 solutions to resolve the issue and remember to keep your Windows and QuickBooks updated to the latest version at all times. However, if you face any further issues, then you can contact us at any time to get resolution for the issue and any other issue you face while using QuickBooks.

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